Alien Dragon Baby/C6 Isabelle - Another drink
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Alien Dragon Baby/C6 Isabelle - Another drink
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C6 Isabelle - Another drink

Isabelle plopped down at the bar next to, Beth and set her purse down on the counter. “I need another drink.”

“Already?” Her sister placed a hand on Isabelle’s forehead. “You've had more alcohol than I've ever seen.”

She pushed her sister's hand away. “I'm fine.” I’m just hung up on a guy who’s a criminal and I don’t even know him.”

“I would have thought you'd be puking in the bathroom by now.” Her sister passed the shot glass in front of Isabelle.

“Bottom’s up.” She chugged the drink.

“How about we split some nachos?” her older sister said. “They'll help with the hangover you're gonna have tomorrow.”

“Both of you think I can't handle my liquor.” Isabelle fumed, her insides boiling. She snatched up another drink as soon as the bartender filled her glass. She downed it in one gulp.

The music shifted to an upbeat song and Beth batted her eyes when a cute guy asked her to dance. “Just enjoy yourself, okay?” Beth smiled before taking off to dance.

“That's the plan.” She should’ve been dancing and getting closer to a foreigner. Damn, why couldn't she stop thinking about him? His accent that made the simplest words sound exotic. Those lips and mouth on hers still sent shivers through her. And his was commanding and nearly overpowering with his six-foot-seven frame. She twirled her finger across the bar, tracing the watermarks from the shot glasses.

“Finally, food.” Kate settled onto the bar stool beside Isabelle and dragged the heaping plate between them. “I haven't eaten since breakfast. Work has been so hectic with more lawsuits than our firm can handle.”

Isabelle popped a cheesy chip into her mouth. Her younger sister was still on the dance floor, now with another guy. Envy pulsed through Isabelle. It wasn't like she hadn't dated, she had, but her relationships were years apart. Her last boyfriend, James, had told her lies and half-truths the entire time they were together. He had dozens of girls on the side...coworkers, and clients that he’d met for lunches and hotel romps never breathing a word to Isabelle. After they’d gotten engaged, she'd seen a text message from one of the women pop up on his phone while he was in the shower. She felt sick, but threw him out along with all his stuff.

So why had she fallen in lust so fast with Mr. Handsome? She should've known better with her track record. No, tonight was about having fun and getting wasted, right? She gobbled up the nachos along with Kate and afterward asked the bartender to put her purse behind the bar, tipping him to do so.

“I won't be responsible if any of your valuables get lost or stolen.” He slid the purse below.

Whatever, it was feeling too heavy for her to dance with anyway. She inhaled another shot and swirled around on the barstool before making a beeline for the dance floor. So, what if she didn't score a number or date or dance with anyone yet? It was still a few hours until the bar closed.

The lights flashed over the wooden floor as Isabelle moved to the music. A beat that pounded into her feet and hips and she swayed side to side. Closing her eyes, she imagined a man dancing before her. Mr. Handsome snuck into her vision and he smiled down at her in that crooked way he had done before in Billy’s apartment when she asked what the thumps she heard were. Guess now she knew it wasn’t Kohl stomping on a roach.

Her stomach knotted. What if he’d hurt Billy or worse, killed him? Then she’d have the guilt of telling the guy where he was.

Stop it.

She was here to enjoy herself, not beat herself up over what might have happened. Besides, Billy nor his bouncers or Kohl had returned so she guessed they were either talking or waiting for the cops to arrive.

“A gorgeous woman like you should never have to dance alone,” Kohl’s exotic voice tingled through her with the promise of more than just dancing.

“What?” She opened her eyes and spun. “What happened? Billy said—”

Kohl covered her lips with a finger. “He was mistaken. We’ve worked everything out and came to an understanding.”

“But he called you a thief and said you took something.” She pushed against his chest as he encircled her. His hips moving to the rhythm of the music and mesmerizing her.

“No, everything is fine now.”

When she crossed her arms and glared at him, he sighed.

“Look for yourself. Billy and his two guys aren’t here. If they were so upset and I did do something wrong, they would’ve detained me and called the authorities, right?”

She hesitated. Something felt off, yet she craved his touch even right here on the dance floor surrounded by people. Damn, she was a floozy. “I guess.”

“Then, don’t worry. Now, I promised you a dance, so may I?” He held out his hands.

Unable to resist his animal magnetism that drew her in, she slipped into his embrace. He smelled of smoke and sand and a spicy yet sweet scent that she couldn’t identify. A mix of cinnamon and apples and allspice or cloves. Their hips undulated into a rhythm together matching stroke for stroke. His hands roved her body just shy of her sex. He cupped her waist, his fingers just below her bra, but then he trailed his palms down to her hips and around to her ass, but never grabbed it like most men had done when dancing with her.

They danced to three more songs. Isabelle felt light-headed and so horny she contemplated begging him to stay with her the whole night. First though, she would need another drink to get up the nerve.

“This may sound odd.” He leaned his forehead against hers. “But may I stay the night with you? I’ll have to leave in the morning, but I can’t seem to walk away from you even though I know I should.”

She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply. Her tongue skirting across his before he plunged his own inside her mouth. She moaned and reluctantly pulled back when someone grasped her shoulder.

“Isabelle, are you all right?” Kate asked.

Good old sister concerned that Isabelle was too drunk to realize what she was doing and would regret this come tomorrow. And she probably would, but for now, she was going to live out her fantasy and actually have a guy sleep with her even though she just met him.

Isabelle patted her sister’s arm. “I’m fine. Kohl here is gonna see me home.” She wobbled on her feet before straightening. “You and Beth take care and send me texts once you both get home safely.”

“Will do.” Kate frowned up at Kohl. “Hurt her and I’ll rip your balls out.”

Instead of paling, he grinned and Kate took a step backward. “If she has any complaints about tonight, I’ll send you my insides in a jar. But I guarantee I will satisfy her like no other.”

His confidence and words sent Isabelle scrambling for her purse. She strolled out of the bar hand in hand with Kohl to a waiting cab. From his boast with Kate, he must have been with a lot of women. “Do you have…protection?”

He cocked his head as he held the door open for her and she climbed in. “Always.”

The cab ride took forever. Not that she minded too much. Kohl kept his hand on her knee, but her sex heated as if he teased her all the way up her leg. His kisses went from soft and sweet to probing and hungry. She wanted more of him.

Thankfully, the taxi pulled in front of her home and she gave the driver his fare not even minding that Kohl looked at her sheepishly when he said he had no money on him.

Her house was dark, and she tripped over her rug as she entered.

Kohl caught her. “Careful.”

“Thanks.” Her breath stuck in her throat. Would he carry her to the bedroom and make love to her all night? She shivered at the thought.

“Are you cold?” he asked and set her down on her feet.

Without waiting for her to turn on the light, he strode inside avoiding the furniture. She’d lived here for years and still banged her knee on the coffee table if she stumbled into the kitchen for a snack at night.

“I’m fine.” She closed the door behind her and leaned against it. I have the sexiest man I’ve ever met standing in my living room! She set her purse down on the floor not trusting her legs to even support her to move another step. Her body trembled with need. If this guy didn’t want to sleep with her, then she needed new batteries on her dildo because she’d never be able to sleep this worked up.

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” she asked. The least she could do was be a good hostess before she pounced on him, right?

He turned toward her, and she couldn’t make out his facial expression, but had the feeling he could see her clearly as if it was the middle of the day and the sunlight was pouring in from her side windows on either side of the door rather than a sliver of moonlight.

“I have a hunger for you…if you’re okay with that?” he sounded hesitant, unsure.

Was it a ploy he used on women? At this point, she didn’t care. He was leaving tomorrow anyway, he’d told her that. Tonight, was all they had and he said he had protection.

Unable to speak, she licked her lips and as if that was his invitation, he was suddenly standing in front of her. His heat warming her body as he pressed her against the door. He kissed her breathless, his hands now roving over her breasts. When she removed her shirt, he stared at her bra a long time before tracing over it lightly with his fingertips. Her nipples pebbled under his attention.

“This comes off, right?” he asked.

What a strange question, but she unhooked it and let it fall to the floor. His eyes darkened with desire, and she melted. He brushed a hand across her left breast, and she groaned.

“I want more.” He dipped his head and took her nipple into his mouth.

The heat and wetness made her grasp his shoulders as a surge of desire shot to her core. She pressed her thighs on both sides of his leg and gyrated back and forth against him. When he pulled away, she whimpered slightly.

“Sorry, I’m still not satisfied.” Taking her other breast into his mouth, he palmed the already wet taunt one.

She sagged against him. “Please.” As much as she loved foreplay, he was making her a wanton floozy and he still had all his clothes on. “Take off your clothes and take me.”

“Of course.” He took off his shirt and raised his eyebrows at her. “Remove the rest of your clothes first. I want to explore you.”

Never before had she gotten fully naked so fast. Even a button flew off her pants. When she removed her underwear, Kohl sank on his knees before her. He stared at her sex with such wonder and longing that she started to feel self-conscious and moved her hands to cover herself.

“No, please don’t.” He pushed her hands away before tracing her folds with his fingertips.

She trembled, but he held her up with his hands under her ass. When he slowly licked a path from her abs to her sex, her breath froze. His tongue dipping inside her, wet and thrusting. She gasped as her orgasm raced forward and she couldn’t stop screaming his name as he lapped her up.

And when she thought he was done or surely his tongue was sore, it seemed to go deeper and widen inside her, stretching her. She bucked against his mouth as he lifted her legs around his neck and cradled her ass in his palms.

Without breaking his stride, another climax ripped out of her, he carried her to her bedroom and laid her on the mattress. His sucking and plunging drove her mad with endless need. He cupped both her breasts kneading them until her whole body buzzed and screamed as every fiber, every cell of her being exploded through her.

He pulled back and a satisfied crooked smile sent her heart pounding. “Let’s see if I can get you to do that while I’m inside you.” In a flash, he removed his pants.

Commando huh?

Glancing down at his nakedness, she wanted to shout in wonder and run in horror. His cock tented his jeans and even with his clothes on looked freaking enormous. Could she die from too much sex?

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