All My Skills Are Picked Up/C4 An Unexpected Number
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C4 An Unexpected Number
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C4 An Unexpected Number

Whatever else, pick it up first. Unfortunately, before he could pick up much, Instructor Zhang stopped him again.

"Lo Tian, why are you hiding? Do you think you can hide just because you want to? Hurry up, you're a man now. So what if you're fired? Don't let others look down on you!"

Instructor Zhang threw Lo Tian to the side of the strength essence test first. It could be seen that Instructor Zhang was more familiar with Lo Tian. She only knew that Lo Tian still had some strength left. Lo Tian had a helpless look on his face as he queued and looked at the attributes on the floor. He was also embarrassed to pick it up in front of Instructor Zhang.

Sigh, what a waste of heaven's gifts!

"Wow, Seventeen!"

"Hsu Hann hit seventeen!"

"That's amazing! Brother Xu is really fierce! How did he train?!"

"I heard that Brother Xu came from a martial artist family. Maybe he trained since he was young."

"That's also very impressive."

Amidst the exclamations of the students, Hsu Hann raised his head and rubbed his hands as he walked back. Many of the female students looked at Hsu Hann with a face full of peach blossom love. A faint smile hung at the corner of Hsu Hann's mouth as he said, "Small matter, small matter. It was only seventeen. He did not perform well today! You guys can do it too. Of course, I didn't say anything about you. Lo Tian. You definitely can't, hahaha! "

Hsu Hann shook his hair, which almost covered half of his face, and said a joke that he thought was funny.

Lo Tian looked at his hair, and there was a sentence that he really wanted to say to him. That was, if his left eye was not useful, why didn't he donate it to someone who needed it?

The other students were laughing while Lo Tian looked like he didn't care.

A few military officers in the middle of the martial arts field seemed to have noticed something unusual and said in a clear voice, "Invite the student who just played 17th to come over here!"

Hsu Hann slightly cupped his fists towards everyone and walked towards the center of the dojo with eight steps.

Instructor Zhang followed and said, "Alright, alright, don't look anymore. You won't be able to learn even if you see it. Next, hurry up!"

Only then did the crowd withdraw their envious gazes and continue the test. It could be seen that Class 10's standard was indeed very low. It was also the class with the lowest standard in the Martial Palace. Most of the strength essence were around seven or eight years old. Being able to make it to the top ten was already enough to make people exclaim in admiration.

Finally, after the test ended, it was Lo Tian's turn. At this moment, there were actually quite a number of people who didn't leave, waiting to see Lo Tian make his move. Or more accurately, they were waiting for Lo Tian to make a fool of himself!

"Come, come, come, let's see! It's Lo Tian's turn!"

"Let's make a bet. Let's make a bet. If it's six, I'll treat everyone to something to eat!"

"Nonsense, if we can bet five, I'll give everyone money!"

Amidst the laughter, Lo Tian walked to the front of the sand puppet and took a deep breath. Lo Tian secretly said, "Basic Fist Technique, Righteous Fist!"

When the fist was thrown out, it exerted force, and a gust of air instantly arrived on the fist.


With an explosive sound, the number on the crystal instantly lit up.


The moment the number appeared, the Sand Puppet actually shouted in an unpleasant voice.

Perhaps this was the first time everyone present had heard that the Sand Puppet could actually make a sound.

The few military officers who were chatting happily with Hsu Hann suddenly stood up. Hsu Hann was shocked. 27? Which senior is here?


"Instructor, quickly come over and take a look. The puppet is broken!"

"Oh my god, it must be broken!"

Cries of surprise rose among Lo Tian's classmates. They shouted that the puppet was broken, but their eyes were fixed on Lo Tian after he punched. A big hole appeared in the chest of the sand puppet. That was not a hole that could be created by any ordinary fist force!

A few military officers stepped forward like the wind. Instructor Zhang also said in disbelief from behind, "Officer Zhao, this... What is going on?"

The oldest looking Officer Zhao walked to Lo Tian's side. After carefully observing the sand puppet for a while, he said, "It's not broken! Young man, did you hit it? Are you sure it was Class 10? "

Lo Tian replied calmly," Yes, I'm Lo Tian from Class 10. "

Hearing that the sand puppet was not broken, Lo Tian's classmates became restless again.

"Impossible, Lo Tian's bones are extremely weak. He usually can't even fight 5, so how could he have 27?! Cheating, it must be cheating. Or perhaps there's something wrong with this puppet. "

Hsu Hann ran over and saw the number on the crystal.

Officer Zhao turned his head and glanced at Hsu Hann. "Are you questioning us?"

Hsu Hann suddenly stopped talking. Instructor Zhang did not know what to say. This situation had obviously exceeded their expectations!

Officer Zhao watched the sand puppet slowly recover. He stroked his goatee. He said to Lo Tian, "Lo Tian, let's do it again. If it's another puppet, if you really have 27 skills in front of us... No one can look down on you. If that was an explosion, then you have to explain it clearly. "

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