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C1 Rebirth.

Qin Ming opened his eyes, then he saw a luxurious room. He was stunned for a moment. He held his aching chest and sat up.

"Didn't I already die?"

Qin Ming thought of the beautiful and vicious woman. His eyes were filled with hatred.

He was a dignified Ninth Grade Pill Saint, but he was actually killed by the woman closest to him.

For the sake of his Pill God Body, the woman had poisoned him at the most critical moment when he broke through to the Pill God Realm and refined the Pill God Body. He would never forget this hatred.

"What is this place?"

Qin Ming looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar room, but he couldn't recall where it was.

At this moment, the door was pushed open and a beautiful woman about thirty years old walked in with a bowl in her hand.

Looking at the woman walking in, Qin Ming seemed to be dumbfounded.

"Mother!" Two lines of tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Ming, you're awake!" The woman was pleasantly surprised. She immediately walked to the bedside and sat beside Qin Ming. "Why are you crying? Is there any pain in your body?"

After saying that, the woman started to check Qin Ming's body.

Qin Ming hugged the woman and said, "Mother, it is you! I'm not dreaming!"

The woman only reacted when she heard this. Qin Ming had missed her, not because of the pain on his body. She patted Qin Ming's back and said gently, "What's wrong? Ming, do you miss me after not seeing me for such a short time?"

Qin Ming's body trembled. He held her hand tightly and did not let go.

He only felt that her embrace was unusually warm. In his previous life, he had dreamt of his mother many times. Every time he woke up, he would have tears streaming down his face.

In Qin Ming's previous life, his entire family was killed by the Zhao Family. Under the protection of his parents, Qin Ming was able to escape death. He would never forget the scene of his father and mother dying in front of him.

Later on, when he broke through to the Martial Spirit and came back for revenge, the entire Zhao Family had been destroyed. Qin Ming had been searching for a long time, but he still couldn't find out who had destroyed the Zhao Family. He only found out that the Zhao Family had killed his entire family because they were ordered to do so. Qin Ming tried his best but couldn't find out anything about his true enemy.

And now, Qin Ming had been reborn, and his mother had also appeared in front of him.

Qin Ming clenched his fists. He would protect his family well in this life, and he would never allow anyone to hurt them.

After a long time, he reluctantly let go of his mother and wiped his tears with his hands.

"Come, Ming, it's time to drink the medicine." Mrs Qin held the medicine and slowly fed it to Qin Ming with a spoon. "In the future, you are not allowed to fight with others, do you hear me?"

Hearing his mother's words of reproach, Qin Ming nodded. He looked at the medicine that his mother handed over and drank it.

This medicine was very bitter, however, since it was fed by his mother, he felt that it was very sweet!

When his mother said that he was fighting, she also let him know about the time.

If he remembered correctly, it was this morning that Zhao Kuo stopped him and said that he wanted to ride Qin Ming’s sister. He also said a lot of things that insulted Qin Ming's sister. Qin Ming couldn't take it anymore. He had a fight with Zhao Kuo. Zhao Kuo, with the strength of the third level of the Martial Warrior, had beaten him up and knocked him out.

The Zhao Family would attack the Qin Family tomorrow night, and they would slaughter his entire family.

"My god, thank you for letting me return to this time, thank you!

I won't let this disaster happen."

After feeding Qin Ming the medicine, his mother said many words of concern and told him to rest more. She left Qin Ming's room, and before she left, she carefully closed the room door.

After her mother left, Qin Ming stood up, and the essence energys on his body surged.

A series of illusory figures flashed behind him.

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