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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C17 Hunting Fire Snakes
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C17 Hunting Fire Snakes

The Crystal of Beasts!

Although Lo Tian had never seen the Crystal of Ferocious Beast before, once he heard the name given by the system, he knew what it was.

With a trace of blood red light, under the night sky, the Crystal of Ferocious Beast shone with a special light. Such a light instantly stunned the three senior sisters.

When they finally reacted, they all screamed in shock.

"Crystal of Ferocious Beast!"

"There really is a berserk beast crystal!"

"What luck!"

Without caring about their image, the three senior sisters came forward and completely surrounded Lo Tian. For a moment, Lo Tian felt like he was trapped in the waves. It was too crowded. What was he doing?!

"Show me!"

Senior Qiuling reached out her hand and wanted to take the Crystal of Ferocious Beast. It was only at this moment that Lo Tian reacted and quickly retreated. He stuffed the beast crystal into his crotch and said, "Senior sisters, rest early. This pig will be left to you. I still have things to do. I'll leave first!"

After he finished speaking, he did not wait for senior sister Qiuling and the others to say anything else. Lo Tian immediately stepped on the willow leaf movement technique and left. Very quickly, Lo Tian's figure completely disappeared into the forest.

Senior Qiuling stomped her foot and said, "This guy, why is he running? It's as if we want to rob him!"

"That's right, we just want to see the Crystal of Ferocious Beast!"

"This is too hateful, I have never seen such an unromantic brat! I was planning to thank him!"

The three senior sisters stared at each other, all of them somewhat indignant.

However, the three of them also had ulterior motives in their hearts, for example, Senior Qiuling. They suddenly felt that this Lo Tian was really not a lecherous person. At least, under the close contact just now, this kid seemed to have escaped in a panic. He was obviously a pure and innocent kid. From the looks of it, he really wronged him back then!

Senior Qiuling's gaze shifted and she smiled slightly.

Humph, it seemed that after the trial ended, she would have a good chat with this Lo Tian!

The cultivation technique is really not bad, and his strength is also quite good!

For a moment, Senior Qiuling's curiosity towards Lo Tian rose.


On the other side, Lo Tian, who had finally left the Senior Sisters' entanglement, returned to the tree like a monkey. Lo Tian took out the Crystal of Ferocious Beast once again and examined it closely. The more he looked, the wider the smile on his face became.

It was a good thing, a good thing worth more than ten gold coins!

Lo Tian had never owned such a valuable thing in his life. With such a vicious beast crystal, did it mean that he wouldn't have to worry about food and drink for the next year? Did it mean that he could redeem his parents' old house with a little more money? He could also buy some more property. In the future, he could live without counting the copper coins. At least he could change into new clothes every year.

The more he thought about it, the more beautiful he became. He always wanted to be beautiful. Lo Tian happily stuffed the crystal into his pocket and kept it close to his body. He wasn't afraid of hurting it.

After being busy for a long time, Lo Tian could finally rest for a while. He narrowed his eyes and closed his eyes to rest, preparing to sleep. However, just as he was about to fall asleep... Lo Tian suddenly felt someone leap onto the tree beside him.

Lo Tian, who had suddenly woken up, grabbed the iron sword with his hand. But soon after, Lo Tian heard a few rustling sounds, and a few figures followed. This time, Lo Tian did not dare to act rashly.

Was it a human, or was it a ferocious beast?

Concentrating and holding his breath, Lo Tian listened attentively. Vaguely, Lo Tian heard a sound coming from the tree beside him.

"The cave is not far ahead. Everyone, we can't afford to lose anything in this hunt for fire snakes. Are all the preparations ready?"

This voice sounded somewhat familiar to Lo Tian. After thinking for a while, he pulled out a figure from his memory.

Senior Xingbei!

The person who spoke was actually Senior Xingbei from the courtyard!

The people who came with Senior Xingbei should be senior students from the small courtyard. As the strongest batch of students in the Martial Palace, all of them were gathered here. It was really surprising. They heard them say that they wanted to hunt some fire snakes. Lo Tian also became interested.

"Don't worry, brother Xingbei. Everything that needs to be prepared is ready. We even brought a Cold Turtle Crystal with us. If that fire snake is really too powerful, then we will be able to safely retreat with this fierce beast crystal!"

"That's right. We are just a group of people, can't we just roam freely in this tiny Grade 1 training ground? Senior Xingbei, don't be too careful! "

Everyone laughed and chatted, obviously not putting the fire snake in their eyes.

Senior Xingbei also smiled and said," There's nothing wrong with being careful. Since that's the case, let's go first. We'll rest at the cave entrance for a night and start hunting fire snakes tomorrow!"

" Alright! "

Everyone agreed, and Lo Tian heard a few more sounds of wind breaking. It was obvious that the group of seniors had left.

Quickly, Lo Tian looked in the direction where they had left.

Licking his lips, Lo Tian narrowed his eyes and jumped up.

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