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"Alright, I will definitely collect them well." "No, Infinite Heart Method is an inner sect mental cultivation method of purple spirit, I cannot accept it. Ling Yue said before, that I cannot take anything that does not belong to me, so I cannot take it."

After saying that, he passed the Infinite Heart Method back to Feng Tian Yue with a determined expression.

Feng Tian Yue continued, "Why can't I accept it? I told you already, the Spirit-dispelling Pill and the Infinite Heart Method are to repay you for helping me and Master Bai. As a reward, this already belongs to you."

little fox demon heard and replied, "I have already accepted the extremely precious Heaven grade Deity's Desolation Pill, so I cannot accept your Infinite Heart Method. Anything that exceeds the scope of gratitude, is something that does not belong to me."

I didn't expect him to have such knowledge and backbone.

However, looking at his unwillingness to see the Infinite Heart Method, Feng Tian Yue could not help but ask: "Do you really want to reject the Infinite Heart Method?"

little fox demon hesitated a little when he heard this, "Although the Infinite Heart Method is a Spirit Cultivating Treasure, it comes from a sect like the purple spirit. I simply cannot understand it without the guidance of purple spirit's inner master."

"And if I were to guide you?" Feng Tian Yue could see that the little fox demon was extremely fond of the Infinite Heart Method. Since she had decided to give the Infinite Heart Method to him, she naturally hoped that he would be able to comprehend the essence within.

Hearing her words, the little fox demon said in shock, "But, you are a human, I am a demon, and I am not even a disciple of the purple spirit."

Feng Tian Yue: "The Infinite Heart Method is only passed down to receive admiration, it does not differentiate between different races, but I can take you in as my disciple."

The little fox was stunned upon hearing this, and Bai Xiang Han was also stunned.

Feng Tian Yue: "You only have to answer whether I am willing or not. As long as you are truly willing to cultivate this mental cultivation method, I can take you in as my disciple and guide you as an inner master."

little fox thought for a bit. He had an extreme desire to comprehend the Infinite Heart Method, so he couldn't think of anything else to reject. He nodded and said, "I am willing."

Feng Tian Yue solemnly handed the Infinite Heart Method back to little fox demon, and explained the contents of the Infinite Heart Method to him.

When the opening part was done, Feng Tian Yue paused her explanation. She wanted to give little fox demon some time so that he could digest everything she had done.

Before little fox demon digested the information, Feng Tian Yue asked her a question that she wanted to know more: "Since you accepted me as your master, I still do not know your name."

"I have many names, which one did Master ask?" Hearing that, little fox blinked his eyes and asked.

A lot of names? Feng Tian Yue was startled, but immediately became curious, and said: "Then let's talk about the most commonly used ones."

"Then do you want to hear it shorter or longer?"

Feng Tian Yue was stunned again, "... The shorter ones. "

little fox counted on his fingers, "Stupid moon, dumb moon, stupid moon, dead moon, and ?"

Feng Tian Yue broke out in cold sweat and said, "That would be a bit longer."

little fox stroked his chin again: "Mad Moon, White Eyed Moon, Stupid dead moon, Stupid Stupid White Eyes stupid dead moon, and ? ?"

"Stop!" So, what's your name? "

"Hehe, master, my name is Xiao Yue..." little fox demon laughed foolishly, "But Daddy doesn't like to call me Xiao Yue. He likes to call me by my other name."

This ? Xiao Yue was indeed stupid, but as a father, shouldn't she have boundless love and tolerance for her child? Why did she dislike her so much? Furthermore, Xiao Yue loved this father so deeply.

After the little fox demon answered the question, he continued to digest the mental cultivation method Feng Tian Yue described, and Bai Xiang Han could not help but say: "The conduct of the Lady Tianyue is indeed extraordinary, not only did he ignore the position of the transvestite and pass the secret scroll of the purple spirit to the little fox, he was even willing to accept him as his disciple and teach him how to comprehend the profoundness of the scroll."

Feng Tian Yue said: "Giving the Infinite Heart Method to him, is to let him break through the limits of his intelligence, and maintain his pure heart, I do not want him to be like the other evil demons, and end up becoming a tool to harm others by being brutal and bloodthirsty, the human children need the guidance of adults, and the young demons are the same. As long as they have the correct guidance, they will embark on the right path, using this method to solve the source of the disaster, and avoid the slaughter in the future."

Bai Xiang Han solemnly nodded her head, as if she quite understood and approved of this.

Seeing that, Feng Tian Yue spoke again: "Regarding this matter, I hope that you can temporarily keep it a secret, and do not tell anyone else other than me."

If Tian Ji were to know about this, he would definitely do something to help the Spirit Demon.

Bai Xiang Han said: "This one will definitely remember Lady Tianyue's instructions."

Feng Tian Yue: "I believe you."

Bai Xiang Han was startled for a moment. "Thank you, Lady Tianyue, for your trust."

Feng Tian Yue had long since been certain that Bai Xiang Han's stance and thoughts towards the demon were not the same as that of ordinary people with narrow prejudices. How could a person who did not have a higher opinion of himself think about things like this, comprehend the true meaning of the sword, and reach the peak of swordsmanship?

The more carefree his appearance was, the more it represented that he had seen through and put down the mundane matters of the world. He only left behind a single bit of obsession in order to pursue the utmost purity and beauty between the mortal and the mortal world.

Just as Bai Xiang Han was talking to Feng Tian Yue, Xiao Yue who had recovered from her Infinite Heart Method's explanation suddenly jumped three feet away as if her tail was stepped on by someone.

"Oh no no, it's already so late. If I don't go back now, Ling Yue will skin me alive. Master, Master Bai, I will leave first." Xiao Yue looked uneasily at the deep night, her small face was panic-stricken.

Looking at Xiao Yue's pale white face which looked as if she was at a loss of what to do, Feng Tian Yue frowned. Was he that afraid of Ling Yue?

"Alright, it's getting late. We also need to go back to the light." Bai Xiang Han waved her hand towards Xiao Yue, who had already run five steps away, in the blink of an eye.

Just as Feng Tian Yue was about to get up and return to the courtyard, she saw Xiao Yue, who had just left, swiftly returning back. Lifting her face, she hugged her waist and said, "Master, when will we meet again?

Seeing that Xiao Yue was so interested in a thorough understanding of Infinite Heart Method, Feng Tian Yue felt a little emotional in her heart, "After you have comprehended the first volume of the mental cultivation method, I will look for you. When that time comes, you just have to meditate and enter the mental state of the first volume.

Xiao Yue nodded at her words, and after bidding farewell to Feng Tian Yue, she ran off in a hurry.

Feng Tian Yue looked at Xiao Yue's leaving figure, and thought, she did not know when the next time they would meet, and hope to hand over the Infinite Heart Method to him, was not the wrong decision.

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