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Yang Jun lit a cigarette, looked at me and continued,

"Didn't you see how our Ming Zhu is desperately recruiting now? This was all because there were too many people who had jumped the price. Not enough people now. In these two days that you weren't here, you recruited another batch of people. "But I don't think it will last long …"

Surprised, I asked him,


Yang Jun chuckled and did not answer me. His eyes were already small, so his smile was even smaller.

Yang Jun didn't say anything, so I didn't ask anymore, but I also guessed that this must be related to Brother Hao.

After dinner, Yang Jun was going to do some beauty work. Asked if I wanted to come along, I shook my head. I always thought it was disgusting for a man to do beauty work.

Although it wasn't time for work, I had nowhere to go. He then returned to the Pearl. KTV just opened. Only a few waiters were busy. I went to the sauna and had a shower first.

I forgot to mention it. My KTV is only a part of the Pearl Club. There were other departments in the club, such as sauna, bars, guest rooms, etc. Sauna also brought Miss and the male mechanic, and the Miss here was able to go straight to bed. Unlike our KTV, we also have a private room and a table.

I wanted to do a massage after I showered, but I thought it would be hard to make money. He endured it and put on his clothes before returning to the KTV.

I just got to the lounge and I haven't been able to get in yet. Suddenly, he heard a wave of "hmm" sounds coming from the corridor. I looked in and saw that the door to the furthest office was ajar. That office is Brother Hao's.

I was a little surprised, this Brother Hao was too bold. He had been messing around in the office all day, so he wasn't afraid of Sister Yun bumping into him.

My heart skipped a beat at the thought of Sister Yun, and I had an ominous thought. Brother Hao being so daring, it can't be that he's having a fight with Sister Yun, right?

One must know that the reason why I didn't quit the previous two days was largely because of Sister Yun. Thinking of this, I quietly walked over.

The door was ajar. I stood behind the door and leaned in. you can see what's going on inside. But there was no sign of me.

When I saw it, I was shocked. He saw Hao having an affair with a woman.

But as soon as I saw her face, the stone in my heart fell to the ground. I've met this woman before. Her name is Aili. It was a fake name. She's one of the mommies in the KTV. Everyone usually called her Sister Li.

Many people thought that the Miss in the KTV was brought here by herself, but in reality, that was not the case. Mommy brought these ladies. Miss and Mommy have no pay at KTV. Their income is mainly due to the tip of the guest. However, our Ming Zhu is a little special, and most of the chartered rooms and princesses do it themselves.

I didn't expect Aili and Brother Hao to get together. Brother Hao is supposed to be our male PR supervisor, and the one in charge of these ladies is a supervisor named Da Gang.

Don't underestimate these foremen. They are responsible for receiving guests. It was up to them to decide who to accompany them. In order to have more clocks, the Miss would naturally curry favor with the Head Supervisor.

However, it was normal for Aili to fawn on Da Gang. After all, she was Mommy. The more Miss earned, the more she earned. But what's the use of fawning on Brother Hao?

The matter between Brother Hao and Aili had nothing to do with me, but for some reason, my mind was in a mess. He always felt that there was something else behind this. All of this must be related to Sister Yun. It seemed like Yang Jun was right, the water in the pearl was deep!

At around 9 PM in the evening, KTV began to appear one by one. But there weren't many men looking for a public relations office tonight. Brother Hao wasn't as busy as usual. He came into our lounge and chatted with them.

Although they called it a casual chat, in reality, they were all holding him up as they spoke. All of them were about to blow him into the sky.

As he was speaking, his intercom suddenly rang. A cold female voice came from inside.

"Hao, where are you?" Something has happened to 412! "

It sounded like Sister Yun. Brother Hao didn't answer right away. He smoked a few mouthfuls before he said slowly,

"I'm in the lounge. Isn't 412 the responsibility of Da Gang? "

The other side said nothing more. After a while, Sister Yun suddenly pushed open the door and entered. When they saw Sister Yun, everyone stood up and greeted her, "Sister Yun." On the other hand, Brother Hao only stood up after a while.

Sister Yun didn't even look at us as she directly asked Brother Hao,

"Where's Da Gang? Why didn't you answer when I told him to? "

Brother Hao shook his head and directly said that he didn't know. Sister Yun frowned, a layer of frost appearing on her originally cold face.

"Then you go to 412 and see what's going on. The guests seem to be making a ruckus!"

It was normal for Sister Yun to give Brother Hao a task, but Brother Hao said with a troubled expression,

"Sister Yun, I'm busy here too. Besides, 412 is under Da Gang's control. So what if I go? "

No one expected Brother Hao to reject Sister Yun in front of us. He didn't leave her any face at all. Sister Yun's expression turned even more unsightly. She stared at Brother Hao for a long time before she asked.

"You mean you won't go?"

Sister Yun's tone was icy to the extreme, her lips trembling slightly. It could be seen that she was truly angry.

Seeing that Sister Yun was really angry, Brother Hao turned his head away and reluctantly said,

"Then I'll go with you …"

Even a fool could understand Brother Hao's words. Sister Yun wanted him to deal with it, but he insisted on accompanying her. It was obvious that he didn't want to interfere in this matter.

Without a word, Sister Yun turned around and walked away. Brother Hao followed him out the door. There were two men in public relations who followed him out the door. Liu Jun and I looked at each other before following him. Actually, I didn't think too much about it. I just wanted to go and watch the show.

At 412, a waiter was standing there nervously. As soon as he saw Sister Yun, he walked up to her and said,

"Sister Yun, there's trouble inside …"

Sister Yun frowned and asked.

"What's going on?"

The waiter immediately replied,

"These guests and a princess are at loggerheads. "The princess resisted a few times, but they kept hitting and smashing inside …"

In KTV, the princess and mistress of a chartered room were different. The princess was just accompanying the wine and singing. They were mainly there to sell wine. It was okay for the customers to take advantage of her occasionally. Miss is naturally different, you can touch or kiss. If you want to come out, you can take it.

Sister Yun didn't say anything further and just opened the door and went in. As soon as I entered, I was startled by the scene in the room. The 412 was a luxurious middle-sized bag. The floor was covered with thick carpets. But it was already a mess. There were bottles, broken glasses, and plates of fruit.

There were four men sitting on the sofa. As soon as we entered, one of the men stood up. The man looked like a hoodlum. He had dyed red hair and a cigarette in his mouth.

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