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C20 Snake Slayer

Senior Xingbei couldn't be blamed for not being able to recognize Lo Tian. After all, they had only seen each other in a hurry yesterday. Furthermore, Lo Tian's body was now covered in darkness, and he looked like a ghost from a distance. He grinned, and his little white teeth were exceptionally dazzling.

Lo Tian was currently stamping his feet. Not only had the flames burned away his only iron sword, it had also completely burned off his clothes.

Lo Tian's eyes immediately turned red. This was the only good clothes he had on him. Now it was fine, it was all over!

Anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

The fire snake that rushed out after him wanted to take this opportunity to get rid of these damn humans. In the end, he suddenly felt a monstrous killing intent land on his body.

It was afraid that it had never seen such fury in its entire life. The fury of the poor was truly beyond furious!


With a furious roar, Lo Tian rushed forward.

Right now, he didn't even have a basic fist technique. He couldn't use it even if he wanted to. All that was left was a series of fist techniques. With the huge body of the fire snake, he threw out a flurry of punches!

To tell the truth, Lo Tian's strength essence was indeed not weak. However, it was not weak. It was only comparable to the students of the Central Academy who were with him. In fact, his real strength essence attribute could not compare to Senior Xingbei and the others.

After the fire snake took Lo Tian's punch, it realized that it was just like that. It then showed its snake teeth to Lo Tian. Then it swung its tail and sent Lo Tian flying. ___'s body was thrown into the wall of the cave.

Smoke and dust flew everywhere. The power of this strike made Senior Xingbei's teeth ache. Even with their cultivation base, they didn't dare to take the attack of the fire snake head on.

It's over, this "black brat" is dead for sure!

Senior Xingbei secretly gritted his teeth and forcefully held on, wanting to raise the fire stone knife.

But before he could get into position, Lo Tian rushed out from the wall again. He shouted, "Damn b * stard! Pay me for my sword and my clothes!"

After roaring, Lo Tian rushed forward and smashed the head of the fire snake.

Senior Xingbei was completely stunned. This kid, his skin was thick!

After taking a hit from the fire snake's tail, he actually seemed to be completely fine. This fierce combat strength made Senior Xingbei's mouth open wide!

Bang! Bang!

In a short while, Lo Tian and the fire snake had exchanged more than ten rounds. The fire snake was indeed very strong. It swung its tail, charged, and spat fire, each and every one of them was full of lethality. Lo Tian was sent flying by the fire snake almost every few breaths.

However, Lo Tian did not feel any injuries. It was as if his body had become as tough as metal. No matter how the fire snake ravaged him, he wouldn't be finished!

Without a doubt, this was the ability that the 'High Rank Thick Skin' cultivation technique had given him. Don't look at how the name of this cultivation method wasn't that great. If it had the word high level on it, it would be an awesome title!

After Lo Tian felt that the power of this fire snake wasn't enough to injure him, he became even more unrestrained. He even dared to rush forward against the fire snake's big mouth, and gave the fire snake's teeth a fierce kick. He really knocked off one of the fire snake's teeth.

A few minutes later, the fire snake seemed to have run out of energy.

This fellow was even more ferocious than a vicious beast. Was he really human?

Perhaps it was because he had suffered some injuries during the battle with Senior Xingbei and the others. The fire snake gradually slowed down and could no longer breathe fire. When Senior Xingbei saw this, he knew that a good opportunity had arrived.

Raising the knife in his hand, Senior Xingbei roared angrily, "Classmate, move aside!"

The knife lit up, and Senior Xingbei released his last bit of Qi. The veins on his forehead were throbbing, and his wrist was shaking. This was his last attack!

When Lo Tian saw this, not only did he not dodge, he even hugged the head of the fire snake.

"I told you to run, run again!"

With red eyes, Lo Tian continued to shout, "Slash, slash quickly!"

When Senior Xingbei saw that Lo Tian did not dodge, his face was filled with shock. However, at this moment, it was not up to him to withdraw his saber. His technique had been completed, and he had no choice but to unleash it!


The saber lit up and charged straight for the fire snake.

Lo Tian didn't let go of the fire snake even when the blade light came. The powerful blade light enveloped Lo Tian and the fire snake.


A huge explosion rang out. The other seniors were also startled awake and saw this exaggerated scene.

The head of the fire snake was directly split apart by Senior Xingbei's blade. Lo Tian, who was beside him, also had blood on his body as he fell to the ground.

"We won!"

Senior Xingbei murmured.

However, he did not look happy at all. He only felt that he had killed someone!

Supporting his body, Senior Xingbei limped to Lo Tian's side. Looking at Lo Tian who was covered in blood, Senior Xingbei's expression was incomparably shocked.

"Oh my god. I really killed someone!"

As he was thinking, Lo Tian suddenly stood up like a carp. He then covered his waist and said, "My small waist. Senior Xingbei, that knife of yours is strong enough!"

Senior Xingbei was speechless.

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