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All For The Mission/C5 Pure Student(3)
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C5 Pure Student(3)

Feng Yanlin furrowed his brows. Obviously, he knew the seriousness of the matter. If he helped Ge Youyou, then this trouble would be related to him. If he did not help Ge Youyou, then this trouble would not come to him. As a businessman, Feng Yanlin would definitely choose the former, but for Xiao Peiang, who loved Ge Youyou deeply, he was destined to only have one choice.

He let go of Ge Youyou's arms and changed to holding Ge Youyou's delicate and soft hands in front of him. He seemed to hold Ge Youyou's hands gently, like Xiao Peiang would let go of her when a cool breeze blew. In fact, only Ge Youyou knew that even if she used all her strength at this time, she would not be able to shake it off. Instead, she could only struggle tighter and tighter.

"I will pay off the huge debt Ge Youyou's father owes me, but it will take time. After all, I am only a high school student. It will take at least three months to gather 30 million in such a short period of time. " Xiao Peiang's face was full of confidence. He did not look like someone who would lie.

Those men also knew how to look at expressions. Naturally, they knew that Xiao Peiang would not lie to them. After thinking about it, they chose to believe Xiao Peiang first. So, they said, "We can give you three months, but if you have not handed over 30 million after three months, we will not let you go even if it is you. "

After saying that, they left Ge Youyou's door.

Looking at the departure of those people, Feng Yanlin seemed to be relieved, but in fact, he kept laughing in his heart.

Feng Yanlin knew that those men didn't believe him at all. They just didn't believe that Feng Yanlin and the others could escape the pursuit of the forces behind their casino. Otherwise, how could they not remind him not to try to escape?

Obviously, they didn't have to worry about that at all. If they didn't need to worry, it meant that the casino behind them wouldn't be small.

Ge Youyou looked up at Xiao Peiang with tears in her eyes. Her heart felt as warm as if it had been soaked in warm water, but at the same time, she could not help but worry.

"Pei'an, we are all high school students, even if we have some money at home. But that's just a little bit of money, too. How can you collect this huge debt of 30 million? "

Yeah, they're just children from an ordinary family. Even if their family is a bit wealthy, it's still impossible for them to collect such a huge amount of 30 million!

Feng Yanlin turned around and pointed at her nose with his index finger. He smiled and said, "Please believe in your boyfriend. Your boyfriend is not as weak as you think. "

After a pause, he seemed to have thought of something bad and frowned.

Ge Youyou saw his frown and her heart could not help but tighten. She reached out to smooth Feng Yanlin's brows and said worriedly, "If you really can't do anything, I won't blame you. So please don't force yourself, okay? I don't like to see you troubled and sad. "

Feng Yanlin held Ge Youyou's hand in his palm. The corner of his mouth was bent down bit by bit, and his sad look was very obvious.

"Who is troubled? As long as it's about you, I won't feel troubled. I just feel very sad about this matter. "

" Why are you sad? " Ge Youyou asked.

"Because. . . " Feng Yanlin grabbed Ge Youyou's waist and whispered in her ear, "I did not know about this through your mouth. It means that my lover does not trust me and does not want to share her difficulties with me. She treats me like an outsider. How can I not be sad about such things? How can I not be troubled? "

After Ge Youyou listened in a daze, she could not help but burst out laughing, "You, you, I am not as valuable as that 30 million. . . "

So, why are you so muddle-headed? Muddle-headed to the point that I have no way of rejecting your help and the gentleness of rejecting your charity. . .

Feng Yanlin hugged Ge Youyou's waist even tighter, "You are my world. Is my world only worth 30 million?"

Ge Youyou was so touched that her tears were sparkling. She wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth, she found that she could only let out whimpers. Her tears also gradually became a disaster.

What fortune did I have in my previous life to have such a man who loves me so much to be by my side? Every second by his side, she felt that she was about to be drowned by that surging tide of warmth. But even though she knew that it was very dangerous, she could not stop the fact that I love this man. . .

Xiao Peiang, I have you in my life, what else can I ask for?

Ge Youyou was so touched that she cried. She did not realize that the man who hugged her said touching words. There was not a trace of emotion in his eyes. He was so cold that it was as if the person in his arms was not his lover but a cold and stiff stone tablet.

The truth was the same. Ge Youyou was Xiao Peiang's lover, not Feng Yanlin's lover. He only replaced Xiao Peiang, not the real Xiao Peiang. For someone who had only been with him for half a month, he did not have any love, not even a good impression of him. She was like a stranger.

The pedestrians on the street passed by each other. Who would care about unimportant people?

After talking to each other for a while, they went back to their own homes.

Although they were boyfriend and girlfriend now, they were both high school students. Their level of knowledge was also on the passing line. Naturally, they knew that they were not married yet. It was extremely bad to spend the night alone in the other party's house, so Ge Youyou did not urge Feng Yanlin to stay. Even if Ge Youyou wanted Feng Yanlin to stay, Feng Yanlin would not stay in Ge Youyou's house for Ge Youyou's sake.

After separating, Feng Yanlin had no choice but to desperately find a way to save thirty million yuan every three months.

However, it was not an ordinary job, but it was extremely difficult. It was so difficult that it was almost impossible.

After the 48th day, Feng Yanlin still couldn't find a way. He was depressed and went to a bar that he hadn't been to for a long time.

To relieve his worries.

Sitting on a black high chair at the bar, his eyes looked around from time to time. There was a trace of curiosity in the depths of his troubled eyes, but because his eyelashes were long and dense, the curvature of his eyes covered the curiosity in his eyes. Looking at him, he looked like a person who was full of worries but was as tough as a bamboo stick.

Feng Yanlin looked at the mixed crowd around him and felt that his horizons had almost been refreshed. Before he committed suicide, he had never been to such a hotel. Instead of calling it a hotel, it was more appropriate to call it a human market because there were always dirty deals here.

Logically speaking, a pure Xiao Peiang would not come to such a dirty place. Unfortunately. . . He did not know that there was such a transaction here. He only knew that there were drugs in the bar, but he did not know that there were human trafficking. If he knew there was such a deal here, he would probably buy wine to drink. He wouldn't want to stay in such a place for even a second longer.

However, this hotel was the largest hotel in the entire Y Country, and the wine inside was even more numerous. Although the original owner, Xiao Peiang, didn't know that this was the largest hotel, he also knew that this hotel wasn't simple. After all, a hotel could have thousands of different kinds of drinks, and it wasn't a simple hotel owner.

Even though he knew that it was not simple, he, Xiao Peiang, still went inside. He was not a criminal who knew the reason. Instead, it was the original owner, Xiao Peiang. He was a drunkard. Other than himself, no one else would be able to observe this. After all, the image of a good student in the school was deeply rooted in the hearts of people. Even Ge Youyou did not know that there was one thing.

Feng Yanlin silently tasted the wine. He turned a deaf ear to the elegant and violent music around him and wholeheartedly savored the wine in his hands.

"The 1982 Bamboo Jade Wine is truly mellow and sweet. Don't you think so? Handsome?" A voice suddenly came from beside him. Feng Yanlin seemed to be shocked, but in fact, he had already rolled his eyes in his heart.

Feng Yanlin slightly widened his eyes and looked at the person who suddenly spoke next to him. He saw a handsome man with a gentle look in his eyes. After knowing who had said it, Feng Yanlin turned his head around and continued to drink the wine in his wine cup.

"Handsome, the one in your hand is Mei Lin, who has been drinking for eight to three years. Have you been particularly worried recently?" The man curled his lips and did not mind Feng Yanlin's coldness.

Feng Yanlin snorted coldly in his heart. This kind of shoddy method of hitting on someone was something that his brother had left behind. If it wasn't because of the original owner's setting, he would have turned around and left long ago.

However, he couldn't just leave in such a cold and aloof manner as he was playing the role of Xiao Peiang. After all, he was a wine addict!

Feng Yanlin's hand, which was holding the cup, tightened slightly. Clearly, he was a little excited, but his face was still not warm or hot. "You know the wine in my hand?"

The man smiled very elegantly. "Hehe. No, no. I only know a little story about this wine. "

"Oh? Tell me about it. " Feng Yanlin became interested. His cold and distant aura also eased up.

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