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Thinking about that, Feng Tian Yue got up and was about to leave, but just as she was about to look around, she suddenly saw something floating inside the black well walls that released a faint light aura, that thing was actually somewhat similar to scales.

This was ? Feng Tian Yue was startled, but just as she was about to bend over to take a look, a burst of palm force suddenly pushed her body away a few steps, causing her to be unable to look away, and when she looked again, the scales that had a light glow was already gone!

There must be a problem! However, that person's seemingly swift palm attack had only pushed her away without causing her any harm. It seemed like she was being lenient, or perhaps it was some kind of fear. But what exactly was she seeing inside the walls of the well, and why had it disappeared in the blink of an eye, puzzled her.

"Dang, dang, dang ?" Just then, an anxious bell sound came out from the Sky Martial Square. Feng Tian Yue just realized that in two hours, this year's Spiritual Martial Assembly would begin.

Although the current situation did not allow for her to leave unscathed, was this new purple spirit student with strange strength someone who did not need to participate in this year's Spiritual Martial Assembly competition to make preparations?

Just as he finished his thought, he heard the sound of clothes fluttering in the air. The ghost-like figure at the top of the tower disappeared as fast as lightning, leaving only a warning in the air, "When I come back, if you're still here, it won't be as simple as being hit by a palm!"

What a fast movement technique! If he was truly purple spirit's current New Disciple, then this New Disciple's strength would truly cause people to be tongue-tied. She had to find the Senior Brother to thoroughly investigate this matter.

When Feng Tian Yue pushed open the gate to the garden, she saw Chang You supporting the sickly Tian Hen as she walked towards the Jingfang Garden.

Their six eyes met, and when they saw Feng Tian Yue push open the door, Tian Hen was puzzled, but she was shocked.

"Grand Preceptor's uncle, you ? Why did you come out of A wind rises from the garden? " Chang You asked with a trembling voice.

Seeing Chang You's performance, Feng Tian Yue could not help but ask: "Does this A wind rises from the garden have any frightening monsters?"

"No... "No monsters." Chang You shook his head, "However, a new disciple who joined this year lives here."

"What!?" A wind rises from the garden has a New Disciple, why don't I know about this? " Without waiting for Feng Tian Yue's response, Tian Hen asked in shock.

"After the sect master became severely ill, the various matters within the sect were assigned to the several deacon Senior Brother s, and the matter of the outer island's new disciples being in the upper echelons was also fully arranged by the several deacon Senior Brother s, so it did not alarm the sect master too much. This new student who insists on staying in the A wind rises from the garden, is said to be extremely solitary, and has never been in the company of anyone."

"Everyone, Senior Brother was also in a difficult situation at the beginning, because the A wind rises from the garden's Emperor's Qi was not something an ordinary disciple could handle, and so he decided to exchange it with another, more secluded, private courtyard. However, under the pressure of helplessness, he allowed the other party to enter the other courtyard, hoping that under the resistance of the Emperor's Qi, he would be able to retreat. However, no one expected that after he entered the other courtyard, he did not encounter any resistance from the Emperor's Qi, and everyone thought that he was definitely someone who could use the Emperor's Qi, so he did not try to stop him anymore.

After explaining, Feng Tian Yue understood Chang You's shock.

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