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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C9 The Movement Technique He Picked up
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C9 The Movement Technique He Picked up

"Class 10?"

Master Hee frowned. As everyone knew, Class 10 was the worst class in the Martial Palace, and only Salted Fish was in it.

"New students? Let me take a look!"

Master Hee gently waved his hand, feeling that it was better to take a look at the person first. If it was really a good seedling, he would be able to tell at a glance. After all, in the Martial Palace, those who could be called Masters were no ordinary people. Naturally, they were one level higher than the instructors!

"Lo Tian, sigh, where is he?"

Officer Zhao's divine hand wanted to pull Lo Tian over, but when he turned his head to take a look, he discovered that Lo Tian had run to the center of the Central Academy's students. He was squatting on the ground, and no one knew what he was doing.

"Lo Tian, what are you doing?"

Officer Zhao shouted, and only then did Lo Tian turn around.

What a joke. Of course he was picking up attributes. The awakening here was much better than outside. The ground was filled with light, any one of them would be, plus 2. + 3. As expected, the stronger the cultivator, the more attributes they would drop.

"'Ding... ' Picking up 3 strength essence attribute points! '"

"'Ding...' Pick up 2 sensitivity essence attributes! "

All sorts of tinkling sounds could be heard without end. It was simply impossible to stop.

"Come here!"

Officer Zhao stared at Lo Tian with his eyes wide open. He could only feel that this kid had really embarrassed him. How could a martial artist look like when he was squatting on the ground?

Of course, Lo Tian did not care about this. Finally, he touched a large white attribute under the feet of a senior sister, and only then did Lo Tian get up.

"Ding... He picked up the [Basic Willow Leaf Movement Technique]! "

Lo Tian was delighted in his heart and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. It was indeed a cultivation technique! He had earned a lot! He had really earned a lot!

However, his actions had clearly caused this senior sister to misunderstand!

Glaring at him, that senior sister pointed at Lo Tian and said, "You dare to secretly touch me!"

These words caused the surrounding seniors to step forward one after another.

"What's the new kid doing? How dare he secretly touch Qiuling!"

"You are looking for a beating, right? Is Senior Sister Qiuling also someone you can bang?"

"Pervert brat, stretch out your hand that secretly touched senior sister. Laozi will chop it off!"

More than ten senior suddenly surrounded Lo Tian. Before Lo Tian could react, he felt as if he was going to be beaten up in the next moment. Fortunately, Officer Zhao and Master Hee, who were standing beside him, were not tree trunks that could not talk. The two of them quickly stepped forward and pushed the other students away.

"What are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you fighting the moment you come? Is that what I taught you? Cultivating the heart first, didn't I teach you all? "

Master Hee sternly ordered these seniors to retreat. However, Senior Sister Qiuling did not give up. She pointed at Lo Tian and said, "Master, he squatted on the ground and wanted to secretly touch me! You don't care about this matter?"

Master Hee turned to look at Lo Tian. Officer Zhao also said in a low voice, "Lo Tian, you are crazy!"

Lo Tian did not know how to explain. He was too happy to pick up things. He had forgotten how he looked when he picked up things. It was indeed a little vulgar in other people's eyes. He cupped his fists and said, "Senior Qiuling, this is a misunderstanding. I was just cultivating. This is my unique way of cultivation. I am definitely not secretly touching anyone!"

Lo Tian said it sincerely, and his face did not have any lewd expression. However, the cultivation method he spoke of caused all the seniors to laugh out loud.

"How can there be such a cultivation method? It's really nonsense!"

"It's because Qiuling is beautiful that she cultivates like this! I understand, we all understand!"

Senior Sister Qiuling coldly snorted and said, "It is useless to say more. If you dare to do it, then you must dare to do it. Stand properly and let me beat you up. This matter will be over! "

As she said, Senior Sister Qiuling actually did not care if her master and military officer were still standing by her side. She directly charged towards Lo Tian. She waved her palm, bringing along a cool breeze. It was actually a sliding posture. When he arrived in front of Lo Tian, it was as if he was about to give him a slap in the face.

This strike was neither heavy nor light.

Those who could enter the Central Academy were at least talented individuals. Any one of them would surpass ordinary practitioners by an unknown number. Don't look at this simple slap, I estimate that the strength essence attribute would be more than 20! With a single slap, a stone would be able to produce a palm print. One could imagine how it felt to land on the face!

Lo Tian was not a fool, so of course he had to dodge. Senior Sister Qiuling was indeed very beautiful. Her red clothes could not cover her towering figure. Her skin was as white as snow, and her face was beautiful and otherworldly. If he really touched her, then he would just slap her. However, he didn't really touch it. If he stood there and took a beating, then he would be a fool.

His toes lightly tapped on the ground. Lo Tian's entire body was like a willow in the wind as he dodged Senior Sister Qiuling's attack. The wind from the palm swept past Lo Tian's eyes, blowing his hair, but it didn't hit Lo Tian!

Senior Sister Qiuling seemed to be somewhat stunned when her attack did not hit him. The other seniors present were also stunned.

Why did they feel that Lo Tian's dodging movement technique was so familiar?

Wasn't this the Willow Leaf movement technique that Master Hee was teaching them recently?

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