Alien Dragon Baby/C11 Khol - I don't need a lecture
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Alien Dragon Baby/C11 Khol - I don't need a lecture
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C11 Khol - I don't need a lecture

Kohl jerked at the cuffs holding his dragon arms and legs to the cave wall. The metal biting into his flesh. His wings tucked against his back and his dad had even chained his tail. Sweat rolled down his back at his exertion, but he continued to pry and pull at his confinements in order to find a weakness.

What had his father been thinking? Without this chance at Earth for the crystals or some other planet, his people were doomed. Why couldn’t his father realize that? He needed to escape and get back to Earth. Kohl was certain there would be more meteorites with other humans or in what they called a museum. He and his brothers could swoop down and take the crystals...maybe even find some in the mountains across Earth.

His muscles shook and he closed his eyes briefly. The image of Isabelle popped into his mind with her dark curls spread across her pillow as she slept tucked into his side. What was she doing right now? Did she wonder where he was?

“Are you dreaming about food to have that smile on your face even though chained up?” Desmonda, one of his sisters, asked.

He opened his eyes and shrugged. “Maybe. Why, didn’t you bring me something to eat? I’m starving and haven’t had a meal since yesterday.”

“Yup, I brought you Trolx larva.” She held up the bowl of squirming Trolx.

“That’s my favorite.”

“I know.” She held the bowl while he ate. When he finished, she set the bowl down and squatted back on her hind legs. “So what’s Earth like?”

Taken aback by the question, he raised his eyebrows. “Why do you want to know? You could’ve visited there any time before Father put the ban on traveling.” Which he and most of his brothers ignored.

“Never thought to go there. Then the wars happened and I’ve not gone anywhere since the invasion.” She shifted making her wings flutter a moment. “I know you’re half-human even though Dad refuses to acknowledge it to the rest of us. But my cave is next to his. I hear him crying out her name at night sometimes. I think he still loves your mother.”

“Yeah, well she’s dead thanks to me.”

“Don’t say that.” Desmonda cocked her head. “I’m sure your mother is ecstatic that you were born regardless if it cost her life or not. And humans are one of the few species we can mate with and produce offspring.” She shivered and her pupils contracted. “Is it true that they have no scales and that the males have their testicles on the outside of their body rather than tucked up inside where they’d be safe?”

“I’m not talking to you about human male anatomy.” Next, she’d want him to transform into his human form, if she knew he could, and having his half-sister examine him naked made bile burn his throat.

“Are the women pretty there?” She cocked her head to the side, watching him.

“Yes. But there are beautiful women everywhere.” He paused. If she prodded him too much, she might find out about Isabelle. What would his father do if he knew he had sex with a human? Shit, just going there and bringing back a crystal threw his dad into a rage and got Kohl chained up for who knew how long. Having sex with a human would result in worse punishment.

“But there are gorgeous women everywhere. On Kurn the women have four breasts and—”

“We’re not talking about other planets.” She shook her head. “I’ve never been to Earth and I’m curious.”

“Save your curiosity for another time.” Their father dipped his head to enter the chamber. “Go and help Taurian with the day watch.”

“Yes, Father.” She dashed out of the room.

“Have you come to your senses yet?” his dad asked.

“Have you?” Kohl stared back at the dragon who was twice his size and strength. “Our people are dying. Our world is being destroyed before our eyes and yet you insist we hide and do nothing.” The chains on him rattled as he leaned forward. “We can turn the battles and win the war. Drive the enemy from our planet. Why won’t you listen to me?”

“Kohlxchijr, do you know how many of us have gone to Earth in the last century?” His father raised an eyebrow as he waited for Kohl to answer.

“At least one.” He wasn’t going to let his father give him a guilt trip for something he himself had done before Kohl was born.

“Zero since your mother died.” The dragon sat down heavily on all fours, his tail slashing across the ground behind him. “A century ago, it was deemed a backward and forbidden planet. And naturally, since I’m strong-willed and stubborn, I went to visit many times. I fell in love with your mother and was overjoyed when she became pregnant with you. I defied my father and ruler in order to see her again and again.”

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