Alien Dragon Baby/C18 Khol - Save her
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Alien Dragon Baby/C18 Khol - Save her
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C18 Khol - Save her

Dryness filled Kohl's mouth as he waited for Isabelle’s response to his declaration. She was the second human female to ever find out what he really was. Would she be as accepting as his friend Dena or—

“Let me out!” She rushed to the dungeon door and pounded against the metal frame. “Take me back to Earth, now, damn it.” Her breaths came out as wispy white smoke.

It was too cold down here for her. His body regulated temperature better than hers. Plus all she wore was a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, so she’d freeze in no time.

“Let her go and we'll negotiate.” If Kohl could get word out to his family somehow, he could lure the Tryns into a trap. Have his brothers and cousins pounce and destroy as many of the enemy as they could. And they needed to know about the massive Tryns and their plan. He and his kind couldn't allow these beasts to attack Earth. It must end here and now on Renjer.

Once his father realized the danger of the larger Tryns being able to change their forms by drinking the victim's blood, he'd agree to the finding crystals on Earth. Otherwise, the Tryns could capture more Renjerians and humans alike and start wars and more chaos than the smaller demons. The Tryns had stepped up their game and it was past time he and his people did the same.

When Isabelle faced him, he said, “I'm sorry. Never meant for you or anyone on Earth to get caught up in all this.”

“So you're sorry you met me?” She swallowed and lifted her chin. “And that we were...intimate?”

“No. Call me selfish and a bastard if you like, but I've held onto the memory of being with you. It's been one of the few things to keep me sane while I've been imprisoned.”

Blush dotted her cheeks. “Sure. I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“There have been no other females but you. None before or after.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh like Captain Kirk and sleeps with an alien on every episode?”

“Who?” He shook his head. “Doesn't matter. No, I haven't slept with any other creature—human or not until you.” The chains dug into his neck and arms as he yearned to pull her into his embrace and kiss her until she believed him.

A scratching echoed outside the door, and Isabelle stepped backward. No time for infatuation. He had to get her out of there. Who knew what they would do to her to get him to comply. Had to get her out of this dungeon into the open, then someone in his family would smell her if they passed close enough.


She jerked around. Her eyes grew wide with fear.

“Can you reach that window?” It was too narrow for any of his kind to slip through, but she was slim enough to make it.

“I don't know.” She moved closer to it. “I can try, but what about you?”

“Don't worry about me. Just escape if you can.”

“And go where? How do I get back to Earth? I don't have a pilot's license much less a spaceship one.” She shivered, staring at the window and back at him.

“Head northeast to the mountains. When you see a dragon say my name.”

“Kohl?” she asked.

“No, my Renjerian name is...D'Kohralx Vorian Kohlxchijr.”

“Dude, I can't even pronounce that. I thought your name was Kohl.” She scoffed. “Have you said anything to me that was a lie or half-truth?”

The door squeaked open and a Tryn strolled in. He wasn't as big as the first one, but he made up in height what the former had in bulk. He carried a metal rod that held three prongs on the end of it. A spruit. The thing hurt like acid and left scars that never healed.

“No negotiations. Tell us where the king is and we'll let you both go.” The creature grinned, and Isabelle skirted backward, her hip bumping into the wall.

“Hate to damage that pretty face, but I will.” It stepped forward. “And maybe we'll play another game as well and see if you can please a Tryn like you did a Renjerian.”

Kohl couldn't let it hurt her, and the idea of this filth touching her…his body trembled and a roar burst from his lungs. But the Tryn merely laughed didn’t even glance his way.

It snatched Isabelle by the hair when she ran past it to the open door.

“I want to hear your screams,” it whispered in her ear.

“No!” Kohl yelled as the spruit sunk against her shoulder.

Her cries echoed off the walls and sliced his heart. He strained against the chains, his body shifting. The magic binding him in his human form shattered under his rage. His chains that bound him erupted to metal shards and fell to his feet. His wings burst out his back and his scales shifted over his skin. His jaw and head elongated.

The Tryn dove forward, releasing Isabelle. She stumbled over to the far wall.

Kohl roared and fire jutted out of his mouth, for the first time ever, and roasted the enemy.

The tapping of quickened steps thundered in the hallway, growing louder, closer.

He held out a talon for Isabelle who stood open-mouthed and pale and staring at him like he was an unbelievable monster before her.

“Please,” he said in a grovel voice to form the human words with his dragon mouth and tongue. “Trust me at least to get you out of here.”

Her steps were shaky, but she accepted his offer. And as her soft hand touched him, warmth spread through him. He tucked her against his chest and flapped his wings to gain momentum. Dust billowed around them as he gained altitude. He would have to break through the metal barrier then stone above them, but that was better than taking her through the castle and into the Tryns’ lair.

He shot a blast of fire above them to weaken the top of the dungeon’s tower. With a gasp, Isabelle tucked her head against his chest. The door crashed open and dozens of Tryns spilled inside. Spears shot toward them. Kohl beat his wings harder to reach the top of the tower. A blow struck the back of his thigh. He cringed, but didn't stop rising. He plowed through the metal barrier. The hot iron bars twisting out of his path, his arm sheltering Isabelle from harm. Another spear whizzed past his head.

Building speed, he barreled into the rock ceiling. His head throbbed from the impact. The barrier creaked, but didn't budge. He spread his wings and glided down a fraction to try again. So many Tryns had entered the chamber that they covered the floor five stories below. Some climbed the walls with their spears clenched between their teeth. Then they hurled their weapons coming closer to Kohl.

He shot up again as hard and fast as he could. His head smashed into the ceiling and brought a ringing into his skull along with piercing pain, but he couldn’t stop. He had to get them out of there.

One of the stones cracked. Again!

A spear smarted against his ear and Kohl flinched, falling into a dive roll until he blinked and cleared his head.

He couldn’t endanger Isabelle and that fall was too close. It didn't matter what happened to him. He had to get Isabelle out of here. His family would protect her and get her home to Earth. In his arms, safe against his beating heart, she trembled. Ignoring his screaming muscles and the poison racing through his body from the spear that grazed his leg, he blasted straight up, aiming for the already weakened stone. They had to make it this time. The Tryns were already half-way up the tower walls and any well-aimed spear would bring him down.

He rammed into the rock and it crumbled. Dizziness zigzagged through him. He had to keep going. Again and again, he pounded his head against the surrounding stones until he could fit through. When the sunlight hit his scales, he let go of the breath that had been trapped in his lungs. Below them, the valley stretched out for miles.

“Did we make it?” Isabelle asked.

Hundreds of Tryns speckled the ground below them. All waving spears and shouting in their guttural language.

“Not yet.” He reigned in the panic that choked him. Once Isabelle was safe, then he could allow himself to dwell on his fears. This was the time for escape and flight.

He stretched out his wings, diving off the building and using the force of the wind beneath his wings to propel them up higher and faster as he flapped. His heart hammering in his chest as the Tryns below chased after them and spears shot past him and Isabelle.

The forest lay ahead which would slow down the enemy. He just had to lose them quick before they got another shot at him. His lungs burned as he flew harder. Just a few more yards ahead to salvation. The edge of the forest stretched below them and he let a smile reach his lips. Isabelle clung to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulder and hanging on in a grip that even a lychon from the swamps of Jeseryl would envy.

A pain tore through his wing. Wretched spear had pierced him. Unable to control his flight, they twisted in the air. No, he couldn’t land here in the middle of the forest. The trees would give him zero room in this form to move. Besides, it was too close to the Tryns. Isabelle would never outrun them. Kohl fought against the wind that tugged on the hole in his wing. Each movement sent searing pain through his body. He had to fight. Had to get her to safety.

He wobbled against the air current. Gritting his teeth, he strained his body to go further even as they continued to lose altitude. Tree branches scratched along his body and he dipped into a roll that he couldn’t stop. They crashed along the forest. His back slamming into a thick tree and toppling it.

Carefully, he pulled his arms away from her. “Are you hurt?”

“No. Just a bit bruised in weird places.”

He cringed as he tried to straighten out his wing. The hole was the size of a boar. Damnit all! “You can’t stay here. Go to the mountains, my family will be able to smell you once you get that close. Tell them my name and they’ll give you shelter and take you home.”

“What about you?” She frowned.

Behind them, Tryns squealed as they raced toward them. Within minutes, the beasts would be there.

“I can’t…my tromping through the forest will alert them to where we are. Go!” Maybe they’d be satisfied enough just to get him back that they wouldn’t go after her.

“No. I’m not leaving you.” She bit her lip. “Can you shift back into your, ya know, human form?”

“It will deplete most of my energy since I’m wounded.”

Yards away, birds took flight, revealing that the Tryns were closer than he thought.

“Then change quickly ‘cause I’m not going to be able to carry you far.” She placed a hand on her hip.

When he shook his head, she lifted her chin. “It’s too dangerous, woman. Leave now before it’s too late.”

“Guess you need to stop talking and save your energy for running, because I am not leaving without you.”

“Why are you being so stubborn?” Did she have a death wish? He groaned as he moved and tucked his wings against his back.

“I-I have my reasons, now move.” She swallowed.

“Too late.” A giant Tryn pushed past a cluster of trees.

Now Kohl was going to have to get her to listen to him while he destroyed this vile monster. Ever since he met Isabelle his life had never been the same. He’d die trying to protect her.

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