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Furthermore, it was only in the early morning that I saw the new master of the A wind rises from the garden. After my brief initial contact with the new master, I feel that the new master of this garden is truly extraordinary. Senior Brother, you must pay more attention to this person.

"So that's how it is. You've seen that child as well? I am also very curious, just what kind of extraordinary person is that child, to be able to tame a reverse spiritual energy that cannot be controlled unless it is an Immortal Spirit. " Hearing Feng Tian Yue's words, Tian Hen exclaimed.

Chang You said, "Sect Master, you have personally seen this person at the new student admission ceremony two days ago. Just by looking at his outer appearance and disposition, this new student is indeed a dazzling dragon amongst people, Sect Master was also extremely impressed by him at that time."

"So it's him." Tian Hen suddenly said, "That child's temperament is indeed heaven defying, making people not forget him. I knew that, with such an extraordinary temperament, how could he be someone to be trifled with. Now, it seems that he is even more impressive than I imagined.

"Only have the strength of the fifth level of the Profound Spirit?" Feng Tian Yue was shocked. She, who only had the strength of the fifth level of the Profound Spirit, was able to conceal her aura so that the person with the strength of the Spiritual Middle Level couldn't feel it.

Each realm was further divided into ten small realms. Not to mention that the distance between each realm was covered in mud and clouds, the disparity between the great realms was even more indescribable. Thus, there was only a difference of four levels between the surface of an Immortal Spirit and Profound Spirit, but there was a difference of 108,000 li in strength.

At that time, her mind was completely focused on the congealing ice, and she never expected that there would be a second person other than her in the A wind rises from the garden. As a result, she did not have enough vigilance and attention to discover the person standing on top of the Demon Sealing Pagoda who was spying on her.

Even so, there was still a trace of unease in her heart: "Senior Brother, this person might be even more extraordinary than he has shown. You all must pay more attention to him, otherwise, he might become the greatest threat to purple spirit and the entire world."

Hearing Feng Tian Yue's words, Tian Hen stroked her beard and muttered to herself, her expression exceptionally serious: "In order to ensure the safety of Shang Guang, every new disciple, from the moment they entered the Outer Islands, had to undergo the baptism of the Demon Heaven's Soul Water, and under the supervision of the deacons of the sect, consumed a large amount of even more mighty Heavenly Soul Pills to eliminate all kinds of demons and monsters. In addition, every new disciple's background will be investigated thoroughly to ensure that there are no mistakes and they can be taken into the sect.

Is that right? Even if she ruled out the possibility of him sneaking in as a demon, why did that person give her the feeling of being extremely mysterious and dangerous?

"Even so, this person's personality is unclear, and his strength is unpredictable. I'm worried ?" Feng Tian Yue thought about the issue of spying on Yue Yang and the Flash Scale, but the worry in his heart could not be dispelled.

"Tian Yue, this time, you have to believe in Senior Brother's judgement. Moreover, even if Senior Brother is wrong, if it wasn't for her righteous character, how could a person with such a pure heart be accepted by the Inverse Spirit Saint Force? Therefore, we cannot be misunderstood by the child's aloof and indifferent appearance, much less have our doubts in vain and wrongly accuse the good. "

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