All For The Mission/C8 Pure Student(6)
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All For The Mission/C8 Pure Student(6)
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C8 Pure Student(6)

"Okay, three months. " Feng Yanlin forcefully ignored Yuan Yige's mocking words. The determination and forbearance in his eyes slowly turned into silence. As long as it was for leisure, he was willing to sell his body.

Yuan Yige took out the silver phone in his pocket, lowered his head, and used his finger to slide on it. Feng Yanlin looked at Yuan Yige, who was like this. His hands nervously grabbed the bed sheet. He was afraid that Yuan Yige would suddenly go back on his word at this time.

Yuan Yige looked up and glanced at Feng Yanlin. "30 million yuan has been transferred to the card I gave you. As for the rest, you can move freely. I will call you over if I need you. "

Yuan Yige's tone became cold, as if he had returned to his usual self. He was as cold as a stone statue.

Feng Yanlin's fair face turned red. He naturally understood what Yuan Yige meant by need. He nodded slightly, expressing that he would listen to him.

Yuan Yige telling Feng Yanlin was just a symbolic message. He didn't care about what Feng Yanlin thought, and he wouldn't care.

After putting on his clothes, Yuan Yige walked out of the room. Feng Yanlin smiled when he saw Yuan Yige walk out of the room. He laid back on the bed with a satisfied look on his face. He was not in a hurry to give the money to Ge Youyou. Instead, he leisurely chatted with the system about the sky.

Feng Yanlin: System, what kind of person do you think Yuan Yige is?

444: In any case, he was someone that the family head couldn't afford to offend.

Feng Yanlin: Of course I know this, but your family head has already become the bed companion of another family. If you don't understand him, how can you let your family head live and complete his mission in this world? As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you won't lose out.

444: Family Head, I think I have to tell you something.

Feng Yanlin: What is it? Go ahead.

444: The family head's time in each world is limited, once the time is set, the system will naturally arrange a suitable way to kill you so that you can quickly leave this world.

Feng Yanlin:. . . Baby, why didn't you say so earlier?

444: This system believes that the family head has already finished reading the 444 books on the system.

Feng Yanlin:. . .

He had long forgotten about this matter.

Feng Yanlin and the System fell silent for a few seconds. In the end, the System broke the silence.

444: There is an invisible mission. Does Family Head choose to accept it?

Feng Yanlin: Yes.

444: Invisibility mission 1: Achieve 100% masochistic value to Yuan Yige. Reward: 1000 gold coins, 3000 experience points.

Invisibility Mission 2: Raise Ge Youyou's Masochistic Value to 100%. Reward: 700 gold coins, 2000 experience points.

Invisibility Mission 3: Become Yuan Yige's male pet until you leave the world. Reward: 300 gold coins, 1000 experience.

Feng Yanlin: Masochistic value? What is that?

Masochistic value means that other people's feelings towards the family head were badly hurt, but it didn't cause any harm to the family head's feelings.

Feng Yanlin. Feng Yanlin: In other words, as long as you hurt their feelings and don't let them hate me, you can get this masochistic value?

444: Yes, Family Head.

Feng Yanlin: What if there is hatred in the process of hurting them? Will this also cause the mission to fail?

444: After the family head has completed his role, he will start to collect the rewards for the hidden mission given by the family head, so he only needs to complete the mission when the rewards are collected. The system will not investigate the process.

Feng Yanlin curled his lips. It seemed that his external income was quite easy to earn.

When he woke up, it was almost dusk. Feng Yanlin moved his body, but the wound behind him was still burning with pain. Feng Yanlin frowned. If it was still so painful now, how could he naturally go and see Ge Youyou? Wasn't it obvious that he was injured?

444: In order to protect the family heads from being tortured crazily in the Mission World, the System actually has the pain shield function.

Feng Yanlin was silent for a moment: Why didn't you say so earlier?

444 The book I gave you stated that the family head didn't read it.

Feng Yanlin buried his face into the bed sheet and said to the system in a muffled voice, Activate the pain signal jammer.

[444: Activate] The pain jamming device was successfully activated. The level of the system was slightly lower. This time, it blocked 30% of the pain.

Feng Yanlin moved and found that the pain in his body had been reduced by a lot. At least, it was enough for him to walk and talk naturally.

He got off the bed and picked up the clothes that were scattered on the ground and put them on one by one. Fortunately, he wore a long-sleeved shirt and a collar when he went out. Otherwise, the marks on his body would not have been able to cover them.

He stood in front of the mirror and carefully sized up the person in the mirror. His long black hair fell down like a waterfall, and his fair skin added a bit of white. There were traces of undetectable blood in his eyes, and there was a faint green color in his eyes. His entire body, which should have been full of vitality, had turned into this extremely weak paleness overnight.

"Tsk tsk, I didn't expect Yuan Yige to be so fierce. How many years has he been abstinent from having sex?" Feng Yanlin touched his slightly cool skin and sighed.

Feng Yanlin did not feel any pressure when he was raped by a man. It was not that he liked men. It was because he felt that it did not matter even if a man had sex with a man who did not have feelings for him. Anyway, this body did not belong to him. Even if it belonged to him, being raped by a man would not make him pregnant. He was not even afraid of death, so why should he be afraid of this? What a joke!

After ensuring that Ge Youyou wouldn't discover the traces on his body, he slowly opened the door and walked out of the room. He passed by the bar's lobby and headed straight for Ge Youyou's home.

Now that he had 30 million, it was enough to solve Ge Youyou's current problem. As for the hidden mission, he still needed to prepare. Thinking that Yuan Yige would be beaten up badly in the end, Feng Yanlin couldn't help but smile. If he dared to attack him, he would have to pay the price.

At the edge of the city, the orange sun slowly slid into the cement ground. It gradually put away the light and allowed the darkness to invade the land. At the border of the bright and dark, there seemed to be a blue smooth drop. It sounded like the low cry of a tear, but also like the roar of a beast that was on the verge of extinction.

The night sky was filled with stars, as if one could reach out and touch the weak light of dawn. Ge Youyou stood in front of the window and extended her slender fingers towards the direction of the sky, in a trance. She clenched her hands, but found that she should clench them. She had already slipped away quietly and her heart felt heavy. Why is it so uncomfortable? Is it that something is going to be lost? Or is it that. . . I cherish it so much that it has already gone far away?

"Dingdong!" The doorbell rang by her ear. Ge Youyou got up listlessly and walked towards that direction with great difficulty. It was probably her father who lost the key while drunk again. . .

She opened the door with a haggard face. What entered her nose was not the pungent smell of alcohol, but a faint fragrance. She suddenly looked up and saw Feng Yanlin's pale smile and hair that blended into the night.

When she saw Feng Yanlin appear in front of her, her first reaction was to hug Feng Yanlin. The dull pain in her heart was as if someone had stabbed several blunt knives into her chest, and it was so painful that she could not breathe.

Feng Yanlin wanted to reach out and hug the weak and delicate her, but he seemed to have thought of something along the way. His hands hung down, and in the end, he could only turn silent.

Ge Youyou, who was too worried about Feng Yanlin, did not notice anything unusual about him. She quietly buried her head in his chest for a while and looked up at Feng Yanlin. For the first time, Feng Yanlin moved his eyes away from her.

Ge Youyou did not care because all her attention was focused on Feng Yanlin's face.

She raised her hand to touch Feng Yanlin's side profile with pain in her heart. The worried look in her eyes was about to spill out. "Pei'an, what happened to you? Why is your face so pale?"

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