All My Skills Are Picked Up/C10 The First Martial Skill Test
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C10 The First Martial Skill Test
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C10 The First Martial Skill Test

The willow moves with the wind, the man moves with the heart!

Although this willow leaf movement technique was only a basic movement technique, it greatly tested the student's comprehension. Master Hee had taught it for about a month. Up until now, the only person in the entire Central Academy who could use this movement technique was Senior Sister Qiuling!

Seeing Lo Tian's flash, not to mention Senior Sister Qiuling, even Master Hee was stunned for a moment. After that, his eyes emitted a strong light.

Reaching out his hand, Master Hee stopped Officer Zhao who wanted to stop Qiuling. He took a few steps back, as if he was planning to give Lo Tian and Qiuling a spot!

Senior Qiuling naturally recognized the movement technique that Lo Tian used, but she instinctively chose not to believe it!

As a student of the Central Academy, she spent a full month cultivating this willow leaf movement technique. This new kid's age was not necessarily older than her, and he definitely entered the manor later than her. How could he learn the willow leaf movement technique before her?

Gritting his teeth, a cold light flashed in his eyes. Circling her body, Senior Qiuling rubbed her body in front of her again. Her fingers were like a blade, and with a spinning force, she slashed towards Lo Tian's neck.

The force was very strong, and her killing intent was also very fierce.

Lo Tian could not fight back, but he continued to tap on the ground with the tip of his foot. His body floated around like a willow leaf, and he managed to dodge Senior Sister Qiuling's attack once again. Not only that, Lo Tian stamped his foot on the ground one last time.

His body slid diagonally for a long distance of a few feet before he finally stood still.

His face was slightly red. It was obvious that with Lo Tian's current physical fitness and cultivation, he could barely use the willow leaf movement technique. However, when he used it, it made Lo Tian feel extremely good.

This was the true martial skill!

In comparison, basic fist techniques were things for children to practice!

Lo Tian took a deep breath and stood still, but Master Hee suddenly clapped.

"Good, beautiful. A perfect elementary willow leaf movement technique. Did the students see it clearly? The essence of the willow leaf movement technique was to move like this, be slippery, and twist like this. Look at how you twist like an old lady exercising, as slippery as a female pig making vegetable field. Can you practice well? Now, go practice for me a hundred times. Listen up. It's a hundred times!"

Master Hee shouted until his saliva flew everywhere. The other students dispersed one after another. Seeing Lo Tian use so much awesomeness, it clearly dealt a blow to the confidence of many people.

Qiuling's face also turned red and white. If she wanted to teach Lo Tian a lesson, she had to first beat the other party. Her willow leaf movement technique was not much better than his. If they continued fighting, it would become a protracted battle.

With a cold snort, Qiuling could only say, "You wait for me in the future."

After throwing out these words, Qiuling left angrily. Master Hee walked in front of Lo Tian with a smile and said, "A good seedling, a really good seedling. Looking at your age, you are only fifteen or sixteen years old. To be able to learn a martial skill at such a young age, it's quite impressive! How about the three major attributes?"

Officer Zhao followed by the side and said with a laugh," I was just about to tell you, Lo Tian's three major attributes add up to over 50. According to the rules, you can enter the Central Academy, so I brought it for you."

"Good, good, good. If the attributes were sufficient, he would naturally be able to enter the Central Academy. Seeing that you are able to learn the Willow Leaf Movement Technique even before entering the Central Academy, you must be a martial artist with a good constitution. He went to pack his things. Let's move to the Central Academy today. This is your Central Academy's Martial Crystal. You can wear it on your wrist. You can use it as a ring, but don't lose it!"

Master Hee threw a thumb-sized crystal to Lo Tian. It was as soft as mud and seemed to be able to be molded into various shapes. With just this little crystal, it would be worth dozens of gold coins in the outside world.

Lo Tian clumsily pinched it for a long time before he finally molded it into the shape of a ring. He put it on his index finger. At this moment, Officer Zhao pulled Master Hee to the side. He said in a low voice, "Master Hee, I have something to tell you."

Master Hee was smiling happily. He waved his hand and said, "What is it? Do you have any other good seedlings you want to introduce to me? "

Officer Zhao smiled and said, "No. But I have to remind you about this Lo Tian. This kid was not ordinary. His Profound Qi had also exceeded twenty. And during the test of his Profound Qi, he also chose the biggest stone."

Master Hee's smile froze when he heard this. In the next moment, Master Hee pulled Officer Zhao's hand and said, "Officer Zhao, you mean... This Lo Tian is very likely to be a talented martial artist? "

Officer Zhao nodded slightly, then patted Master Hee's shoulder and said, "How is it? I will give you a big surprise. If Lo Tian is really a talented martial artist, you can teach him. There's going to be a real powerhouse. Look, I didn't even bring him to find another master. I specifically came to find you. That's interesting enough! "

Officer Zhao's eyes immediately lit up with a fiery light as he patted Master Hee's shoulder. He said in a low voice.

"Thank you!"

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