Alien Dragon Baby/C8 Isabelle - Fired
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Alien Dragon Baby/C8 Isabelle - Fired
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C8 Isabelle - Fired

Isabelle stretched and groaned in a sore, satisfied way. Last night with Kohl had been amazing. His emerald eyes hypnotizing like a spell. She'd never had sex with a stranger before. And she wanted more of him. Rolling over, she felt his side of the bed and her hand brushed cold sheets.

She sat up with a start. “Kohl?” But even before the emptiness of the house echoed back in answer, her instinct told her that he was gone. That she'd had a one-night stand and would never see him again.

A pain hit her chest. God, she had amazing sex with a guy and was hooked.

Yowls echoed from the front door.

Right, it was past breakfast. She gathered her robe from her closet and wrapped it around her. Another thing she'd never done before...sleep without clothes.

“I'm coming, I'm coming,” she called out as she went to the kitchen. “No need to wake the neighbors.”

Better have their food ready before I open the door, or the cats might claw up my legs in retaliation for being late. She poured the cat food into two silver bowls and set them down near the table. When she opened the front door, both cats shot past her, ignoring the food.

“Where are you both going?” Had they not seen the food? She traced down the hall checking the half bath and opened hall closet. Had she opened that last night?

A meow and hiss sounded from her bedroom.

“If you two are gonna fight, take it outside. There's plenty of food for you both.” Had she spoiled them already by giving them fish one too many times? “I'm all out of tuna, sorry. But dry cat food is better than starving on the streets, right?”

Another hiss and she rounded the corner to her bedroom. Both cats were on her bed, biting and clawing into the sheets on Kohl's side of the bed.

What the hell? “Stop that! Shoo!” she yelled.

Lucy and Orange bolted. Damn cats. Why would they do this? Had Kohl eaten seafood and they smelled it?

Another yowl shot through her house. “What now?” She stomped toward the sound and found both cats scratching at her sequined purse from last night. It was wedged between the wall and a potted plant. How had it gotten there? She picked up the cats, moving them out of the way. The strap was broken and lay open. Her wallet lying on the floor. Son of a bitch! Did Kohl rob me? God, she was so gullible. But she checked her contents and her license, credit cards and cash were still inside.

Opening her purse wider, she tugged at it to free it. She must have dropped it here last night when Kohl had kissed her, then it got stuck underneath the edge of the pot. It looked like someone had tried yanking it out but gotten what they wanted out of it. Everything was still in her purse, though. Cell, lipstick, even her ticket into the club last night. She pulled out her cell and a gritty texture brushed her fingertips. Dirt? She rolled it between her fingers. How did that get into my purse? Her cell phone buzzed with a text message about coupons. She stared at the time…seven thirty-nine? Since she’d left her phone at the front door, she hadn’t heard it go off. The tardy bell rang at eight am. Shit, I'm late.

She tore down the hallway. A quick shower and dress six minutes later, she bustled out her door and into her car.

Traffic was horrid as she weaved through back streets to get to school. She jerked her car into the parking lot and hustled inside Parker Elementary.

“Miss. Givens,” Principal Cooper said, “A word please.”

Overhead, the tardy bell rang. “But my class…”

“Mrs. O’Malley is taking them with hers. Until our meeting is over.” He opened the door to his office.

Great. Just great. She'd only been late one time before last semester. Why was Cooper such a freaking jerk all the damn time? And Mrs. O’Malley was performing BJs on him in the janitor’s closet. Everyone knew that since Isabelle had gotten lost on her second day and led her third-grade class right into the small room. Thankfully, both the teacher and principal had pulled away and Cooper had yanked a sack of dirty towels over his junk before her students saw anything.

When Isabelle had confessed to another teacher what she'd seen and how she couldn't get it out of her mind, Julia had nodded.

“Yeah, I found them doing the nasty on her desk one evening I stayed late,” Julia said.

“So why don't they divorce their spouses. Stop hiding and obviously lying to them.”

Julia held up three fingers. “One, child support. Two, alimony, and three then it wouldn't be as exciting and addictive. They have loose morals.” Julia frowned. “Say they divorced and hooked up...they wouldn't have the thrill of doing something wrong. Soon they'd find someone else.”

“Miss Givens.” Principal Cooper sat behind his desk and motioned for her to take the visitor's chair. She remained standing, her briefcase hitting her thigh. “You've had a blatant disregard for your class. We cannot tolerate your lateness.”

“I haven't been late this semester. Last time was because my car cracked and my engine overheated.”

He leaned back and steepled his fingers. “And what was it this time? A flat tire?”

“” She couldn't exactly tell him she was slightly hungover and her cats had acted crazy this morning. “My alarm didn't go off. It won't happen again.”

He smiled, but it didn't comfort her. “This is a private school and I expect exemplary behavior from its staff.”

Right, like bonking another teacher while married is such exceptional behavior. But she loved the kids and other teachers here. The classes were smaller than in public school and she really felt like she made a difference here in the kid’s lives. And the mainstream schools were full…she’d have to move to the big city to find an opening. No, she liked it here and she would fight for the right if she had to.

“I'm afraid you leave me no choice, but to put you on suspension.”

“But I've a nearly perfect record!” She stomped forward. “My students have gone from failing before my class to passing with high marks. You can't do this.” Many of the kids in her class would be devastated. Her heart shattered. How was she going to pay her rent? Her student loans to pay off her college?

His brow furrowed. “One more infraction, Miss Givens and you'll be permanently relieved of your duties.” He leaned back in his chair with a smug look on his face like he ate the last chocolate donut from the teacher’s lounge as he stroked his mustache that she swore he must have copied from a seventies porn movie. “Consider this your final warning.”

She swallowed the lump pressing in her throat. Her hand went to her briefcase filled with her students’ papers. This was so unfair. It was like working for a bully and the principal had enough backing from parents and other teachers that she didn't have a chance to stand up against him. Even the teachers’ union loved him. It would be his word against hers.

“Take care from now on, Miss Givens, there are many teachers who would love your job here at our school. You’d never make it in a public school. Daily, I have to turn away offers.” He smiled in a way that had her skin crawling.

“I understand.” She clenched her teeth and marched out of his office on shaky legs. God, the guy had it out for her. Next time she’d offer to get a lock on the janitor’s closet in front of the PTA meeting. Maybe that would shut him up or at least lay off her.

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