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"This ?" Seeing that Tian Hen was so confident, Feng Tian Yue was unable to refute him anymore. Furthermore, she had only seen this person once, so it was not good for her to judge herself as being suspicious of some guesses that she didn't understand at the moment. This would increase Tian Hen's worries for the weak Tian Hen.

"Let's not talk about this now." Tian Hen saw that Feng Tian Yue did not refute anymore, and did not continue the topic, and turned to the main topic: "Tian Yue, today is coincidentally the day that the Spiritual Martial Assembly holds its competition, and is the day you liked to watch it when you were young. Since you have the chance now, I believe you have the intention to watch it too, but, with your identity and the situation you are in, if you were to appear in front of everyone, I am afraid that it will attract some attention and trouble.

Hearing that, Feng Tian Yue's gaze turned to the box that Chang You was holding, and said suddenly: "So it turns out that Senior Brother came to Jingfang Garden early in the morning to send me the new sect uniform, but, Senior Brother's body has not fully recovered, this uniform asked Chang You to send it over for me, why would I need Senior Brother to come over personally?"

I personally came because I wanted to see if you slept soundly last night. All these years, this incompetent Senior Brother had not been able to take good care of you, and made you ? Right now, Senior Brother doesn't have any other hopes, all I want you to do is to live happily and safely. Promise Senior Brother that you won't have to suffer and feel wronged anymore. "

"Yes, Grand Preceptor's uncle, no matter what happened in the past, it is still the past. I believe that Grand Preceptor's uncle will forever be the strongest and strongest person in the world. With the return of Grand Preceptor's uncle and the sect master's recovery, purple spirit will definitely regain his prestige and flourish once more." Chang You also followed, his eyes flashing with endless trust and determination.

She knew that the determination of a Amethyst Disciple to pursue and carry out the divine way would never be extinguished so easily by external forces. Of course she had to be strong and live to protect and protect her Senior Brother!

After rejecting breakfast and Chang You's suggestion to accompany his to watch over the Spiritual Martial Assembly, Feng Tian Yue returned to the bedroom and changed out the Spirit Robe on his body. After washing his mouth, he tidied up her hair in front of the copper mirror and tied it into a neat and clean tail with a jade crown.

That pale and thin face was covered in criss-crossing black and purple scars, just like a ferocious and terrifying ghost face.

However, if one ignored these scars, the exquisite outline and exquisite facial features of the face seemed as if it had been meticulously crafted by the world's most skilled craftsman. It was breathtaking and absolutely perfect!

However, that was only a matter of time.

But the reality was, the black and purple scars were terrifying to begin with. When matched against the scarless skin, she looked even more ferocious. If she were to face off against such a Rakshasi, she would definitely be scared to death.

Last night and this morning, she had such a face, so Chang You was extremely familiar with a kind and kind personality. He was not scared by this face, the person inside A wind rises from the garden must hate this face, if not why would he look at her with such a gaze.

Forget it, although this ugly face could no longer be reversed, in order to avoid unnecessary attention, it was still necessary to make changes to his makeup that he was able to do.

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