Alien Dragon Baby/C7 Khol - Forget about her
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Alien Dragon Baby/C7 Khol - Forget about her
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C7 Khol - Forget about her

Kohl had never tasted such sweet nectar. And the sounds she made when he kissed her down there made him forget everything but pleasuring her more. His cock was painfully aware that he'd never mated before and even more so that this human female turned him on in ways no one ever had before. The mechanics of mating were the same for his kind as humans from what he gathered. Yet, at least in his human form, he didn’t need to worry about being too big for her.

The scent of her arousal was a mix of melon and an aphrodisiac that intoxicated him. He kissed her belly, trailing a path up to her nipples. So taut and pink, they made his groin tighten harder. He lavished one breast and then the other, one hand exploring her sex. Her wetness coating his fingers and her nails raked down his back. Was this the mating ritual of humans? In his world, the female bites the male’s tail, then he bites hers. Then he mounts her from behind.

Here, once blood was drawn by the female’s nails, did it signal the male of her readiness and ripeness? He wasn't certain, and he wanted to please her. Bring her pleasure...more so than any other had before. The thought of another man touching her had him growling. He tensed. Fuck it all, had she heard him?

She rubbed his thigh. “Why did you stop?”

“Not satisfied yet?” he asked.

“No, not by a long shot.” Her hands teased his erection through his pants.

He moaned. How could this Earthling who had no scales or wings or tail entice him like this? When she unzipped his pants with a lustful gleam under her gaze, she licked her lips and bent down to taste him.

He stilled her hands. “Next time. I'm afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself.” Truth was he was worried he'd shift into his dragon form. His tongue had earlier when he lapped at her juices and dove inside her depths. His dragon yearned to taste her further, to claim her. But he couldn't. If he transformed, she’d scream or faint like a few women had done in the past when he teleported in front of them, except for Dena. But then she was used to animals and such. He couldn’t bear it if Isabelle was afraid of him or worse, repulsed. He could never know what he really was.

Kissing her pouty mouth, he eased her back on the mattress. One hand cupped her breast and the other freed his erection from his clothing. He pressed his tip against her entrance, stroking up and down until she writhed underneath him.

Then he slid slowly into her, letting her body adjust and stretch to accommodate him. Gods, she was so freakin’ tight. Why had he not mated before? The feeling of being inside her was so overpowering that he almost spilled his seed. She pushed her hips up and gasped when he inched in further. His dragon form roared forward. Scales broke out along his back. He shoved the beast back into its cage inside him. It smashed against his restraints, but they held.

Sweat beaded along his brow as he waited. He didn’t want to injure her. “Are you okay?”

Her eyes half-closed. “Yes, but I won't be soon if you don't move.”

Was his weight too much? Had he injured her down there? He pulled back when she locked her legs around his hips.

“More, please more.”

His penis twitched and he plunged back inside her. All of her squeezing him. He grunted, holding onto his orgasm until she screamed his name and went limp beneath him. His cum ripped through him and his orgasm exploded. He laid on his side, pulling her into his arms until her back hit his chest and her delicious backside nestled against his groin.

If he lived forever, he'd never forget her. But as soon as she fell asleep, then he would need to get the quasicrystal and leave. He'd spent too much time here already.

* * *

Kohl hunted her house for her purse. Where had the woman hidden it? He opened a door that led to a closet and after searching through the coats, boots and shoes, and gift wrap, he didn’t find it. The kitchen showed only dishes and food.

Where would she have put it? Retrace your steps from last night. He laid a hand on her front door, recalling their kiss and his first taste of her arousal. His gaze drifted to a huge potted plant beside the door. There! Her purse lay between the plant and wall. He tugged on it, but the strap was wedged underneath the heavy plant. Had he scooted the heavy pot last night when he was kissing her, did the plant get pushed over her purse? The strap broke in his hand and he cringed. Damn. He wished he could buy her another, but he had no time. Quickly, he dug inside her purse and grabbed the quasicrystal. He turned briefly to glance behind him. As much as he wanted to wake with her and enjoy lovemaking again, his people were counting on him. With his throat tightening, he walked out of her home.

It wasn’t dawn yet and all her neighbors must still be sleeping. After surveying around him to ensure no one would see him, he transformed back into his dragon form and soared through the night sky with the crystal in his talon. Now all he needed was a lightning storm to get back home. The thought of not seeing Isabelle again cut him like a burning knife to his heart. But it was too risky. He barely knew the woman and found himself wanting to discover everything about her. What made her laugh, what her favorite foods were, her hobbies, what she cared about. Did she like animals? Even reptiles...dragons?

He shook his head. Dena was the exception to humans. As an animal doctor, she was trained to have compassion for nonhumans by choice. It was only bad luck of crashing through her home slash vet clinic in his dragon form that she knew the truth of his kind. His family would be appalled and demand her death, but humans didn't have space travel like his kind. They were centuries away or more before they could sail along a wormhole or zip through a black hole to reach his solar system.

In a distance of about fifty miles, dark clouds rumbled. My ticket home.

Still, an ache pierced him of leaving Isabelle without a goodbye or a kiss. No, if he touched her again then he'd never be able to leave. She'd never accept him anyway. He was half dragon. When Dena had shown him a computer, he'd seen images and stories of his kind in their history. A Saint George who was praised for slaying dragons. Evidently, his people had sent scouts to Earth in the past and stopped when they realized how barbaric humankind was. Worse, they kept animals locked in a prison system they called a zoo. That would be his fate if he let Isabelle discover the truth. Either that or he’d end up on a scientist’s dissecting table.

Humans had a fascination and terror with dragons and Kohl was no fool. No human would ever love a Renjer...a dragon. Best he could hope for would be buddies like he and Dena. Right, fuck buddies who couldn't keep their hands off each other.

He shouldn't have had sex with her. Not without telling her what he was. At first, he'd only intended on distracting her until he could get the crystal from her purse. It was too late now.

Best he could do was disappear and never see her again. But he had to get back to his people with the crystal. Convince his family to scour the galaxy for more so they could defeat the enemy or at least drive them from their shores. Earth was the easiest to hunt for more quasicrystals because they didn’t have to worry about protocol like asking for licensing and cutting through red-tape like other planets. One of the advantages of beings who refused to believe aliens existed he supposed.

Taking one last look at Isabelle’s sleeping form before he left, his soul twisted inside his chest as though he had left part of himself behind. He would never be the same and he'd always remember her.

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