All My Skills Are Picked Up/C14 Intermediate Saber Technique
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C14 Intermediate Saber Technique
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C14 Intermediate Saber Technique

Everyone had arrived. Lo Tian followed them down the boat.

Lo Tian walked around. He wasn't in a hurry to pick up the attributes. Instead, he observed the surrounding crowd.

He seemed to be strolling around, but in fact, he was carefully looking for strong people. With his exploration these few days, he found that the more powerful the person, the more powerful he was. The more attributes he lost, the more attributes he lost. For example, for the students in the quad, it would be good if they could drop an additional 1 attribute after half a day of exercise. However, when it came to the Central Academy, most of the students dropped a + 2 and + 3 attribute.

Lo Tian was no longer the person who lacked 1 or 2 attribute points a few days ago. He was too lazy to bend down and pick up those 1 or 2 attribute points.

This was how wealthy people were!

After walking around, Lo Tian discovered that the person who had come this time was... Most of them were disciples of the Central Academy. There were also a few top students in the courtyard. The attributes of these people were not that great. Lo Tian flashed past them. He did not stop at all. He did not expect these people to drop any good cultivation techniques.

Finally, Lo Tian's eyes locked onto a small group of people not far away. If he didn't guess wrongly, these seniors should be people from the small courtyard!

He didn't even need to look at the attributes of these people. Just by relying on his own senses, he could feel that these seniors were different from the others, giving others a huge pressure.

Lo Tian secretly moved closer to these people. He heard that the two seniors were chatting.

"Xingbei, how have you been practicing your knife skills recently?"

"Not bad, I have basically mastered all of them. The Essence Chopping Blade taught by the dean was still quite difficult to practice. It's said that without a strength essence that is above 150, I won't be able to master it at all. I only managed to roughly master a strength essence that is worth 110! "

" Amazing, you really succeeded in cultivating it? Then the first place in this trial is none other than you!"

"Really? Xingbei, Essence Chopping Blade, you even mastered it? Show me your skills!"

The other seniors followed suit. The senior named Xingbei did not seem to be able to convince everyone. Perhaps he had been itching to show off his skills in front of everyone for a long time, so he pulled out his shining stone knife.

"Then I'll show off my skills!"

As he said that, Senior Xingbei raised the long knife in his hand. He began to accumulate strength. Streams of air started to gather in his palm. This air seemed to have attracted the wind around him, forming a cyclone on Senior Xingbei's long blade.


With a light shout, Senior Xingbei slashed out with his blade. The blade energy turned into a bright silver light, forming a circular shape.


Immediately after, the two trees in front of him fell. The trees that were as thick as a few people surrounding them seemed so fragile under Senior Xingbei's blade.

The rumbling sound instantly attracted the attention of the others, including Master Qiu, who immediately stepped forward and pointed at Senior Xingbei. "Don't make any random moves, and cause trouble again. Be careful and cancel your qualification for the trial! "


Senior Xingbei quickly sheathed his saber and chuckled. The other seniors also dispersed, continuously praising him.


"Worthy of being a saber technique above intermediate level, but it's much stronger than a beginner level martial technique!"

"Senior Xingbei's talent is really amazing. I'm afraid this is also the reason why the dean likes him!"

Lo Tian also watched from the side, and his eyes immediately lit up. Immediately, Lo Tian looked at Senior Xingbei.

He couldn't fall, he couldn't fall?

As he shouted in his heart, a large ball of white light appeared on Senior Xingbei's body. It was the one he was waiting for!

In an instant, Lo Tian sucked in a deep breath and lit up. Suppressing his excitement, he walked towards Senior Xingbei.

"Senior Xingbei, Senior Xingbei, you are too powerful, too strong!"

Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, Lo Tian walked up to Senior Xingbei and bowed to him.

His actions stunned Senior Xingbei. The other students also had strange looks on their faces when they saw this scene. Many students had a look of disdain on their faces.

For example, Senior Sister Qiuling, when she saw Lo Tian bowing and saluting, she directly snorted and said, "Bowing and bowing like a dog. This kind of person could also enter the Central Academy! It seemed like he was trying to flatter Senior Xingbei. Unfortunately, I don't think Senior Xingbei will listen to him. "

Indeed, it was just as Qiuling had said. When Senior Xingbei saw Lo Tian's expression, there was no joy on his face. Instead, he waved his hand in disgust, as if he was chasing away a fly, and said, "Got it, got it. I know I'm very strong, you don't need to tell me. Go away, go away, this isn't the place you came from "

" Yes, yes, yes! "

Lo Tian did not get angry after hearing this. He smiled and retreated.

No one knew that the moment he bent down, he had picked up the big white ball of light that Senior Xingbei had dropped.

"Ding... Picking up Intermediate Essence Chopping Blade! '"

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