All My Skills Are Picked Up/C16 Crystal of Ferocious Beast
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C16 Crystal of Ferocious Beast
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C16 Crystal of Ferocious Beast

The voice was very familiar, it was a woman, and very urgent, apparently in danger of life.

Lo Tian thought for a moment, then rushed towards the direction of the voice. It was not that he was really warm-hearted and was willing to help others. It was just that Lo Tian felt that a ferocious beast that could force the other seniors to the state of life and death should be a relatively strong ferocious beast.

And to him, what he lacked right now was a relatively strong ferocious beast. Up until now, other than a bunch of spider teeth, his harvest was really nothing!

Stepping on the willow leaf steps, Lo Tian was like an ape fluttering between the treetops. Not long after, he saw his senior sister being chased, as well as the ferocious beast that was chasing after them. This senior sister could be considered an old acquaintance of Lo Tian.

It was precisely Senior Sister Qiuling, who had a little conflict with him. Beside Senior Sister Qiuling were two tall and slender people. The senior sister who held a long sword. Obviously, the three of them were very unlucky. They directly ran into a needle-sharp pig in the forest. The tusks were terrifyingly long, and its body was much taller than Senior Sister Qiuling's. There were scars on its body and its eyes were blood red. It was obvious that it had been completely enraged by the three senior sisters.

As it ran, it completely ignored the trees blocking its path. Wherever he passed, the trees that were thicker than his waist were directly smashed apart on the spot!

Just by looking at this imposing manner and this ferocious appearance, it was not something Senior Qiuling and the others could deal with.

"Ah, no!"

It seemed like a senior sister was being stabbed by a pointed fur pig and was about to be pierced through by this pig. Lo Tian jumped down from the treetop and held the iron sword in his hand. He immediately started circulating the 'Intermediate Essence Chopping Blade' that he had just obtained!

A force began to appear in Lo Tian's hand. It was exactly the same as when Senior Xingbei had used the saber!

However, Lo Tian's strength essence was obviously not enough. When the force reached its peak, he felt that he could not hold the iron sword in his hand anymore!


He couldn't help but shout. Lo Tian was like a god that had descended from the heavens, slashing down on the Spiky Hair Pig's head with his sword.

The power of this sword strike was so great that it caused the ground to slightly cave in. The iron sword cut open the Spiky Hair Pig's head like cutting tofu. With a bang, the Spiky Haired Pig fell in front of Lo Tian. It smashed a deep dent in the ground.

Dust rose up, covering up the starlight.

Senior Qiuling and the others were all stunned on the spot. Under the moonlight, they could clearly see who it was.

"Luo Tian!"

Senior Qiuling was the first to scream. Her eyes were wide open, clearly unwilling to believe that the person who came to save her was Lo Tian. Furthermore, Lo Tian's strength was a little too exaggerated. The strength of that sword strike was probably only over a hundred strength essences. Moreover, only those who had grasped middle grade and above martial skills could display it!

"So strong!"

"Is it really you? Lo Tian?"

The two senior sisters beside him were also shocked.

Lo Tian turned his head to look at the three of them and said with a smile," Senior sisters, this pig is mine. No objections, right? "

As he spoke, Lo Tian began to cut off the meat on the pig's body. Only then did Qiuling and the other two react. The three of them looked at each other. How could they dare to have any objections? If not for Lo Tian's timely arrival, they might really have died under the fangs of this needle-piercing pig.

"No objections, it's all yours!"

"Junior Lo Tian, if you want to collect them. Try your best to collect the vicious beast blood of this pig. There is some blood of different colors near the heart. That is the most valuable thing of the vicious beast! "

At this moment, the other two senior sisters were attentively teaching Luo Tian how to collect things. They even gave Lo Tian a few small bottles to collect the blood of demon beasts!

Lo Tian nodded his head repeatedly. With a smile on his face, he collected the blue blood of different colors. This bottle should be able to be exchanged for quite a bit of money! Beside him, Senior Qiuling also came over and said with slight regret, "What a pity, there is only a bit of vicious beast blood. If it had vicious beast crystals, then you would really be rich. The Martial Palace is now collecting vicious beast crystals, at least ten gold coins per crystal!"

" How can they get vicious beast crystals so easily! "

"Yeah, I think even if we complete the entire hunting ground, we won't be able to get a single beast crystal!"

"If anyone can obtain a vicious beast crystal, then the first place in this trial will be guaranteed!"

The two senior sisters chattered on and on. Along the way, Lo Tian also picked up the treasure chest that the Spiky Sharp Hair Pig dropped.

The moment he picked up the treasure chest, Lo Tian heard a slightly different sound.

"Ding... Pick up the gray chest 1. Do you wish to open it?'"

'Gray Treasure Chest? ' It sounded like it was even better than the colorless Treasure Chest.


Lo Tian was too lazy to care about that. He wanted to see if there was still nothing in the gray treasure chest.

Just as he was about to open it, an item appeared in his hand. At the same time, the system's voice sounded.

"Congratulations, you have obtained Low-grade Blood Pig Crystal 1!"

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