All My Skills Are Picked Up/C13 Begin Practice
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C13 Begin Practice
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C13 Begin Practice

Five days later, the Central Academy welcomed a yearly trial hunt. The students of this trial were not allowed to participate. Only the students of the Central Academy and above were allowed to participate.

Of course, before they went, they had to sign some life and death documents. If a student died in a battle with fierce beasts, the Martial Palace would not be responsible!

"Lo Tian, have you thought it through? Are you sure you want to participate? You have just entered the Central Academy, you can choose not to go."

The one leading the team today wasn't Master Hee, but another Master Qiu from the Central Academy. Master Qiu raised his eyes and tried to dissuade Lo Tian with an unfriendly tone. After all, a new student of the Central Academy like Lo Tian had never seen a ferocious beast before. After he left, not only would he lose face, he might also bring danger to others.

"Master, don't worry. I'm prepared!"

After he finished speaking, Lo Tian had already signed his name on the life and death document. He was very confident that he would be able to cultivate in the Central Academy for the next few days. It has made him much better. Of course, 99% of the progress came from the system.

After five days, Lo Tian's attributes had changed.

Host: Lo Tian (Poor guy, body improvement, poor talent, very short lifespan)

Bone structure: 6 (This is not called bone structure, but pig bone!)

Strength essence: 87 (Less than a hundred is worse than a pig!)

Sensitivity essence: 75 (Less than a hundred is worse than a dog!)

Essence Qi: 69 (There is water in the left brain and the right brain is the face. When combined together, it will be paste!)

Cultivation Method: Basic Fist Technique, Basic Willow Leaf Movement Technique, Basic Heart Forging Formula (With another two beginner level cultivation methods, you can exchange it for a little kid's bastard fist!)

Current experience: 12 / 100 (Money, money, money, pauper wants to earn money!)

It was not that Lo Tian did not work hard, but it was also hard to pick up attributes. Moreover, Lo Tian recently discovered that many attributes would disappear after being put on the ground for a long time. He couldn't expose himself too clearly, so he squatted on the ground every day. Otherwise, his attributes would have exceeded 100 a long time ago.

Of course, even so, his current attributes would probably far surpass the average Central Academy students. It was just that the others didn't know about it for the time being.

The reason why his experience bar had become 12 was because he had received the money. The students of the Central Academy could still receive 10 silver coins per month for their living expenses. Once the money was in his hands, it turned into the experience points of the system. Lo Tian really wanted to cry but had no tears.

However, after a few days of research, Lo Tian found out. This experience bar seemed to be only interested in silver coins. The copper coins wouldn't be absorbed in his hand. And the Crystal Card that saved money wouldn't be absorbed either. This made Lo Tian heave a sigh of relief. If he didn't have any more money in the future, he would really be finished!

"Alright, let's go! Everyone, board the boat!"

Master Qiu waved his hand and all the disciples of Central Academy boarded the ship of Martial Palace.

This ship was not a single leaf on the surface of the river, but was modified by the empire. It was made of pure black crystal stones, and it looked like a Void Ark with a wide blade. There were seats on it and leather was sewn on it. There was an air barrier outside. It was oval in shape and covered everything.

This boat could take off on flat ground and start with the qi of a martial artist. The person driving this ship was at least an Empire certified martial artist. For example, the Master Qiu who brought them today was a genuine Empire low-rank 3-star martial artist!


As everyone sat down, the boat soared into the sky along with the airflow. Lo Tian looked down. He could still see the entire Flame Sun City clearly. Including the streets that he had once lived in. And the dilapidated house his parents left him.


The moment the boat moved forward, everything outside flashed like a ray of light. After a short moment, they'd completely left the Flame Sun City and arrived at the Hunting Trial Grounds.

When the boat slowly landed, Lo Tian discovered that there were already more than a hundred people waiting for them here. Roughly calculating, there were more than two hundred people participating in the trial this time.

Lo Tian's eyes immediately lit up with a strange light. So many people were participating in this trial. This meant that the attributes that fell down along the way were probably countless. What made Lo Tian even more concerned was... Participating in this kind of trial was definitely different from cultivating in the Martial Palace.

Everyone had to show their true abilities. They might even be able to see the rare martial arts that were passed down in their family.

Once they were done with this trial, white balls of light would fall from their bodies.

Lo Tian licked his lips. This time, it might be a great harvest!

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