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C4 Pure Student(2)

After Ge Youyou left, Feng Yanlin laid on the hospital bed and looked at the scenery with nothing to do. He could not see the affectionate look on his face just now.

444: Family Head. This was the beginner mission world. After completing it, there would be a reward of 5000 gold coins. After a fifty-fifty split, the family head would get 2,500 gold coins.

Feng Yanlin: A real world. Is there only one mission?

444 No. In fact, there were still some random missions, but the family head had yet to receive one.

Feng Yanlin: The gold coins obtained from random quests also need to be split 50-50 with the system?

444: The random quests can be completed, but there is no need to complete them. Therefore, the family head's reward from random quests does not need to be split 50-50 with the system.

Feng Yanlin's lips curved up slightly, and he happily let the system open the shopping mall. He wanted to see what the things sold in these shopping malls were.

The virtual monitor appeared in front of him again. Feng Yanlin followed the tutorial in the tutorial that the system had given him and tried to use his mind to control the monitor.

When he opened the shopping center, he saw a variety of tags, just like what the system said, everything was there. Feng Yanlin casually looked around but did not buy anything. It was not that he did not want to buy anything, but those things were extremely expensive. Anyway, it was something that a poor person like him could not afford.

He turned off the monitor and sighed in his heart. Thinking back to the past. . . He was a man with a net worth of hundreds of billions, but now, he could not even afford a single blade of grass. . .

Feng Yanlin, who was recuperating in the hospital, accepted his girlfriend's care with a clear conscience. However, every time Ge Youyou came, her face would be a little haggard. As Ge Youyou's boyfriend, Feng Yanlin naturally noticed that something was not right very quickly. However, in order to respect Ge Youyou, he never asked. Just because he did not ask did not mean that he did not care.

"Youyou, did you encounter any difficulties? Can you tell me?" Finally, on the seventh time Ge Youyou came to visit him, Feng Yanlin could not help but ask the question that he had always wanted to know the answer to.

Ge Youyou lowered her eyes and a faint smile hung on the corner of her mouth. She said gently, "What kind of difficulties can your powerful girlfriend encounter? Furthermore, all difficulties can't compare to the difficulties of how to make you recover quickly, alright?"

Feng Yanlin frowned and tried to say something. Ge Youyou was afraid that Feng Yanlin would see something because of this, so she hurriedly put the peeled apple into Feng Yanlin's mouth. She picked up the bag and hurriedly got up and walked towards the door.

Before she left, she only said something panicky, "Pei'an, my dad just called and said that something happened at home. I will go back first. You have a good rest. I. . . I'll come and see you next time. "

Feng Yanlin reached out and took the apple in his mouth. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Ge Youyou, who was running away, with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

Looking at Ge Youyou's flustered look just now, there must be something big that she was hiding from him. Otherwise, why would he not be able to answer even if he was just testing her?

Swallowing the white apple in his hand, Feng Yanlin asked the system calmly. Ge Youyou was cheating on him?

According to the data, Ge Youyou did not show any signs of cheating.

Feng Yanlin. What happened that made her, who loved Xiao Peiang deeply, not willing to lie, but also unwilling to tell him the truth?

I'm sorry, Family Head. The System's level is not high enough, so it can't check the whole story.

Feng Yanlin took another bite of the apple. It's fine, I don't expect you to find anything.

After eating the apple, he casually threw the apple core into the trash can not far away. He leisurely unwrapped the bandage on the injured hand and looked up at the green trees outside the window. Feng Yanlin sighed regretfully.

He really did not want to leave this hospital. After all, once he left this hospital, there would be a lot of drama.

Although he did not want to leave the hospital in his heart, he stood up without hesitation and took off his medical clothes. He changed into the casual clothes that Ge Youyou had brought for him before and leisurely went to handle the discharge procedures.

According to Xiao Peiang's memory, Feng Yanlin very quickly found the way to Ge Youyou's home. Fortunately, it was August and the school gave them summer vacation. Otherwise, once they were discharged, he would have to go to school. How could he have such leisure time?

Feng Yanlin: System, help me check Ge Youyou's current location.

444: At home.

After getting the exact location, Feng Yanlin casually stopped a taxi by the roadside and sat in the backseat. He said anxiously to the driver, "32 Pomegranate Street, please hurry up. "

The driver stepped on the accelerator, and the car was like an arrow that left the bow, speeding towards the place Feng Yanlin had mentioned.

When they reached the destination, Feng Yanlin gave the driver a hundred yuan. Without waiting for the driver to find Ling, he ran in one direction.

After turning a corner, he saw Ge Youyou standing at the door. In front of her were five or six muscular men with colorful hair. They did not know what they had said to Ge Youyou. Ge Youyou's face turned pale instantly and the despair in her eyes could not be hidden anymore.

Feng Yanlin's footsteps paused and suddenly accelerated. He rushed to the back of those muscular men and used all his strength to push them away. He came to Ge Youyou and hugged her under Ge Youyou's shocked eyes.

After Ge Youyou reacted, she said with a trembling voice, "Why are you here? Are your injuries healed?"

Feng Yanlin panted and whispered into Ge Youyou's ear, "My girlfriend is in trouble. As her boyfriend, how can I still be at ease and lie in the hospital to receive your care?"

Those burly men were suddenly pushed away by Feng Yanlin and were momentarily stunned. When they saw Feng Yanlin hugging Ge Youyou, each and every one of them had a fierce look in their eyes. One of the men who seemed to be the boss stepped forward and said, "You are the man of this woman, right? That's good too. We don't have to make things difficult for a woman. Her father owes us the casino 30 million. Hurry up and pay the money back, or else I'll chop off all of her father's limbs and feed them to the dogs. Throw this woman into the pile of men, f * ck her until she dies! "

They seemed to have thought of that scene, and all of them laughed loudly.

The burly man spoke without any restraint. His filthy words made Ge Youyou so angry that her entire body trembled. Feng Yanlin stroked her back and then turned around to look coldly at those vulgar and hateful people.

"Even if her father owes you money, you have no right to chop off her father's four limbs, much less attack the innocent her. "

When the burly men heard this, they seemed to have heard something funny, so they mocked Feng Yanlin's naivety. "We have no right to attack? Then do you have the right to make us not do anything? We work for money. The casino gave us the right, so you have to obey. "

Hehe, Feng Yanlin laughed disdainfully in his heart. This kind of 100% failure rate, should he express it so clearly?

He was ridiculing in his heart, but his face did not show it at all. Feng Yanlin still said coldly, "Ha, 30 million is such a huge number. Ordinary people can't possibly pay it back even if they work hard for their entire lives. Now you want a woman to pay it back in a short day?"

Those men naturally knew this too, but they couldn't do anything about it because their superiors were pressing them. They looked at each other, but none of them could refute them.

Because they were ordinary people, and the income they received was just enough for them to squander on their own. Even if they did not eat or drink, they would not be able to gather 30 million in their lifetime.

But it was also impossible for them to give up just like that. They were not holy fathers who let Ge Youyou and her father go. Who would pay for it? Were they? They weren't that stupid.

"Even if they can't pay thirty million, we won't let her go! You know, behind us is a casino, not a charity. If every debtor is forgiving, then why would they hire us debtors? Is it a waste of food? "

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