All My Skills Are Picked Up/C11 He Picked up the Heart Sutra
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C11 He Picked up the Heart Sutra
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C11 He Picked up the Heart Sutra

A few hours later, Lo Tian had completely moved into the Central Academy.

With nothing on him, he really didn't have anything to pack. He only returned to the courtyard and rolled up his bedding. Then, under the envious gazes of his classmates, he left the courtyard.

A few classmates who wanted to flatter him and pull strings were all pushed away by Lo Tian. A few female classmates who wanted to treat Lo Tian to a meal were also rejected by Lo Tian. From today onwards, he was the existence that these Class 10 classmates did not dare to hope for. It was a shooting star that left with a bright light.

Of course, before he left, Lo Tian even specially went to visit Instructor Zhang and Instructor Loong.

Instructor Zhang saw Lo Tian's complicated expression and did not know what to say.

The more Lo Tian appeared polite, the more Instructor Zhang felt embarrassed.

As for Instructor Loong, he was really unlucky.

When Lo Tian went, he seemed to be packing his things. He was preparing to leave the instructors' courtyard. He looked at Lo Tian with eyes full of hatred. Lo Tian did not talk much with him. He just smiled at Instructor Loong. It was a greeting.

After returning to the Central Academy, Lo Tian finally knew how big the gap between the two of them was.

In the courtyard, all the students slept in big rooms. There were seven or eight people in each room, and there were more than a dozen of them. And in the Central Academy, there was actually a room for each person. Although the room was not large, it could only accommodate a two-meter bed and a desk. It was a toilet. But to Lo Tian, this was the best house he had lived in all these years.

Oh heavens, oh earth, there's no need to snatch a toilet from others anymore!

Lo Tian really wanted to recite a poem at this moment. Unfortunately, he did not have enough culture, so he could only use the f * ck to make up for it.

After tidying up his house, Lo Tian quickly started cultivating.

It had only been a day since he obtained the system, and his world had undergone a tremendous change. However, Lo Tian still did not know much about the system.

For example, if he could now pick up the attributes, would his cultivation still have any effect?

He could do it whenever he thought of it. Lo Tian immediately started to practice in his room. He started to exercise his fists and legs, starting from the basic fist technique.

After a moment, Lo Tian suddenly heard a ding sound.

"Ding... strength essence + 1!"

Lo Tian's heart jolted, and a smile appeared on his face. It seemed like the speed of his cultivation had increased by who knew how many times!

In other words, this system could not only pick up attributes, it could also help him cultivate faster. Was it because his bone structure had also been strengthened?

As Lo Tian thought, his mind moved slightly, and he opened his attribute table.

Host: Lo Tian (Poor person, malnourished, extremely poor talent, very short lifespan)

Bone structure: 5 (Low, Middle, Middle, and Middle. This is the only place where you can cultivate. What the hell!)

Strength essence: 34 (You need to train your muscles, not chicken. Weak chicken, continue!)

Sensitivity essence: 29 (You can't even catch up to the heat when you eat shit at this speed!)

Essence Qi: 28 (Is your brain as big as a walnut? )

Cultivation Technique: Basic Fist Technique Basic Willow Leaf Movement Technique (Trash martial skill, even a child's gymnastics skill is stronger than this!)

Ignoring the ridicule at the end, Lo Tian nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Lo Tian, are you done packing? I have something to discuss with you!"

Outside the door, Master Hee's voice suddenly sounded. Lo Tian's spirit shook, and he quickly replied in a clear voice, "Pack up! Is there anything Master needs?"

Master Hee walked straight into Lo Tian's room and sat on Lo Tian's bed.

He looked at Lo Tian and went straight to the point, "I heard from Officer Zhao that your Profound Qi is far beyond ordinary people. It's over twenty, isn't it? "

Lo Tian nodded and said, "Yes."

Master Hee nodded and said, "Then you should know that Profound Qi is more powerful than ordinary people. It is very likely that it will awaken a special ability. We call it innate martial artists! "

Lo Tian honestly replied, "I don't know."

Master Hee smiled slightly. He continued, "It's normal that you don't know. After all, you just came to Central Academy from the courtyard. You'll understand when you interact more with the geniuses in the courtyard in the future. Alright, let's cut to the chase. Since you have cultivated your Profound Qi well. Then I'll teach you a set of mind skills that I specialize in to cultivate my Profound Qi. With this heart sutra, it would be best if you could unlock your talent. Even if you can't activate it, your hard work can also increase your Profound Qi by a lot. Now, I will only practice it once. You have to see it clearly. You can learn as much as you can!"

After he finished speaking, Master Hee closed his eyes and began to recite the heart sutra once more. At the same time, he lit up the qi in his body's meridians so that Lo Tian could see clearly.

Obviously, the cultivation of this heart sutra was extremely complicated. Not only did it have to pass through countless tiny meridians, but it also had to pass through countless tiny meridians. There was also entering the human brain to enhance the Profound Qi. Lo Tian didn't think he would be able to see it. However, after Master Hee finished reciting the heart incantation, Lo Tian could only watch helplessly as a large white ball of light fell in front of Master Hee.

Lo Tian took advantage of the fact that Master Hee hadn't opened his eyes to pick it up.

"Ding! He picked up the 'Elementary Heart Forging Formula'! "

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