Alien Dragon Baby/C21 Isabelle - If he dies, so do you
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Alien Dragon Baby/C21 Isabelle - If he dies, so do you
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C21 Isabelle - If he dies, so do you

“Kohl?” Isabelle waded in a circle in the river. No response. Even the travois was gone. Her breath hitched as fear crashed against her insides. Had a river monster taken him? Unconscious, he wouldn't be able to fight back. Along the riverbank, bushes sprouted bright violet flowers. A flock of birds with long necks and a brownish color flew overhead. A goat-like beast with three horns dipped its head to drink, but bounded off when it spotted her. She swam downstream in hopes of finding him. A shadow darkened the sky for a moment. What was that?

Ahead of her, a massive emerald dragon swooped low. Its wings spanning as wide as the river's edge. Her heart hammered, and she couldn’t breathe. The creature looked twice the size of Kohl in his dragon form. And its tail was different with spikes on the end and longer. Did that mean it wasn’t part of his species…family?

Wings that spanned the edge of either side of the river stirred up the water and gusts of air had her falling backward and fighting a current that pulled her under several times before it settled its body in the middle of the river. The water only covering its feet.

Once the water returned to its natural state, she caught her breath and stared at the massive creature who could kill her so easily. Her heart hammered in her chest so hard she felt every beat.

Its jaws snapped at her, and she yelped, dipping under the water again and her injured ankle striking a rock. Bubbles burst from her lips as she fought to reach the surface. She gasped in air while the dragon watched her as if it liked its food washed before devouring the meal.

“What have you done?” It's gravelly voice rumbled and it was hard to make out his words.

“P-Pardon?” She struggled to keep afloat and resist the current tugging at her straight for the dragon.

“My brother, human.” It narrowed its eyes. “Even this water couldn't wash your stench from his body.” It inhaled deeply. “Are you working with the Tryns? You smell of their vile scent as well.”

She swallowed and opened her mouth to protest that she'd tried to save Kohl when the dragon lowered its head as if to ram into her.

“How did you get here? Are you a spy?” it snarled. “I scented Kohl’s blood and the enemy.”

“No, I-I was kidnapped by a demo-Tryn.” Isn’t that what Kohl had called the aliens? “It brought me here on a spaceship against my will.” She folded her arms across her stomach and her shoulders hunched. Her body trembling from being out of the cold water and dripping wet. “I just want to make s-sure Kohl’s okay…and to get back home to Earth.”

“How do I know you speak the truth? That I just happened upon you with my brother while I was scouting for the enemy? There’s enough of their foul stench to choke a rumix.”

She lifted her chin against the petrified thought of dying here on this alien planet. “And I have to trust you not to fry me and eat me.”

As if surprised by her gumption, it shook its head, but said, “If he dies then so do you.”

New chapter is coming soon
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