Alien Dragon Baby/C5 Khol - Find her
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Alien Dragon Baby/C5 Khol - Find her
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C5 Khol - Find her

“Warped turds,” Kohl cursed. He should've left when he had the chance instead of flirting with the human female. She'd intrigued him with her mock bravery and wide brown eyes. And her kiss had been…

Frack his luck. The humans would catch him with the quasicrystal and lock him up. He had planned to return to leave compensation for the crystal after he took it to his homeworld first. Now he'd taken too much time with the human female, intoxicated by her presence. Her scent alone, a sweet and spicy mix, made him want to inhale her and never stop.

He couldn't lose the crystal—not now—but he couldn't be found with it either. Two muscle men stepped toward the dance floor. When he glanced over at Isabelle, her arms were crossed and her brow pinched. A black strap hung over her shoulder connected to a small bag. He could hide the crystal there.

“Let me clear up this misunderstanding, then we'll finish our dance.” He could always get the crystal back from her. He leaned in, giving her a kiss and squeezing her close. Her body stiffened against his, but he slipped the crystal into her purse before pulling away.

He turned to the approaching men and walked toward Billy who gestured him outside. Behind him, the music started up again, its beat making him want to dance with the female again kissing her until she melted against him. His cock stirred. Why not? He was half human although he hadn’t been attracted to any female on his planet enough to mate with them.

First thing though, he had to deal with the problem of Billy and his men.

Outside away from the music, Billy turned and snarled at him, “You broke into my safe...why?”

“You wouldn't believe me if I told you.” He leaned against a tree.

“Try me. No better yet give me back my meteorite and pay back the damages to me. Your sleeper hold knocked me out.”

It was a Renjer submission hold, but it rendered the opponent unconscious for a while. Kohl shrugged.

One of the men on his left punched him. “The boss wants his rock back.”

Puny humans. “I don't have it. Maybe he lost it.”

As if not believing him, the second guy punched Kohl, his face contorted like he used all his strength, hoping for a reaction.

Yawning, Kohl held out his arms. “Search me if you like! I don't have your meteorite.”

At Billy's nod, the two men patted Kohl down.

“He's clean, boss.”

“What did you do?” Billy poked a finger on his chest. “Think it was gold or something and chuck it? Whoever told you about me gave you bad advice.”

“Listen, I'm from out of town.” He squared his shoulders.

“Don’t care. I know you broke open my safe and stole my rock.”

Fine. “Give me two weeks and I'll return and pay you for your trouble.”

“I don't like waiting and I never keep a bar tab open past closing.” Billy shook his head. “My boys will collect a pound of flesh for what you stole plus the pain and suffering you caused me. You knocked me out and broke my safe door clean off its hinges.”

Kohl growled. The stupid human was lucky he didn't devour all three of them.

Both men looked at Billy who swallowed, but waved them on.

The first man threw a punch and it hit Kohl in the stomach.

“Want another turn?” he asked.

Another fist smashed into his jaw, but Kohl didn't flinch. The second goon kicked him in the balls. A dull ache radiated up his hip. Not bad for a human. It would take a lot more to put a Renjer down.

“Now it's my turn.” Kohl twisted one of the men's arms, dislocating the guy's shoulder. The second guy charged and Kohl put him in a sleeper hold like he'd done to Billy upstairs.

“Back off!” Billy waved a metal gun at Kohl.

“Put the weapon down,” he said as Billy's hand shook. “You have my word. Two weeks and you'll have triple the costs returned to you.”

“No. You'll disappear with my rock and never return.” He cocked the gun.

No time for this. He had to get the quasicrystal from the girl’s bag and get back home. The rock was proof for his brothers and father that an expedition to Earth was necessary for more crystals to sway this freaking war and return them to their rightful place as leaders.

“Give me the gun before it fires.” Kohl let his arm drop away from the guy he was holding. The man hit the dirt with a thud. Kohl stepped forward. The guy with the dislocated shoulder rolled on the ground screaming. A couple pulled up in a vehicle and seeing the four of them, spun out and took off down the road.

“St-stay right there!” Billy shouted and held the gun with two hands.

“I've given you a fair offer.” Kohl narrowed his eyes letting a bit of the amber color of his dragon eyes seep forward. “I suggest you take it or there will be consequences.”

“Shit! What's the matter with your eyes?” Sweat beaded across Billy’s forehead.

“Please, put the gun down before you make me do something we'll both regret.”

“I'm calling the cops.” Billy reached into his pocket.

“No!” He couldn't afford to be apprehended here. His family needed him. If he didn't return in a few days, they'd search for him. Would they think he'd been killed?

Kohl lunged toward Billy. A bang sounded and a pain burned through Kohl's shoulder.

“Son of a broken scaled mother!” He had no choice now. Calling up his dragon nature he transformed. His body lengthening, stretching and growing. Fangs breaking through his jaw. Next, his wings burst through his back and his flesh hardened to scales.

The sound of Men screaming echoed, but he didn't care. The gun fired again and again. Thanks to his thick scales and hide, the bullets bounced off. He charged the men, their eyes widening in disbelief.

Kohl roared and snatched up Billy as he fled. The human screamed and punched him, but Kohl barely felt the blows. Then Kohl turned sharply, hovering over the air, and grabbed one of the muscular men as he raced back toward the bar. Nope, can’t escape me. His claws caught the guy by the shirt and he hauled him backward. After he secured him, Kohl swooped and picked up the unconscious bodyguard and soared with them through the air.

Both conscious men beat at his shins and yelled at him. The third man draped over Kohl’s forearms. Kohl smelled the stench of their fear thick in his nostrils. Reaching Dena’s he dumped all three men in the boat, then picked up the small speeder and tore for the coast.

They would be safe, but out of the way. High enough in the air, no one could hear or see them...thanks to the heavy clouds tonight.

When they reached the ocean, Kohl plopped them down into the water. They'd live, which was more than his father or brothers would have allowed. But he needed them gone for a few hours. He sliced apart the engine with one talon. Billy cowered in the corner. Both his bodyguards were unconscious and Kohl snorted. Must have fainted from fright.

Kohl gave Billy a snarled grin while the elder man crossed himself.

Satisfied it would take them time to paddle to shore, Kohl flapped his wings and headed inland. He had a wench to find.

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