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All For The Mission/C6 Pure Student(4)
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C6 Pure Student(4)

The man shook the orange wine in the cup in his hand. His long and narrow eyes were slightly narrowed, and his drunken appearance carried a demonic nature. This aroused some interest in Feng Yanlin, who was not looking forward to it at first.

The man opened his mouth slightly and his thin lips opened and closed. It was as if he was playing an elegant and low piano music. It made people put down their vigilance at all times and gradually integrated their expressions into the world he was talking about.

"It is said that more than 3,000 years ago, City R was an ancient amusement park. There were many famous amusement places there, and one of them was. . . The Spring Pavilion in the Building was the most popular. The reason why the House in the Tower was ranked first was not because of the size of the House in the Tower. It was not because the pavilion had many famous people supporting it, but because it was located in the pavilion. There was a beautiful woman - Lou Nanyan.

People often said that women in brothels had an octagonal heart and could smile at Luo Sha's face. She could make you sink into the dust, and she could also force you to step onto the broken stage.

And this Lou Lanyan was this type of person's outstanding talent. There were countless people who admired her, and among them, there was a scholar - He Zhen Bake. He greatly admired Lou Lanyan, and he had also repeatedly promised Lou Lanyan that he would redeem her.

As the saying goes, actors are ruthless. Lou Lanyan was no exception. She did not place He Chengbake's words in her heart, and instead only half-heartedly offered He Chengbake.

Year after year passed by, and in a short span of twelve years, the scholar had also achieved meritorious service. He had originally wanted to come back and fulfill his promise, but what awaited him was that Lou Lanyan had long been redeemed by an official who held a higher position than him. This time, it was only a matter of time before he left.

The scholar found Lou Lanyan's place and saw her in person. He wanted to take her away, and from then on, the two of them traveled the world and lived in seclusion.

But Lou Lan Yan refused. Although she was an actress, she was still a human. She was naturally moved by the scholar's love. Having a relationship for a long time was not an empty promise. She did not want to ruin the scholar's bright future.

The scholar who had suffered a setback lost the meaning of his life. He held a wine jar and talked to himself all day. Three years later, the scholar fell into the lake because of alcohol and died. Not long after, Lou Lanyan also died of a mental illness.

Because of the infatuation of the scholar, there are people who are infatuated with him. Because of the actor's insincere words, there is a life of red in his hands. Because of that, the name of the wine in his hands is Zhong Xin. "

After saying that, he took a sip of the wine in his hand and looked at Feng Yanlin, who was deep in thought, with a smile on his face.

"My surname is Yang. You can call me Mr. Yang. "

Feng Yanlin pursed his lips and finally opened his mouth, "Mr. Yang, I want to ask you, what do you think about Lou Lanyan?"

Mr. Yang picked up the wine tube and poured a little of the wine into Feng Yanlin's glass, then poured himself a little more. He raised his head and took a sip, then answered Feng Yanlin's question, "He Zhen is too infatuated with the wine, but he doesn't know how long it lasts. Lou Lanyan was too careful, but she didn't know that she had fallen into a deep well. "

Feng Yanlin watched Mr. Yang drink half of the wine in his glass and also slowly took a small sip. However, he didn't agree with Mr. Yang's opinion of Lou Lan Yan.

After drinking the wine, he chatted with Mr. Yang for a while. As they chatted, Feng Yanlin felt a little uncomfortable, so he got up and walked to the washroom. Before he left, he just casually greeted Mr. Yang.

The man who called himself Mr. Yang looked at Feng Yanlin, who was walking towards the bathroom, and a smile appeared on his face.

Feng Yanlin pulled his collar and asked the system: What's wrong with me? Why do I feel so uncomfortable? It can't be that this body is a replica, so it's inferior, right?

444: In the head examiner's body. . .

444: Head examiner Although this body is only a replica, please believe in the function of the system. This body is absolutely 100% compatible with you, and there are no side effects or soul damage. The reason why the head of the family feels uncomfortable is not because he is sick. It is because the family head is poisoned.

Feng Yanlin:. . . 444

Patriarch, do you have any other questions?

Feng Yanlin: Can you tell me what poison is before you get poisoned next time?

444: Yes!

Feng Yanlin:. . .

He staggered as he supported himself against the wall. The sweat on his forehead seeped out of his skin bit by bit, and the surging heat climbed up to his heart. An inexplicable feeling of irritation washed over him.

In Feng Yanlin's previous life, forget about taking medicine. . . He had never even seen what medicine looked like! Now, this feeling really made him feel very uncomfortable, especially when his mind was in chaos.

He saw that his patriarch was staggering as he walked a few steps, but he still wanted to help Feng Yanlin out of kindness.

444: Family head, do you need me to do something for you?

Feng Yanlin looked at the corner of the corner, the corner of his mouth curled into a cold smile, and said to the System, Help me keep thirty percent of my mind clear.

The System did not say anything, but the cool feeling in his mind let Feng Yanlin know that the System did as he said.

Feng Yanlin held his hand against the wall and breathed lightly. He then said to the System, Help me find a room with no lock and no one in it. Quick!

444: Right in front of me on the left, room 1364.

According to the System's prompt, Feng Yanlin quickly arrived at the door of the room. Before entering, he saw that the clothes that had been following him had disappeared. Only then did he open the door and enter the room.

After entering the room, he locked the door behind him and turned around. What entered his eyes was a pitch-black environment.

Feng Yanlin did not care about the darkness in the room. Instead, he found the bathroom, took off his clothes, and walked to the bathroom. He needed cold water to relax, and also to wash off the feeling of emptiness caused by the medicine.

He entered the bathroom and casually opened the shower, allowing the cold water to splash on his hot skin. His legs, which could not stand properly due to the medicine, trembled slightly. In the end, he lost his ability to sit on the ground.

Half an hour later, Feng Yanlin still did not feel any relief. Instead, because of the cold shower, his body temperature became higher and higher, and his head became more and more dizzy. Even his thoughts began to blur.

Feng Yanlin, who still retained some of his rationality, decisively turned off the shower. He used a towel to dry his short hair and the water droplets on his body, turned on the light, and walked to the wide bed to lie down.

In a daze, Feng Yanlin fell into a deep sleep. He hoped that once he woke up, the effects of the medicine would disappear on his own. This would also save him the trouble of worrying.

Not long after Feng Yanlin fell asleep, the sound of the lock being unlocked came from the lock. At first, it was just a slight turn, but after realizing that it could not be opened, the sound of the lock being turned stopped.

Not long after, the sound of a lock being unlocked came again. This time, it did not last for a long time, because the door was only opened after one rotation.

After the door was opened, it revealed a handsome face. There was not a trace of a stain on his pure white skin, and beneath his sharp brows was a pair of extremely penetrating dark eyes. His thin lips were always hooked upwards, and he always carried a domineering and overbearing smile on his face.

Yuan Yige looked at the lights in the room that were all turned on, and he couldn't help but frown. Who was so bold as to intrude into his territory? Looking around, he found that there were a few unfamiliar clothes lying on the ground. Shield was looking for the clothes as Yuan Yige walked all the way to his bedroom. When he saw a sleeping person on the bed, desire gradually surged in his dark eyes. He licked his dry lips and his eyes involuntarily narrowed.

Heh, I really don't know who sent this man over. But no matter who sent this man over, this person succeeded in making him desire. Yuan Yige slowly walked towards Feng Yanlin and pulled Feng Yanlin, who was lying on the ground, into his arms.

He held Feng Yanlin's chin with his fingers and let him slightly raise his head. His thumb rubbed against Feng Yanlin's lips slightly, and the dark expression in his eyes became even darker.

He held Feng Yanlin's waist with his other hand and smiled with a slightly hoarse voice. He lowered his head and kissed Feng Yanlin's face as he said to himself, "Haha, congratulations. You are the first person who made me feel desire. "

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