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It surprised me. Sister Hu looked at me smugly. I gave Sister Hu a thumbs-up.

He had to admit that Sister Hu was indeed formidable. The thing about her was that she had changed the style of her clothes when she ordered them.

Sister Hu proudly put her hand on my arm, and deliberately said to me in that delicate voice,

"Brother Zhongyu, how was it?" Are you satisfied? "

I kept nodding my head, and I kept saying,

"Satisfied, too satisfied!"

"Don't worry, there's more!"

Sister Hu waved at them as she spoke. They immediately went to the locker room. After a while, they neatly walked out. This time, they were wearing the student uniform. The costume had also been modified. That sort of revealing sexiness had been mixed with a bit of a student's purity. It made one's imagination run wild.

After the student uniform was done, they changed to the flight attendant, teacher, officer, and police uniform! Each of them a little bit, for a moment charming, a thousand kinds of amorous, so that I am too busy looking. He couldn't wait to pounce on her.

By the time the uniforms were done, the ladies had changed into bikinis. If you stood there, you would be nothing but a piece of white meat.

His phone rang.

I took it out and saw that it was a call from Yang Jun. After Yang Jun didn't become a duck, the new young miss also didn't come up. I usually manage the chartered rooms on the 4th or 5th floor. I thought there was something on the side of the chartered room, so I picked up the phone. I heard Yang Jun lowering his voice, but he was very anxious.

"Brother Yu, it's bad. Your friend the bandit was beaten up. Hurry up and come back!"

Since I became a foreman, Yang Jun also began to call me Brother Yu. He was older than me, and I wouldn't let him scream, but he said it was a rule. Must.

When I heard that the bandits were beaten up, I immediately sat up. Sister Hu, who was almost on top of me, fell to the ground.

"What's going on? Is it serious? "

I asked.

Yang Jun answered in a low voice.

"I don't know the details either. I heard it from a princess. "You should come back and take a look …"

After putting down the phone, he greeted Sister Hu. I ran out the door. After two rentals, I started calling the bandits. Fortunately, he answered the call before it even rang twice. I asked him where he was. The bandits only said it was in Sister Yun's office. He didn't say anything more.

As soon as I heard he was in Sister Yun's office, I knew it would be fine. I was slightly relieved.

When I got to KTV, I went straight to Sister Yun's office. I didn't knock at the door, just pushed it open and went in. He saw the bandit sitting on the sofa.

When I saw him like that, my heart tightened. His nose was stuffed with paper. He must have had a nosebleed. His eyes turned blue. There were still a lot of footprints on his body.

Fourth Baldness sat next to him, with a guard standing beside him. I thought it was the bandits fighting Fourth Baldness and his wife. He asked the bandit directly,

"Bandit, what's going on?"

The bandit wiped the corner of his mouth as he swore.

"Let that red-hair from that day dry up!"

"The red hair is here at KTV?"

The bandit shook his head.

"No, it's outside the KTV!"

The bandit gave me a brief account of what had happened. It turned out that the bandits had been staying in the security room during the night and were bragging with a few security guards. Suddenly, a security guard came in and said that someone was calling for him. The robber asked who it was and the security guard said he didn't know either.

The bandits then left the KTV, and just as they were about to leave. Before he could even react, a group of people suddenly rushed up, with the leader being the red hair. The moment they came up, they immediately started beating them up. In a few moments, the bandit was defeated. Fortunately, these people didn't have anything in their hands. They were only using their fists and kicks.

It just so happened that when Sister Yun was about to leave, she went to the door and saw what had happened. The red-hair and the others only stopped after calling the security guards over. Otherwise the bandits would not have been beaten to such a state.

I felt like my lungs were about to explode after hearing this. The bandits felt worse after getting beaten up than I did after getting beaten up. I stared at the security guard, who was about the same age as us, in his twenties. I asked him, and he said,

"You know Red Hair?"

The security guard immediately shook his head.

"Then why did he ask you to call him a bandit?"

I asked. The little security guard was a little scared and stuttered when he spoke.

"I was, I was, at the door. They just let me shout. "I, thought they knew each other …"

The security guard's eyes were so evasive when he said this that he didn't even dare look me in the eye. I felt something was wrong and was about to ask when Sister Yun suddenly asked Fourth Baldness,

"Liu Si, you're the representative for the security department right now. This was the second time this red-hair had caused trouble at Mingzhu. What do you think of that? "We, KTV, would never be scared by a few hooligans. Can't we do anything to those hooligans?"

When Sister Yun said this, her face was expressionless. His tone was extremely cold. Fourth Baldness felt a bit awkward. He touched his bald head and argued,

"You can't blame me for that? Last time was when I wasn't here. Security, slow down. This time you can't blame me. They're playing outside of KTV, what does it have to do with our KTV? I think someone is causing trouble outside and someone is looking for you. This kind of thing isn't something our security department can handle, is it? "

The moment Fourth Baldness finished his sentence, I immediately asked him,

"How did you know it was the bandits?" It can't be that the red hair told you, right? "

Fourth Baldness stood up and glared at me.

"Shi Zhongyu, what do you mean by that?"

I sneered.

"What do you mean, I don't need to say it?"

Fourth Baldness pointed his finger at the tip of my nose and said fiercely,

"Let me tell you, you can eat whatever you want. You can't speak carelessly. Don't think that just because you're the foreman now, others will respect you. "I, Liu Si, have never used this before …"

The bandits also stood up when Fourth Baldness stood up. He came to my side and stared at Fourth Baldness. I sneered as I opened Fourth Baldness's fingers. Before she could say anything, Sister Yun stood up unhappily and said,

"What are you doing? Are you done yet? "

As Sister Yun spoke, I was looking at the little security guard. He seemed to be afraid, his lips trembling.

I guessed there was something in it. I turned my head to Fourth Baldness and suddenly smiled.

"Fourth brother, I was joking. "Don't take it seriously …"

My attitude not only surprised Fourth Baldness, but also surprised the bandit. He knows me. I'm a tough talker, and I rarely apologize.

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