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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C5 Bone Structure Picked up
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C5 Bone Structure Picked up

Lo Tian cupped his fist and bowed respectfully.

The military officers moved aside, and the other students around retreated.

At this moment, all the students in Class 10 had come over. None of them continued with the test, and they were all waiting to see Lo Tian's punch.

A moment later, a new sand puppet was moved over and placed in front of Lo Tian.

Lo Tian focused his mind and held his breath. His eyes were filled with a bright light.

He threw out another punch, and it was still a loud bang. A hole appeared on the chest of the sand puppet, and the crystal on top of it lit up with the same number. At the same time, there was a shout.


This punch was so powerful that everyone present could clearly see it.


Officer Zhao, who was behind him, was the first to applaud. The other two instructors also applauded.

"Awesome, a standard punch!"

"Your basic fist technique is not bad. I haven't seen such a hardworking young man in a long time."

"Strength met the standard. Come, come, Lo Tian, come and have a chat!"

Officer Zhao, Martial Officer Li, and Martial Officer Sun acted as if they had seen a treasure. They hurriedly pulled Lo Tian aside. At the same time, Officer Zhao did not forget to turn to Instructor Zhang and said, "Instructor Zhang, well taught!"

Instructor Zhang opened her mouth in a daze and did not know what to say.

Did she teach well?

She had just watched Lo Tian practice boxing. It didn't look like it at all. Why did it suddenly turn into a phoenix and fly away in the blink of an eye?!

The other students were discussing in disbelief, and the faces of those who bet just now turned pale. They suddenly realized that offending an expert like Lo Tian would not end well. In a place like Martial Palace, strength was everything. A fist was the big brother.

A strength of 27 was enough to make them kneel down and sing 'Conquer'!

"Lo Tian, why is he so strong!"

Hsu Hann was stunned on the spot and did not move. The mockery he had for Lo Tian just now was like a loud slap on his face. Gritting his teeth, Hsu Hann didn't go over. He just walked to the side. He continued the test. Looking at the back of Lo Tian and the few military officers chatting happily, Hsu Hann's eyes revealed resentment.

"Lo Tian, a person from Flame Sun City, 15 years old. His parents passed away three years ago, and he has no relatives or friends. One year ago, he joined the Martial Palace to cultivate with the empire."

Officer Zhao held a book and read out Lo Tian's basic information.

Lo Tian smiled and nodded, his eyes fixed on the three military officers. At this moment, he was thinking about the attributes of the three military officers if they dropped some light dots.

After flipping over the book, Officer Zhao continued reading, "In a year, there are seven tests of different sizes. Every time you take the test, the strength essence attribute will be less than 5. Last time, there was only 4. Can you tell us how you advanced by leaps and bounds? "

Lo Tian shut his mouth, thinking about how to answer. Sun Wuguan, who was beside him, replied, "Can't tell? Or is it not convenient to say?"

Lo Tian thought for a while and said, "Just think that I am hiding my strength."

Officer Zhao held the book and said, "You have been beaten up more than ten times in Martial Palace, and you have lost every time. You have hidden your strength quite well!"

Lo Tian said shamelessly, "Keeping a low profile is my motto!"

Officer Zhao finally put the book down and said softly, "It's good that young people know how to keep a low profile. As the saying goes, one must not fall into the pursuit of success. When martial artists cultivate, they look at other things and focus on the Dao. If you don't fight, then you fight. If you don't win, then you win."

Officer Zhao started his lesson for Lo Tian. Lo Tian was confused when he suddenly saw a black thing fall from Officer Zhao's body and fall on the table.

This color, could it be?

Officer Zhao shook his head and finished his lesson. Officer Sun continued, "How about this. Let's see how the other two are like. If both of them meet the standard, we'll transfer you to the class in front. If every single one of them is outstanding. We'll consider transferring you from the courtyard of low level martial artists to the talented Central Academy to cultivate!"

Lo Tian's eyes lit up." Enter the Central Academy? I heard that the students in the Central Academy not only care about food, but also money, right? "

Officer Zhao smiled and said, "Yes. The Empire stipulated that talented students are allowed to cultivate in the Central Academy. Each person is given ten silver coins per month, which is enough for you to buy a lot of things. "

"No problem!"

Lo Tian laughed. If he had money, he would not be able to feed himself. If he did not go, he would be a big idiot.

"Then I will go and take the test!"

As he said that, Lo Tian grabbed the table and turned around to leave.

"'Ding... ' Picking up bone structure attribute 2 points, bone structure + 2!'"

Suddenly, Lo Tian felt something in his mind jump. In a split second, a tearing pain made all the muscles in his body tighten.

This was the legendary ablution of the marrow and rebirth?

I'll endure it!

On the other side, Officer Zhao was looking left and right on the table.

The pen and the booklet were also there.

What did this kid grab just now?

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