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C6 Shower Frenzy

Speed test, Sword runway.

Lo Tian walked forward, and the surrounding students all stepped aside.

In front, Hsu Hann had just finished his test. The crystal stones behind the track lit up with numbers.


This number was actually quite good, at least the others in Class 10... It was also an extremely rare number. Just by relying on the strength essence and sensitivity essence, Hsu Hann's attribute numbers added up far exceeded the 18 who met the requirements. With his standards, it was indeed more than enough to be promoted to another class.

Hsu Hann turned around and came to Lo Tian's side. He looked at Lo Tian with an extremely hostile gaze and said, "I want to see how far you can run!"

Lo Tian ignored him and started to move around.

He felt that it was about time. Lo Tian took a deep breath and rushed into the snake shaped track like a gust of wind. In an instant, all the swords in the runway flew up and started to attack Lo Tian.

Of course, these swords did not have a sharp edge. Otherwise, the students who were slightly slower would be in danger of dying. As long as they were hit, their attributes would be reduced, and their speed would also be reduced.

Of course, it was impossible for Lo Tian to be hit by these slow moving swords. He twisted his body and rushed out of the snake-shaped runway at a speed that other students could not understand. The points on the crystal immediately lit up.


Lo Tian smiled and nodded. This number was the same as the ones on his attribute table. It seemed like it was quite accurate!

Behind him, his classmates immediately let out gasps of cold air. After all, this number was too exaggerated for them!

Hsu Hann's face was distorted at this moment. It could not be said that the runway was broken too!

Lo Tian's speed just now was obvious to everyone. If anyone wasn't convinced, they could run over and try. He probably wouldn't be able to reach Lo Tian's speed!

Seeing Lo Tian walk back, Hsu Hann could only squeeze out a voice from between his teeth, "How did you do it?"

Lo Tian raised his hand and replied, "Don't ask, asking is talent!"

Hsu Hann's face turned purple from the scolding. Instructor Zhang, Officer Zhao, and the others who were watching from the side were all smiling.

"Genius, this is the true genius!"

"Instructor Zhang, such a genius young man, do you really not notice any signs at all?"

"Instructor Zhang, in the future when there is such a genius, you cannot hide it anymore!"

Instructor Zhang was flushed red by the words of the few military officers. She really did not see it!

Who knew that there was actually a wild boar king in the group of pigs in Class 10!

Instructor Zhang looked at Lo Tian and was so angry that her teeth itched. This kid actually dared to act so pretentiously in front of her normally. He really did not even put her, this instructor, in his eyes. He was too arrogant. Was it because every time after the class ended, this kid still had to say in his heart that she wasn't good enough?!

This kind of slutty madness was what made Instructor Zhang even angrier!

Taking a deep breath, Instructor Zhang did her best to calm her emotions down. Then she asked Officer Zhao, "Officer Zhao, how many attribute points did you need to enter the Central Academy this time?"

Officer Zhao smiled and said, "Below sixteen years old, not counting the root bone, fifty attribute points is enough to reach the threshold!"

Hearing this, the other students all looked at Lo Tian with burning eyes. strength essence 27, sensitivity essence 21, Lo Tian had already reached 48 with just two items. In other words, Lo Tian only needed to reach 2 points in the aspect of essence energy. And he would be able to enter the Central Academy? This was much better than being promoted. Reaching the pinnacle of life with a single step!

My god! The Lo Tian in front of them was really an amazing genius!

Many female students' expressions changed when they saw Lo Tian. In an instant, their original disdain and disdain turned into admiration and respect.

There was a classmate Wu Meimei who usually covered her mouth and nose when she saw Lo Tian. At this time, she even took out a small bottle of spirit medicine juice that she carried with her. She handed it to Lo Tian. With a bit of shyness and a bit of eagerness, she said, "Student Lo Tian, are you tired? Come and drink my spirit medicine juice."

Lo Tian glanced at her, but shook his head and refused.

Wu Meimei was suddenly a little disappointed, and even her eyes began to flow with tears.

"Lo Tian, if you do this, I will be sad."

Lo Tian lightly smiled and said, "Student Meimei, stop pretending. It's boring! Your little lover, Classmate Hsu Hann is about to explode!"

Everyone turned their heads and saw that Hsu Hann's entire body was trembling. It was unknown if he was angry or if he could not hold it in anymore.

After saying that, Lo Tian did not have time to pay attention to them. He walked to the third test.

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