All For The Mission/C10 Pure Student(8)
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All For The Mission/C10 Pure Student(8)
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C10 Pure Student(8)

"Pei'an? Why are you here?" Ge Youyou wanted to go out to buy some food, but just as she turned around, she saw Xiao Peiang with a smile on his face and dark eyes standing not far away from her.

There was a distance between them, and Feng Yanlin's voice was obviously louder, "I miss you. I came to see you. " As he spoke, he gave her a loving smile.

Ge Youyou's tender and tender face had two red flushes on it, making it seem as if her face was as pink as ice. It made people couldn't help but step forward and take a bite.

"I am going to buy some vegetables. Seeing that you came so early, I am sure you have not eaten yet. Why don't you stay and eat later? I am going to buy some vegetables. Seeing that you have come so early, I am sure you have not eaten yet. My culinary skills aren't bad either. "

"Okay!" Feng Yanlin's eyes lit up and his complexion improved by more than half.

Feng Yanlin naturally followed behind Ge Youyou. He was afraid that Ge Youyou would be tired of taking the vegetables when she was buying, so he took care of the physical work of carrying the vegetables on his own.

When he walked out of the supermarket, Feng Yanlin still had an extremely gentle expression on his face, but he had been complaining in his heart since a long time ago. He could not understand women at all. When they went shopping, they wanted a man's life. Even buying vegetables would cost half the price. He simply couldn't understand why.

Feng Yanlin, who was about to die of annoyance, asked the system, When will Yuan Yige come out of the restaurant?

444: There were still 13 minutes before he left the restaurant.

13 minutes? From an angle Ge Youyou could not see, the corner of Feng Yanlin's mouth raised slightly. He glanced around from the corner of his eye and looked for the best place.

When he saw the milk tea shop across from Nine Night Restaurant, which had a sparse number of customers, a trace of a smile flashed across his face. He turned his head and said to Ge Youyou beside him, "You've been walking around for so long. You must be thirsty. Let's go to that milk tea shop and rest for a while. "

Ge Youyou raised her hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead because she had been walking for a long time. She agreed with Feng Yanlin's suggestion. Because it was a green light, Ge Youyou walked straight to the milk tea shop in her high heels.

Feng Yanlin, who was carrying vegetables, naturally followed behind her and walked towards the milk tea shop together.

When he arrived at the outdoor seats in front of the milk tea shop, Feng Yanlin quickly tidied up his things and neatly arranged himself beside the tables and chairs.

Just as Ge Youyou sat down, a woman in a black uniform with a delicate and pretty face walked over with a food menu.

The service staff stood on Feng Yanlin's left with a professional smile on his face. "Sir, do you need anything?"

"Please have a plate of osmanthus flavored pastries and a cup of watermelon juice. "

The service staff took out a notebook and wrote it down. Then, he smiled and said, Please wait a moment. Then, he left.

A warm feeling passed through Ge Youyou's heart, no matter when. Pei'an always thinks for me. He even knows what I like about food and drink. But. . . I still don't know what Pei'an likes. The hand that was placed on the skirt shrank violently. The wrinkles on the skirt instantly appeared as if her heart had been violently pulled up. Isn't this girlfriend of hers too derelict in her duties?

"Pei'an, do you want to order some food to fill your stomach?" The snacks and drinks Feng Yanlin ordered just now were what Ge Youyou liked. Because those were the things that Ge Youyou remembered the most clearly. He did not need to think to know that these were the things Ge Youyou liked to eat.

Feng Yanlin shook his head and half-jokingly said, "Later, you personally made breakfast. If I eat something else, I won't be able to eat much later. I'll go buy a bottle of mineral water to quench my thirst. "

Since Feng Yanlin said so, how could Ge Youyou say anything else? She only let out a barely noticeable sigh and expressed her helplessness.

Feng Yanlin calculated the time and went to the small store next to the Nine Nights restaurant to buy a bottle of water. After giving the money, he went back the way he came.

Yuan Yige, who had finished discussing the business deal, walked out of the door of the Nine Nights restaurant with a cold face. As soon as he walked out of the door, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in the corner of his eye. This made him stop and look away.

When he saw Feng Yanlin, who was wearing a white collar shirt and long pants, his eyes narrowed. The smile on his face, which was originally happy, became a little excited when he saw Feng Yanlin's back.

He still had a good impression of Feng Yanlin, who would not make him feel disgusted. However, when he saw Feng Yanlin walk to the opposite side of a woman, sit down, and talk to her with a smile, his slightly excited mood gradually faded.

A familiar coldness hung on his handsome face once again. If one looked closely, they could see that his face suddenly became darker, and the aura around him became cold and low.

He's already my person, yet he's still hooking up with me everywhere. Looks like if I don't teach him a lesson, he'll really think that I'm very tolerant? With a cold expression, Yuan Yige turned around and left this place without hesitation.

The detailed video that the system replayed in his mind was playing in his mind. Feng Yanlin's lips curled into an unnoticeable smile, and his conversation with Ge Youyou also became very harmonious.

The effect he wanted was even better than what he expected.

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