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Sure enough, these renegades who had been purified by the ancestors of the Immortal Martial Realm were unable to allow even the slightest bit of evil intrusion, and the demon spirit in her body was a filth with an extremely evil nature.

Feng Tian Yue was not in the mood to fight against the reverse spiritual energy, so she could only stay still. She raised her head and looked at the towering Demon Sealing Pagoda in the middle of the night, and started to frown gravely.

It was said that the monsters in the Demon Sealing Pagoda had been rioting abnormally and were even showing signs of rushing out of the pagoda. However, why was it so quiet now? Why was it so unexpectedly peaceful?

No one gave an answer, so she did not linger here.

Although reverse spiritual energy was extremely unfriendly towards her, she still had her second reason for coming here.

That was to borrow the power of the reverse spiritual energy to refine the black demon spirit energy that was unable to be purified with normal spirit energy. However, when she opened her fingers to absorb spirit energy, she gave up in the next second.

Even if she could temporarily use Saint Spiritual Saint Force to refine her demonic energy, as a result, the holy energy here would be tainted. This would have a huge impact on the spirit vein that was suppressing the Demon Sealing Pagoda and the entire world, so she had no choice but to give up!

However, if she couldn't find a way to purify the demonic energy, then she wouldn't be able to use her spiritual power.

Since she was unable to condense pure spiritual energy without demonic spiritual energy by refining her dantian's spiritual vein with the demonic spiritual energy, then she wouldn't be able to channel spiritual energy with just pure willpower. However, this was something that only cultivators at the Immortal Spirit Realm could do, and the current her didn't have the ability to do so.

She had already been stuck at the Spiritual Middle Level realm for a long time, trying to break through all doors. However, if she used her Immortal Spirit Realm cultivation method, would she be able to find a way to break through?

Finally, her gaze stopped at a black well five feet away from her. She decided to start from the simplest water type freezing, made a decision, closed her spirit hole, and began to gather water and ice with pure will. After completing a series of actions to freeze the ice to perfection, the water in the well did not change at all.

The experiment had failed, but this was just the beginning ?

But she did not give up. If dozens of failures were enough to make her retreat, then she would no longer be Feng Tian Yue.

As time passed, without him realizing it, the sky had already begun to brighten, yet Feng Tian Yue was still immersed in being unable to freeze due to the failure, and was not aware of the changes in the sky at all.

"572 times."

Just as Feng Tian Yue was unrelenting and about to continue condensing ice, a cold voice suddenly sounded out beside her ear, causing Feng Tian Yue's Qi gathering motion to stagnate, and her entire body froze in place.

572 times! Her heart trembled. Why was it 572 times!? One must know what this number represented. It was the number of times she failed to freeze ice!

There was no one else in the garden, so why would there be an unfamiliar voice? Whose voice was it, and where did it come from? Why didn't she sense it at all!?

What was even more frightening was that this voice actually told her the exact number of times she had failed to condense ice. In other words, this person, who she hadn't even sensed with her Spiritual Middle Level, had watched her for the entire night without leaving even a place she hadn't noticed!

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