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C7 Pregnant

Seeing her current state, a flame was ignited in Mu Haochen's heart. He held her head and said in a cold voice: "Bai Zi Rou, if you want to seek death, I won't stop you. I will immediately order the Bai family to send the corpses to Caishikou as an example to everyone!"

Bai Zi Rou's body shuddered. Most of the dead silence in her eyes disappeared as she looked at Mu Hao Chen and muttered: "What are you going to do? "What are you going to do?"

"Bai Zi Rou, if you want to die, you'll have to wait until you're bored. Although you are a ruined flower, Gu Nan is still a little interested in your body." Mu Haochen gently caressed her face, "To please Gu Ruoyun, I might just let you have your way if I'm satisfied."

Bai Zi Rou reached out her hand and took off her tattered clothes. Mu Hao Chen felt a surge of anger in his heart as he looked at how she was about to die, and pushed her to the ground.

That night, they kept on pestering each other until the sky turned white.

Xiao Bai Zi Rou did not know when Mu Hao Chen left, but her body was emitting a cold and oppressive aura. Her body was already weak. After being ravaged like this for just one night, she was actually sick.

It was said that her illness came as a landslide, so Bai ZiRou's illness lasted for several days. When she regained consciousness and opened her eyes, what she saw was a dilapidated roof. She struggled to sit up and stretched out a hand to support her.

Bai Zi Rou looked over and saw that it was her personal maid, Mei Xiang. She was a little surprised when she saw Mei Xiang and asked, "Why are you here?"

"The Empress has been in a coma for the past few days. It was the emperor who sent this servant to take care of her."

"How many days?" Bai Qingrou's heart sank. "What day is it today?"

"Sixth day of the new year."

Sixth day? That is to say she has been in a coma for seven days? She didn't know how Mu Haochen was going to deal with the bones of her family. Filled with anxiety, she struggled out of her bed: "I want to see the Emperor. I request that he allow me to see my parents one last time!"

Mei Xiang's hands were quick to support her. "The Empress scared this servant to death, please don't move recklessly. If you were to be angry with your baby, this servant would have acted as if she was from the emperor's side."

Fetal Qi? Bai Zi Rou stared blankly at Mei Xiang, who supported her and carefully said, "Your majesty has been in a coma for several days and has yet to wake up. The Emperor has just announced that the imperial physician has come to treat you, and the imperial physician says that you're pregnant, esteemed wangfei."

"Is this true?" Bai Zi Rou couldn't believe her eyes.

"It's true!" Mei Xiang nodded.

She was actually pregnant? Bai Zi Rou placed her hand on her stomach and bitterly smiled. This child really didn't come at the right time.

She was the only survivor from the Bai Clan. She had a blood feud, and it was all thanks to Mu Haochen. What should she do?

At Changchun Palace, Su Yu'er reclined on a soft couch. She was about to drink a cup of water when she heard the palace maid's report and a cup of tea spilled all over the floor, "You're pregnant? How is that possible? "

"The imperial physician has already confirmed that the empress has been pregnant for a month."

She only recovered in an instant and asked, "That slut is unchaste, does the emperor not suspect that she was pregnant with a bastard?"

"The emperor naturally doesn't believe that the child in her stomach belongs to the emperor, so he summoned the divine doctor to treat it. The divine doctor's date is accurately calculated, and the emperor believes that the child in her stomach is a dragon …" "Damn it!" Su Yu'er had a stern look on her face.

He had planned everything and thought that she would die for sure, but he didn't expect that she would be pregnant with a dragon.

With the protection of a prince, it would not be so easy to take her life. He had to think of a way.

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