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All For The Mission/C9 Pure Student(7)
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C9 Pure Student(7)

"I'm fine, I just haven't slept well these days. " He raised his hand to hold the delicate and boneless hand by his cheek. Feng Yanlin's eyes curved slightly, revealing a faint smile that he usually had. However, deep in his eyes, there was a look of humiliation, but that was only for a moment. Because he knew how meticulous this woman in front of him was. In order to not make her suspect anything, he could only choose to deceive her.

Ge Youyou did not suspect him and did not hide her worried expression. She thought of the reason why Feng Yanlin could not sleep well and her heart ached so much that it was difficult to add it. So she said with a trembling voice, "Pei'an, can you not care about this matter? I still have 4000 yuan. Go overseas and hide for a while, then come back. I don't want to implicate you because of me. "

Feng Yanlin pursed his lips and stared into Ge Youyou's clear eyes. Finally, he sighed. "Idiot, how can I be at ease to leave you behind to deal with all of this?"

He reached into his pocket and took out the card that Yuan Yige had given him and placed it in Ge Youyou's hand. Ge Youyou looked at the card in her hand and looked at Feng Yanlin with puzzlement. She did not know what he meant and quietly waited for his explanation.

"There are 30 million in here. It is enough to pay off those debts. "

"This. . . " Ge Youyou widened her eyes. A trace of vitality appeared on the haggard face of the baby. But before she could rejoice for long, that trace of vitality instantly disappeared. Ge Youyou instantly stuffed the card back into Feng Yanlin's hands and looked flustered. "Pei'an, this thirty million is not a small amount. Did you do something illegal to get it? That won't do. You can't take the chance that the police haven't noticed. Hurry up and return the money. This kind of illegal behavior will put you in jail!"

Feng Yanlin rubbed Ge Youyou's hair and gave her the card again. " Don't worry, take it. This money is not illegally obtained by me. It's very safe. "

Ge Youyou accepted the expensive card and her eyes moistened again. "Pei'an, tell me, how did you get this huge sum of money?"

Feng Yanlin put down the hand that was massaging her head and avoided talking about her question. "It's too late. You should rest early. I will come to you next time. Good night. " As he spoke, he kissed her forehead.

Ge Youyou lowered her head and held the card tightly in her palm. After Feng Yanlin turned around and left, she raised her head. The accumulated tears in her eyes were like a dam that had broken through a dam. For a moment, tears streamed down her face.

Her blurry vision stared at Feng Yanlin's blurry back. The darkness covered the front of her and she could not see clearly. Gradually, she could not see the owner of the back.

The remaining warmth on the card in her hand had yet to dissipate. She lowered her head to look at the card in her hand. Tears streamed down her face, accompanied by tears and love. She stood in the door and muttered to herself, "Pei'an. . . I will wait for you to give me this answer. . . I know. . . You won't lie to me, I believe you. . . Except for you. . . I really don't know. . . Who I should trust. . . So, don't lie to me. . . Okay? "

The night gradually deepened. The slowly shifting clouds in the sky covered the full moon that had fallen into a sweet dream with a blanket. The originally round and bright moon was unknowingly covered by the warm clouds.

A day passed just like that, but the trajectory of fate was completely overturned. The parallel line that originally would not intersect also deviated from the most primitive trajectory for some reason, and the outcome was heading towards the dead knot.

The fiery red sun was hanging high in the sky. The noise and hustle in the city had long faded away. What else could be heard other than the impatient cries of cars in the morning?

Feng Yanlin, who was taking a nap on the bed, turned around. He was not disturbed by the loud horns. On the contrary, he slept very comfortably and peacefully. He did not have the restlessness and annoyance that a normal person should have.

444: Master, it's time to get up. + 1

Feng Yanlin turned around and ignored him.

444: Family Head, it's time to get up! + 2

He turned around again but still ignored him.

444: Family Head! Wake up! + 3

There was a little movement, but he still ignored it.

The System, who was deeply impressed by the family head's ability to lie on his bed, was speechless. . . .

The System silently took out a high-pitch loudspeaker and pointed it at Feng Yanlin's ear. It then silently clicked on the system music. With a shake of its hand, it clicked on a song.

"The blooming of the Mountain Pill. . . "

With a jolt, Feng Yanlin quickly got up from the bed. His messy long hair was tangled together. He opened his sleepy eyes and had a look of not knowing what to do.

Feng Yanlin did not have any hobbies, but being in bed was his only problem. He had wanted to change, but being in bed was like instinct. It was deeply engraved in his soul and could not be changed.

Feng Yanlin's consciousness gradually returned to his body. He stretched his body and frowned. He looked unhappy. "System, although I asked you to wake me up, you suddenly played this song. To be honest, you want to murder me, right?"

444:. . .

Seeing that the system did not reply, Feng Yanlin did not continue to dig deeper. He quickly got up and packed himself up before walking downstairs.

He did not forget that he still had other things waiting for him to do.

"System, tell me Yuan Yige's current location. " Feng Yanlin headed towards Ge Youyou's house.

444: Yuan Yige's current location is being searched. . . Ding! Nighttime Restaurant, VIP Room 1.

Feng Yanlin's mind spun and he thought of a good idea.

The sun was high up in the sky, but the system suddenly felt a gust of cold wind assaulting it. It felt like what the family head was going to do next was not simple. . .

As the system had expected, Feng Yanlin was really going to do something big.

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