Alluring Princess/C1 Insulted
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Alluring Princess/C1 Insulted
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C1 Insulted

The autumn wind was bleak. It was also after dusk.

Inside the Rising Sun Hall, the heating system was in perfect harmony. The Emperor, Mu Haochen, was dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe as he leaned against the soft couch.

Yu Fei Su Yu'er, who was in her embrace, had her clothes half undone. A pair of jade-like hands wrapped around Mu Haochen's neck, and her soft body was rubbing against his body. Her face was full of love, and her voice was as gentle as water, captivating one's soul. "Your Majesty, this servant wants …"

There was a lazy smile on Mu Haochen's handsome face. With an extremely gentle voice, he said: "My beloved concubine, I'll give it to you!"

Luo Yi took off his clothes lightly, revealing his beautiful body. The extremely lecherous voice soon sounded in the room.

In a corner of the hall, there was a completely different scene compared to the fiery heat of the soft couch.

A thick layer of metal nails covered the green brick floor. The nails had been infiltrated by the blood, and blood was dripping down from the sky. It was flowing upwards along the blood. The empress's bare limbs were hanging in the air.

At this moment, this number one beauty of the Great Yao Nation did not have a single strand of good flesh left on her body. Her entire body had been tormented until it was badly mangled.

Pain invaded her four tendons, eight meridians, and six viscera. She seemed to be on the verge of death as she opened her eyes listlessly, looking in the direction of the soft couch.

Due to the four limbs being fixed, she was unable to move. The love on the soft couch was exposed in front of her eyes, without any cover. She could only watch her favorite man run around the woman's body, his red lips slightly parted as he let out an intoxicating moan.

The soft sounds and impacts were like sharp knives stabbing at her heart. It was even more excruciating than physical torture.

Mu Haochen, is this what you meant when you said 'all your life is over'?

Bai Zi Rou painfully closed her eyes. She didn't want to see the embarrassing scene that she saw. Although her eyes couldn't see, her lecherous words still invaded her eardrums from all directions.

Life is better than death! It was truly better to die than to live!

She spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted due to the physical and mental torture.

After an unknown amount of time, the coquettish atmosphere on the soft bed gradually calmed down. Mu Haochen pulled away from the bed, put on his clothes and slowly walked over.

Seeing that Bai Zi Rou's eyes were tightly shut and her lips were stained with blood, he said in a cold voice, "Why are you unable to bear it so quickly? Splash her awake! "

Following Mu Haochen's order, the two palace maids held a ladle of ice water and splashed it into the wooden bucket on the ground, which was hung with Bai Zi Rou.

The cold water pricked her skin, causing her to shiver. She then opened her eyes.

When she saw Mu Haochen, her eyes filled with tears: "Your majesty, Rou Er is unjustly accused. Rou Er is unjustly accused!"

"Unjustly accused?" Only ruthlessness and indifference remained as he said in a bone-piercing cold voice, "Bai Zirou, if it wasn't for our people leaving in time, you and the crippled Crown Prince Mu Haohua would have already become a pair of happy lovers, right?"

"It's not like that! Your Majesty, it's not like that. Rou-Er was knocked unconscious and thrown into a broken temple … Rou-Er had never seen anyone before … "Rou'er and big brother Hua are innocent …"

On the night before their wedding, she had gone to the temple to enjoy the fragrance of the incense before being knocked unconscious and taken away. When she woke up, she was lying in a ruined temple in a barren mountain.

She was immediately sent to the palace and suffered such a great shock that she thought Mu Haochen would comfort her. Who would have thought that the Mu Haochen who was usually so gentle and gentle, would become a completely different person? She lifted her arm and took a look.

She was still insensible and was in so much pain that she was on the verge of death. However, Mu Haochen thought that she had already lost her virginity and no longer felt any pity for her.

"What a clean slate!" Mu Haochen's eyes flashed with anger, "Since you are innocent, then tell me, where did your gatekeeper go? "Why didn't you become famous when I was with you?"

"Rou Er doesn't know!" "Rou Er doesn't know!" Bai Zi Rou looked at Mu Hao Chen with despair, "Your majesty, Rou Er will only have one man in this life!"

"Hehe!" "You're still talking nonsense even now, do you really think I'm a fool?"

"That's right, esteemed empress. Everyone says that men and women shouldn't get intimate with each other. You and the crown prince stayed together for five days and five nights in private. They say that only fools who kiss each other will believe it!" Su Yu'er walked over with a smile while stepping on her lotus steps. Her entire body was covered in red marks and her face was covered in peach blossoms.

A sneer appeared on her face. "Besides, I heard that the prime minister personally admitted before the empress that he wanted the empress and crown prince to become a couple. The empress and crown prince are famous geniuses and beautiful ladies of the Great Yao Kingdom!"

The face of the crippled Crown Prince Mu Haohua instantly sank. He was extremely elegant and elegant, while Bai ZiRou was known as the number one beauty of the Great Yao Country. There was nothing that could not be said about the zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

Su Yu'er had already seen the change in Mu Haochen's mood and added, "On that autumn night, I saw with my own eyes the crippled crown prince insert a pearl into the empress's hair …" Isn't the pearl flower in the empress' hair now? "

"Su Yu'er, what nonsense are you spouting? Your majesty, my father has never said such a thing. As for the Pearl Flower, that's because Brother Hua coincidentally caught it! " Bai Zi Rou hastily tried to explain, but Mu Hao Chen couldn't hear her explanation.

He actually still called Mu Haohua big brother at this time. In the past, she had always called him big brother Mu Haohua. Now that Mu Haohua had become a stray dog, she even called him big brother Hua!

The flames in Mu Haochen's heart burned hotter and hotter. If she was really innocent, then the sand on her body wouldn't have disappeared. When he touched her, it didn't turn red.

He shouted harshly, "Bitch! What do you have to say for yourself now? "

"Your Majesty! I really didn't betray you! I am truly wronged! "

Mu Haocheng sneered: "Since you were wronged, then I will give you a chance to prove your innocence. Tell me where Mu Haohua is, and I will believe you once I catch him!"

"I don't know! Your majesty, I don't know where Mu Haohua is! " Bai Zi Rou shook her head. She had been knocked out and snatched away that day, but she was saved by Mu Hao Chen's men when she woke up. From the beginning till the end, she hadn't seen Mu Haohua, so how could she know his whereabouts?

"You actually protected him? "Bai Zi Rou, since you are so stubborn, don't blame me for this!" Ruthlessness flashed across Mu Haochen's eyes. Use torture! "

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