All My Skills Are Picked Up/C15 Colorless Treasure Chest
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C15 Colorless Treasure Chest
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C15 Colorless Treasure Chest

Suppressing his excitement and trying his best not to laugh so arrogantly, Lo Tian slowly walked back.

Putting other things aside, just this intermediate saber technique alone was worth it this trip.

Lo Tian had already experienced the power of the beginner level movement technique. He did not know how this intermediate level blade technique was like. The only thing Lo Tian was afraid of right now was that he didn't have enough strength essence. If he didn't have more than a hundred, he wouldn't be able to use it. That would be troublesome. It seemed like he had to be more diligent and pick up more than a hundred strength essences first.

"Everyone, listen up. The trial will begin soon. This trial is still the same as before. The more ferocious beasts I kill, the better. The higher the grade, the better. The final ranking was decided based on the value of the beast's corpse. Remember, the things on a beast's body were not all valuable. Some vicious beast blood were valuable, some vicious beasts' eyes were valuable, and some vicious beasts were worthless. He had seen it clearly, so he did not want others to miss it! Alright, everyone set off one by one. Three days later... We must return here!"

Master Qiu waved his hand after he finished speaking. All the students walked quickly towards the mountain forest as if they would be led by others if they were one step slower.

Many people had already started forming groups. They were in groups of two or three. Only Lo Tian seemed to be advancing alone, and no one was willing to form a group with him.

However, this was also the effect Lo Tian wanted. He was not arrogant. It was just that he could pick up the secrets of attributes. It was better not to let others know.

He walked quickly into the forest. Hundreds of people were like hundreds of drops of water thrown into the sea. Very soon, it was hard to see them.

There were many such training areas in the Empire. It was also the area that was deliberately left behind when they first conquered this place, so that they could be nurtured by martial artists!

It was said that the training zones were also divided into nine levels, ranging from one star to nine stars, within the Empire. What they had entered now was naturally the worst one-star trial area. The ferocious beasts inside normally wouldn't exceed Grade 2. The beasts that belonged to the "safe" category.

Of course, this safety was equivalent to those true martial artists. For Lo Tian and the others, there was still a certain degree of danger.

Not long after walking in the forest, Lo Tian encountered the first vicious beast in his life.

But to be honest, this ferocious beast was not fierce at all. It was a fiery-red rabbit. When it saw Lo Tian, it would run. When it saw Lo Tian chasing after it, it would even throw a fireball the size of half a fist at Lo Tian.

This kind of fireball wouldn't be fatal even if it was hit. It would be extinguished when it landed on the ground. But if it was smashed on the face, it was still very uncomfortable.

Lo Tian activated the willow leaf movement technique. With a slip of his feet, he directly arrived beside the little rabbit. Then, he drew out the iron sword from the Martial Palace and completely killed this pitiful little vicious beast with a single strike.

The fiery red color on his body quickly disappeared. After the rabbit died, there was no difference between him and the other rabbits.

However, at this moment, a transparent and colorless thing suddenly fell from the rabbit's body. Lo Tian picked it up in a daze. Then, he heard the system's voice.

"Ding... Picking up the colorless treasure chest. 1! Do you wish to open it?'"

" What is a Treasure Chest? "

Lo Tian rubbed his chin and chose to open it.

Then, he heard the voice of the system.

"Opening colorless treasure chest, I didn't get anything!"

Lo Tian opened his mouth. It seemed like luck was the key to this thing. Shaking his head, Lo Tian picked up the rabbit's corpse.

Looking left and right, this should be the beast Master Qiu was talking about, a beast that was worthless everywhere.

But this didn't matter. After all, Lo Tian was a person who loved animals!

It could be said that the degree of his love for animals had already reached the extent where there was hope. Lo Tian licked his lips. He felt that at least his lunch was ready.

Moving forward, Lo Tian started a massacre.

He didn't know if it was because his luck was bad, but Lo Tian felt like he had broken into a rabbit's nest. In a few hours, he had seen all kinds of furry rabbits.

He killed dozens of them and picked up dozens of treasure chests, but he didn't even open a fart. He couldn't help but doubt his own character.

Going deeper into the forest, there were finally no rabbits. Instead, there were spiders, flies, and other things that were bigger than fists. Fortunately, his willow leaf movement technique was not bad. He didn't encounter any danger.

After killing all the way, he collected quite a number of treasure chests and spider teeth. He felt that after he gathered enough, he would open it together. He felt that this might give him something good!

The dusk merged, and in a flash, a few more hours passed. The sun in the horizon began to fall into the western mountains.

Lo Tian planned to find a place to rest. After all, continuing to explore the mountain forest at night was not the right decision. After tidying up his things, Lo Tian climbed up a big tree. He planned to spend the night on the treetops. But just as he laid down.

Suddenly, there was a call for help in the distance.

"Help! Who's going to save us!"

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