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CHAPTER XI The Overbearing and Merciless Man

Although the fact that someone was spying on her was too shocking, she quickly calmed down. Her brows furrowed as she focused according to the direction of the sound. Suddenly, she caught a cold and ruthless aura from above, and as if she was electrocuted, she lifted her head in disbelief.

Right at the moment she lifted her head, a pair of black eyes that were cold as an ice lake, with the look of a disdainful ant, crashed into her line of sight. The moment their eyes met, her heart began beating uncontrollably and violently; she was incapable of using words to describe the pair of eyes she saw, nor could she use words to describe the person she saw.

It was a man whose imposing aura was so oppressive that no words could describe it. Standing behind him with his hands behind his back, on top of the Demon Sealing Pagoda that pierced through the clouds, he was an untouchable deity, dressed in an incomparably cold and beautiful deep purple robe, and along with his black hair fluttering in the wind like a waterfall, his features were exquisite to the point of perfection, his brows were like swords.

"Who are you? Why would it appear in the A wind rises from the garden? " Although he was shaken by the cold and arrogant man's powerful aura, thinking of what he had seen, Feng Tian Yue's tone was extremely cold and fierce.

"This is my garden. It is my turn to ask you, who are you and why have you appeared in my garden!" Her thin lips slightly opened, cold and charming, but she threw out an even colder and sharper question in reply.

What! She paused when she heard this. He actually moved into the A wind rises from the garden, and was actually able to suppress the reverse spiritual energy here. Was it because he had agreed to the conditions of the reverse spiritual energy, or was it because his strength had already reached the level of being able to suppress the Emperor's Qi?

But, the A wind rises from the garden is the inner courtyard of the purple spirit, how could he live here. When she thought of this, her heart trembled. When she looked again at the arrogant man, she realized that the incomparably cold, deep purple robe was actually the purple spirit's Spirit Robe.

A wind rises from the garden was living in a new Amethyst Disciple, so why didn't Senior Brother mention this to her? Furthermore, when she entered here last night, she did not sense the presence of anyone, and the gate to the garden was not locked. This person appeared to be too strange, so she had to find out the truth.

After standing there coldly for a moment, Feng Tian Yue seemed to be deep in thought, but he did not have the slightest intention of leaving. On his expressionless face, the expression on his face gradually became gloomy and cold, and his voice became cold again: "I shall repeat, this is my own courtyard, you, immediately leave this young master. In the future, without my permission, if you dare to take another step, you will die!"

This warning with a more serious tone brought Feng Tian Yue back to reality from his deep thoughts.

What an arrogant tone! She, Feng Tian Yue, had lived two lives, yet there had never been anyone who dared to make such a tyrannical warning in front of her with such a disdainful tone. Even if he saw her as an ant, wasn't it too heartless of him to put people to death just because he had stepped into his inner courtyard? Furthermore, they were all from the same sect, so she wanted to ask just where did she get this disciple of his to be so domineering and merciless.

Right now, she would find Tian Hen to find out the truth and see if he was trying to use the moral character of the real Amethyst Disciple, or if he was just someone who took over purple spirit's garden with an unknown origin.

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