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Without waiting for Sister Yun to say anything, he said to her,

"I've long heard that there's a beautiful female manager in Mingzhu. Just looking at her today, she's pretty good …"

I thought Sister Yun would smile along. Who knew that she would still coldly stare at him, but her tone was much more amiable than usual.

"Everyone, I'm sorry!" Our little sister here is not sensible and has disturbed everyone's happiness. "How about this, I'll give you another young miss …"

The red hair sneered, and said,

"Switch? So what if you say so? My big brother fell for her today. Without her, my big brother wouldn't be happy. I say, what happened to your Ming Zhu? All of them had already f * cking come out to sell, so why the f * ck was there a need to put on airs? "Touching it twice is f * cking a call, there's nothing else to do …"

The red hair pointed towards the corner of the room and boisterously said,

"You, get over here right now …"

As the red-hair shouted, I noticed that there was a woman standing in the corner. She lowered her head and slowly walked over.

When she reached him, she raised her head slightly. I was stunned. I know this person. She is my classmate from high school, Qi Xue. She was also my ex-girlfriend's best friend, Andy.

I didn't expect her to come to Mingzhu to be a princess. But I haven't seen her before. I think it was Liu Jun who told me that he just recruited her in the past two days.

When I saw that it was her, I subconsciously retreated. I really didn't want her to see me. With her relationship with Andy, she would definitely tell her about me being a duck here. If that were the case, I really wouldn't be able to be human in front of Andy.

As soon as Qi Xue walked up to Red Hair, she said,

"Sorry, she just arrived, she's just a room princess. There are some things they don't do. Let me give you a new beauty. "I guarantee your satisfaction …"

Sister Yun said as she turned back to the waiter,

"Serve two plates of fruit for these gentlemen and bring two bottles of good wine over." "On my account …"

Although Sister Yun was cold, her arrangement was reasonable. The red hair seemed satisfied. However, the man sitting in the middle of the sofa suddenly stood up.

The man was in his twenties. He wasn't tall, but he was strong. He was wearing a tight vest. Around his neck hung a gold necklace the size of a small finger. There were two dragons tattooed on his arms.

He stood up and tilted his head to look at Sister Yun, sneering.

"You don't need to serve me wine and serve me fruit. This brother doesn't care, and he doesn't need you to pay for it!"

Sister Yun's expression was a bit ugly. She stared at tattooed man and asked,

"Then what do you want to do?"

tattooed man pointed at Qi Xue and then turned around to look at Sister Yun.

"What should we do? Was this not easy? "Either she accompanies me, or you accompanies me …"

No one had expected the other party to make such a request. They knew Sister Yun was the manager, but they still did it on purpose. None of them looked like they were going to drink too much. He was obviously here to cause trouble.

Sister Yun was also stunned. Before she could say anything, the red-hair beside her went over and pulled her arm. Sister Yun panicked. She flung the red hair's hand away. Then he turned around and said to Brother Hao,

"Call the security guards!"

Our KTV has a full-time security department. Just to deal with the unexpected. Brother Hao clearly had a dialogue on him, so he could just shout it out, but he said to a PR guy behind him,

"Go, call the security guards over!"

This was Brother Hao's first sentence after entering the room. Sister Yun had asked him to come here to appease her guests, but who knew that he would come here just to watch the show.

The moment the red hair heard this, he called for security. He took a step forward and grabbed Sister Yun's arm, pulling her inside while swearing.

"What can you do when security comes?" I'm telling you, you're not going to make my big brother happy today. This KTV is ruined by you!

Sister Yun was dragged a step forward by the red hair. Brother Hao stood motionlessly on the side. The others acted as if they didn't see it. He could only watch helplessly as Sister Yun was dragged over by the red hair.

Sister Yun was so angry that her face turned red. She didn't think that the other party would be so arrogant. She tried to shake him off, but he clung to her arm. She couldn't break free at all.

I looked worried. He saw that the security guards had not come up yet. Once his head felt hot, he didn't care about anything else. He stepped forward and kicked the red hair.

The red hair obviously didn't expect me to suddenly attack. He was caught off guard. The kick landed right on the red-hair's stomach, causing him to stumble and fall backwards.

Everyone was stunned, including Sister Yun. None of them expected me to do it.

After I kicked down the red hair, I pulled Sister Yun behind me. Staring at them, he cursed.

"What is your ability to bully a girl?"

The moment I finished my sentence, tattooed man rushed towards me with a wave of his fist.

"I won't bully her, I'll bully you today!"

I'm not afraid of fighting. I used to do it at school. Upon seeing his fist approach, he hurriedly retreated. But I forgot, Sister Yun was behind me. With this step, he stepped on Sister Yun's foot. We almost fell.

tattooed man's fist had already arrived. I had to put my arms up in front of my face. At the same time, he stretched out his leg and kicked towards the other party's leg.

Before the kick could reach him, he heard a "pa" sound. I felt a buzz in my head, and then a stream of cold liquid ran down my head.

It turned out that the two people sitting on the sofa had already woken up. One of them gave me a drink.

After being tricked by the hit, I turned around and rushed over. Behind this person was the sofa. Before he could retreat, I grabbed his hair. Ye Zichen pulled down fiercely, raised his knee at the same time, and pointed fiercely at his face.

I was just going to keep hitting him. There was a "clang" and one of the men pointed the bottle at my head. My vision went black and I almost fell. I forced myself to look back, but before I could reach out, the bottle slammed down again. The bottle shattered, and my eyes were filled with stars. My legs buckled, and I slowly fell to the ground.

The moment I fell to the ground, I felt extremely depressed. I thought Brother Hao and the others would definitely help once I made a move, but I was wrong. Not only did they not help. He didn't even pull the rack.

I lay straight on the ground. I could hear Sister Yun's scream.

"Call security!" Where are the security guards! You are all dead! "

The red hair had already crawled up. He kicked me in the head. I stood still and let him kick me.

tattooed man stopped him. tattooed man didn't pay attention to me, he tilted his head and said to Sister Yun,

"Sister Yun, let's stop here for today. "I'll come back for a few days. When will you agree to accompany me? We'll end this matter here …"

With that, he left with the other three. And the guards didn't come until they left.

Qi Xue and Yang Jun helped me up. I felt a burning pain in my head. Qi Xue obviously didn't expect to see me here. She opened her mouth to say something, but in the end she didn't.

My head was covered with blood, and Qi Xue handed me a few tissues. I covered my head and stole a glance at Sister Yun. Sister Yun's face had already turned long, and there seemed to be tears in her eyes.

When Yang Jun saw that I was injured, he whispered to Sister Yun,

"Sister Yun, should I send Zhongyu to the hospital?"

Before Sister Yun could say anything, Brother Hao interrupted her.

"It's not a big deal. Let him go alone! You still have to ring the bell tonight! "

Annoyed, I wanted to go up and punch him. Actually, I really wanted to hear Sister Yun say something, but Sister Yun didn't say a word. She only glanced at me once before turning around and walking away.

I felt a sense of desolation. I wanted to be a duck to earn money. But now that he's like this, no one cares about me.

I pushed Yang Jun's hand away without looking at them and went out alone.

On the way out of KTV, the waiters and waiters looked at me in surprise. I know that I must be extremely ugly right now. Blood must have long been flowing all over my face.

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