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All For The Mission/C3 Pure Student(1)
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C3 Pure Student(1)

Feng Yanlin calmly stepped into the tunnel. When he reached the end of the tunnel, he saw a dead body. Feng Yanlin held his chin and looked at the body, praising it generously.

"This body is really a work of art from God!"

In front of Feng Yanlin, there was a face that could confuse thousands of girls. The eight abdominal muscles were slightly bulging, but they were not prominent. The dark long hair was hanging down his waist, his long legs were long, and his fingers were green. This body was a beauty carved by God.

"Master, this is a clone of the actor. In reality, this body has been dead for about ten minutes. Please hurry up and merge with it. " The 444 system displayed the virtual screen in front of Feng Yanlin. There were two small boxes on it. One was the fusion, and the other was the replacement.

Without hesitation, Feng Yanlin chose to merge. In a second, an invisible force wrapped around him and gently led Feng Yanlin into that body.

When the system saw that the interface was 100% compatible, it clicked open the mission world and replaced Feng Yanlin with the real Xiao Peiang.

When Feng Yanlin woke up again, there was a strong smell of disinfectant around the tip of his nose. What entered his eyes was a snow white ceiling. When he moved his hand, he found that his arm was covered with bandages.

Feng Yanlin calmly looked around. After confirming that this was the hospital ward, his tense expression relaxed.

Feng Yanlin: System, can I see Xiao Peiang's memories before I came?

444: Of course I can. I will arrange it and send it to the family head.

After receiving the memory, Feng Yanlin quietly laid on the hospital bed and combed his memory. When the memory was half cleared, the door of the ward was gently pushed open.

Feng Yanlin curiously looked towards the door and saw an exquisite baby-faced girl. Her immature face had obvious worries and worries. When her bright eyes saw the awake Feng Yanlin, she became gentle and hid those emotions.

"Pei'an, do you feel better?" Ge Youyou carried the fresh apple to the chair beside the bed and sat down. She naturally picked up the knife in the fruit plate and cut the apple.

Feng Yanlin was silent for a while and searched his memory about the girl in front of him. When he found out that this girl was his original girlfriend, the corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile. "Long live, I feel very good. I can be discharged at any time. "

Ge Youyou frowned when she heard Feng Yanlin's words. She saw the tightly wrapped bandages on his hands and waist and stabbed his uninjured right leg with the knife handle.

"It was clearly not healed. Pei'an, you promised that you would not lie to me. "

At this point, a trace of doubt flashed across Ge Youyou's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. After all, the person in front of her was her boyfriend. She couldn't doubt him just because of this.

444: Family Head, 5% of the persona has collapsed. Please take note not to let the world suspect that you are not the character it set.

Feng Yanlin: Got it.

Knowing that his character had collapsed, Feng Yanlin began to think about where he should play the role properly. So when Ge Youyou handed him the apple, he quietly understood the original owner's memories and knew what was wrong.

After Feng Yanlin finished eating the apple, Ge Youyou got up and threw the remaining apple core into the trash bin.

When she sat back on the chair, the awkward atmosphere filled the ward. For a moment, both of them did not know what to say. Feng Yanlin was saying that he would not easily start a conversation if he said too much wrong. Ge Youyou, on the other hand, did not know how to lead the conversation out.

After all, all the wounds on Feng Yanlin's body were caused by her, right?

If she had not been willful and went to the bar to prove that even without Xiao Peiang, she could have solved the problem, and she would not have attracted local ruffians to harass her, and Xiao Peiang, who had rushed over, would not have been hospitalized due to injuries. However, she was the one who caused Xiao Peiang to lie in the hospital bed, so how could she have the face to speak again?

After Ge Youyou lowered her head and was silent for a long time, she felt a pair of slender hands caressing her hair. She suddenly raised her head and bumped into a pair of loving brown eyes.

Feng Yanlin looked at Ge Youyou seriously. The love in his eyes was not concealed. He knew what Ge Youyou was thinking. After being together for so long, as her boyfriend, he naturally cared about Ge Youyou's feelings, even if it was just a subtle expression.

He stretched out his arms and gently held Ge Youyou in his arms. He lowered his head slightly and whispered in Ge Youyou's ear, "Long live, I don't blame you. I only blame myself. If I had gone a little earlier, perhaps you wouldn't have to be so frightened. "

"As your boyfriend, I'm really incompetent, so please forgive me, okay?"

Ge Youyou, who was lying in Feng Yanlin's arms, had tears in her eyes. It was clearly her willfulness that caused him to be injured, but Pei'an comforted her instead. Was it really because she was not sensible?

Ge Youyou reached out and hugged Feng Yanlin. Her words became twitching as she said, "Pei'an, it's all my fault. Pei'an, blame me. If it wasn't for my willfulness, you wouldn't have stayed in the hospital. I promise that I will listen to you from now on. I won't be willful anymore. I will definitely listen to you. Can you forgive me?"

Feng Yanlin used his uninjured hand to gently pat the crying Ge Youyou. His gentle voice was like a calm piano, but it was very pleasant to the ear.

"Youyou, you are my baby. How can I bear to blame you? Besides, I love you so much. I will forgive your mistakes. "

"Pei'an, do you really not blame my willfulness?" Ge Youyou lifted up the baby face that was buried deep in Feng Yanlin's arms. Her golden, sparkling face looked like it could not be shed. It looked like she was going to make someone fall in love.

Feng Yanlin smiled and wiped away the tears from the corners of his lover's eyes. He scratched her small nose and narrowed his eyes. "Little fool, I can't even love you in time. How could I blame you? Think about it with your little brain. As your great and handsome boyfriend, would he despise you for being beautiful and cute?"

Ge Youyou heard it and arched her arms towards Feng Yanlin's chest, laughing happily.

In order to prevent the person in his arms from laughing, Feng Yanlin gently patted her back and half-jokingly and half-seriously asked, "Then my beautiful and cute girlfriend, are you going to forgive your great and handsome boyfriend?"

Ge Youyou imitated Feng Yanlin's tone and retorted, "Use your little brain to think. As your beautiful and cute girlfriend, would you dislike such a great and handsome boyfriend?"

Feng Yanlin answered repeatedly, but Feng Yanlin did not see that Ge Youyou's dark eyes, which almost turned from laughing in his arms, were not filled with tears of joy, but also with deep sorrow.

She really missed it. She really wanted time to stop at this moment. Never. . . Never play it down again. She was afraid that this most beautiful moment would be completely torn apart by the cruelty of reality. She was also afraid that the person standing next to this young man in front of her in the future was no longer her.

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