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After thinking this way, she took out an ancient decorative medicine box from the space inside the bracelet and selected a few bottles containing dark colored powder.

He poured each of these medicinal powders into a spirit bowl that he had taken out from the Spiritual Artifact Space according to their respective proportions. Then, he took half a bowl of Black Dew, mixed the five powders with the Black Dew Dew Dew Dew, and dabbed them on his finger before applying them evenly on his face.

At first, it looked like he had purposely smeared black mud on his face, but after a while, the water in the black mud was absorbed by his skin. After a while, it started to blend with his skin, giving him the appearance of a natural skin color.

Although the scar on his face had not disappeared completely, it was less obvious under the cover of the black paste powder.

The black face reflected in the mirror did not look too good. In fact, it even emitted a black baleful Qi that no one dared to approach. However, at the very least, it no longer scared people to death.

Feng Tian Yue sealed the remaining ointment in a sealed bottle and once again stored it in the Spirit Objects Space. Although this kind of ointment could last a long time after being smeared once, it was not permanent, so long as the scar on her face that was devoured by the Demonic Soul did not fade, this black paste would always be kept.

Although this ointment that contained the Tale Silk Grass, White Dragon Leaves and five other extremely powerful medicines had a miraculous concealment effect, it contained a highly toxic property, but for the time being, there was no other way. Moreover, as long as she practiced diligently, this poison wouldn't harm her too much.

After dressing up like this, Feng Tian Yue headed towards the Spiritual Martial Assembly's Sky Martial Square.

Along the way, disciples dressed in all kinds of Spirit Robe came and went. They formed groups of three or five and whispered to each other, creating a lively scene.

Patrol Officer Feng Tian Yue looked around and noticed that most of the disciples around him were dressed in white Spirit Robe s, some were in yellow, some were in red, some were in black and some were in green. Looking at the surrounding area, there were only a few Amethyst Disciple s in the huge Sky Martial Square, and among these few, there were even some extremely weak female disciples.

Seeing such a desolate scene, Feng Tian Yue frowned.

If the Master, which he wholeheartedly wanted to bring glory to the entire sect, were to know about it now, who knew how sad he would be.

Looking at the insignificant number of disciples in purple spirit, Tian Hen thought of how the inner sect of purple spirit possessed a Spiritualism technique that could suppress all the other sects' academies, but did not have the qualifications to be imparted to any disciple. She felt miserable and worried every day, sighing endlessly, as she knew how difficult it was for Tian Hen to feel.

Tian Hen was the only family member of her that could be close to her in this world. Furthermore, if not for him doing her best to protect her back then, when she was being corroded by the Fey Heavenly Soul Water and the Demonic Soul imprints erupted from her body, she would have definitely been put to death long ago, or else she would have suffered an even more cruel, extreme punishment in order to eliminate the soul that possessed her body.

Therefore, even if it was for the only close relative in the world, she would do everything she could to save purple spirit's downfall!

"You can't do this, this is the spirit stone that we finally got, you can't just take it!" Just as Feng Tian Yue was determined to continue moving forward, a weak female voice helplessly argued.

"Pui!" Even you bunch of waste purple spirit s are worthy of spirit stones, it's simply a waste of a heavenly resource! " Another ferocious female voice said in an arrogant tone.

Feng Tian Yue looked over and saw a weak and gentle Amethyst Disciple being surrounded and bet by a group of arrogant Other Sects disciples.

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