All My Skills Are Picked Up/C2 Its Attributes Had Increased Dramatically
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C2 Its Attributes Had Increased Dramatically
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C2 Its Attributes Had Increased Dramatically

"My God, my God, my God!"

While roaring in his heart, Lo Tian quickened his pace and began to pick it up on the street.

He could only hear the continuous ringing of the music in his ears. It was simply the most beautiful song.

In just a short while, Lo Tian's attributes had exceeded 10 points. At this moment, Lo Tian suddenly saw a large red cloud in front of him. He immediately quickened his pace and went to pick it up. This red cloud looked to be three times bigger than the previous small cloud, about the size of a fist.

As expected, just as he picked it up, Lo Tian heard the system's voice.

"'Ding... ' Picking up 3 strength essence attribute. '"

It seemed like the bigger the better. Lo Tian smiled happily. With this attribute, he would probably be able to catch up to a few months or even a year of cultivation.

Now, with just a bend of his waist, his attributes had already increased by leaps and bounds.

By now, the attribute table had already become an attribute table.

Host: Lo Tian (Pauper, early-stage cultivator, nutritional adjustments are in progress. His talent is extremely poor, and his lifespan is very short. Picking up the root bone, idiot!)

Bone structure: 3 (Extremely low, if you don't pick up the root bone, it will be trash! )

Strength essence: 17 (After barely beating a pig, anything below 100 is trash. )

Sensitivity essence: 14 (If you are not as fast as a dog, those below 50 will be crippled. )

Essence Qi: 13 (Barely better than the brain that was clamped by the door. )

Cultivation Technique: None

No matter how much the system ridiculed him, Lo Tian himself was very excited.

Clenching his fist tightly, Lo Tian's eyes began to glow. If this attribute was real, then he would be able to turn the tables today!

Changing fate? Perhaps, today would be the day!

He happily swept away all the attributes on the street. When he raised his head again, he found that he had already arrived in front of the entrance of the Martial Palace.

Usually, when he entered the Martial Palace, Lo Tian would look dejected and dejected. Today, he walked in valiantly.

His arms were raised and his legs were shaking. With such an arrogant pace, if it was any other day, he would be beaten up eight times a day.

Ring ring, the bell in Martial Palace rang.

Lo Tian suddenly realized what was going on. Damn it, he was only focused on picking up attributes. He was going to be late for the martial arts exam!

He sped up his footsteps. Without caring about anything else, Lo Tian rushed forward as if he was flying.

Outside the Stone Heart exam grounds, the martial arts exam grounds.

Lo Tian looked forward and saw that his two mentors, Instructor Loong and Instructor Zhang, had been waiting for a long time.

Instructor Loong saw Lo Tian running over and gnashed his teeth in hatred. He hated people who did not have talent the most. They did not want to advance. Fortunately, after today's examination, this brat had to leave the Martial Palace. He didn't want to waste any more food from the Martial Palace. He coldly harrumphed and ignored them.

Instructor Zhang, on the other hand, had her hands on her waist and her chest puffed out. She glared at Lo Tian and said:

"Lo Tian, where did you die? Everyone was waiting for you, do you know? If you waste one minute by yourself, it would be equivalent to wasting more than an hour!"

Lo Tian did not dare to refute Instructor Zhang's strange way of counting, so he could only agree obediently.

The surrounding students laughed maliciously. Lo Tian even heard Hsu Hann, his most hated student, laugh at him wantonly. "Anyway, after today, I have to go back and pick up trash. It's good that I can come!"

Classmate Hsu Hann crossed his arms and laughed until he almost saw the peach body. If he opened his mouth a little more, he might be able to see his underwear at a glance.

Of course, he had the right to laugh. As the student with the best grades in Class 10, Hsu Hann was about to be promoted to another class.

"It's our turn to enter later. Everyone, practice the basic fist techniques that I taught you once again."

Cupping her arms, Instructor Zhang let everyone exercise their muscles and bones.

The group of students dispersed and, under Instructor Zhang's command, began to practice fist techniques.

"Qi penetrates the entire body. Exercise a move with force."

"Free and unrestrained, use your luck at the same time!"

All the students began to use their moves one by one. This set of basic fist techniques was the first body tempering technique taught by the Martial Palace. It attracted the energy of heaven and earth into the body, then formed 'energy' within the body, and then nourished the entire body, gradually strengthening the ability.

In this world of martial arts that had existed for thousands of years, martial artists were divided. Martial disciple, martial artist, martial master, Martial Profound and Wu Zong. After the Imperial Examination, every level was extremely difficult to raise. Lo Tian and the others were standard martial disciples, and they were the lowest ranked ones.


Lo Tian was also practicing his own fist, although his movements were very standard. His moves were also very fierce. However, it was extremely difficult for him to draw the power of the Heavens and Earth. Usually, it was because he was so tired that he was sweating profusely that he was able to draw a tiny bit of it into his body. This was the result of his poor constitution.

As he was practicing, Lo Tian saw many colorful light balls fall out of the other students' bodies.

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