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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C3 The Skill I Picked up
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C3 The Skill I Picked up

At this moment, Lo Tian finally understood that these balls of light had fallen out of a person's body. Furthermore, when Lo Tian took a closer look, he discovered that the student who specialized in speed... The balls of green sensitivity essence had fallen out during cultivation. The students who were good at strength had really dropped red energy light spheres. A student who had a good balance with agility and control. A blue ball of essence energy fell out.

Lo Tian was amazed by the situation. He really couldn't help but want to pick it up right now!

"Use more strength, use more strength. You bunch of idiots, look at me, this is how you punch!"

Instructor Zhang got angry when she saw this class of idiots. No matter how hard she taught them, they would not be able to teach them anything with poor constitution. He had taught this set of basic fist techniques for at least half a year. There were not many people who could truly control it.

Instructor Zhang performed a set of basic fist techniques in front of everyone, not to mention Instructor Zhang's impressive figure. She had practiced fist techniques. It was a completely different style. It was said that Instructor Zhang was also famous for being a beautiful teacher in the Martial Palace. She wore a white martial robe and looked skinny. When she attacked, she was very moving.

After finishing a set of basic fist techniques, everyone quickly followed suit and practiced. Only Lo Tian looked at Instructor Zhang's feet with a burning gaze. Oh my god, what is that?

A huge red ball of light fell from Instructor Zhang's feet. It was the size of two fists. This was nothing. Most importantly, there was a white ball of light beside the red ball of light.

This was a color Lo Tian had never seen before. Was this the root bone?

Lo Tian was a little excited. At this moment, the bell rang urgently again. Instructor Zhang looked forward and saw that in the Stone Heart exam grounds, a group of young people were chatting and laughing as they left. Instructor Zhang said, "Let's go, let's go, let's go. It's our turn. We are all ready. I hope that all of you can pass the martial arts exam today! "

Instructor Zhang led the team and walked forward, while Lo Tian deliberately lagged behind. He sneaked to the place where Instructor Zhang had just stood, then squatted down and pretended to tie his shoelaces. He slowly picked up the white ball of light.

"Ding... Picking up Basic Fist Technique ! '"

Lo Tian felt a warm current on his body. In an instant, he felt as if his Hundred Meridian Opening Technique had been carved into his mind. It was as if the technique that he had not understood had been carved into his mind.

With endless excitement in his heart, Lo Tian quickly picked up the strength essence attribute beside him. If cultivation methods could be cultivated like this, then what was there to be afraid of!

Today's martial arts examination, he wanted to show everyone a small hand.

"Lo Tian, what are you doing? Your stomach hurts, hold it in!"

Instructor Loong saw Lo Tian's movements and shouted.

Lo Tian quickly got up and said, "Tie your shoelaces!"

Instructor Loong sneered and said, "Do you have shoelaces? You are so stupid. Forget it, I really don't want to see you embarrass me. If you want to go in, I won't go in! "

Instructor Loong glared at Lo Tian. However, Lo Tian ignored him and quickly walked past Instructor Loong. The other students laughed in disdain again. This time, they were not laughing at Lo Tian's incompetence. They were laughing at Lo Tian's poverty.

It couldn't be helped. How beautiful could a poor child be? From clothes to shoes, they were all old items that had been worn for a few years. It could be said that they were clean.

When they saw Lo Tian walk forward, many female students disdainfully pulled away from him. They even pretended to cover their mouths and noses. However, Lo Tian didn't care. He could even smile at these students.

Although he was poor, he was thick-skinned!

After entering the Stone Heart Martial Field, there was a huge sealed testing field inside. The center of the test field, which covered an area of five hundred meters, was built with limestone. There were three items in the center of the testing field. One of them was the sand puppet used to test strength. It was three meters tall, round in shape, like an egg.

The second item was the sword track used to test speed. The track was shaped like a snake, and there were crystal stones on both sides. There were all kinds of upright swords on the ground in the middle.

The third item was relatively simple. It was a pile of stones used to measure Profound Qi since young.

At this time, only Class 10's people were left in the entire Stone Heart Martial Field. Instructor Zhang came in to give instructions, while Instructor Loong really stayed outside.

In the middle of the field, there were also a few military officers in charge of the assessment. Each and every one of them sat behind the table and looked at them with sharp eyes.

Instructor Zhang said to everyone, "Pay attention. This Martial Examination is no different from usual. Everyone, don't have too much psychological burden. But you all still have to do your best. Remember, the attributes that you usually measure do not represent your true combat ability. Martial artists have explosive outbursts! Believe in yourselves. Go!"

After Instructor Zhang finished speaking, everyone started to line up separately.

Lo Tian was not in a hurry to go up. At this time, he was still secretly picking up attributes. The moment he entered, Lo Tian was shocked. The attributes here were really not ordinary!

Sure enough, it was the testing ground. In his eyes, the entire Stone Heart Martial Arena was densely packed with attributes that dropped. Some of them even started to drift away with the wind in front of him. Looking at Lo Tian, his heart ached.

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