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However, she had not even gathered her consciousness yet and had already frightened everyone to such an extent. Could it be that she was truly the reincarnation of a fiendish and bloodthirsty Asura Evil Ghost?

Not only that, anyone who had been close with her would be punished. If it wasn't for the fact that the Holy God of Heaven's Path had an extraordinary background, then he would probably be the reincarnation of an extremely vicious Great Demon, and looking at the baleful aura in her soul, she was like the most bloodthirsty and brutal Asura of hell.

Thus, the possibility of her being the latter was higher. When she heard that, she was enraged and beat that scheming grandmaster into a pig's head. What nonsense was that! How could she be a demon when she was so jealous of evil?

Moreover, what kind of bloodthirsty demon would change their bloodthirsty nature and become a life-saving doctor that helped people in the medical world?

However, there was one thing he was right about. Her fate was indeed extremely hard, and she was born to be the nemesis of her parents. In her previous life, she had no parents when she was born, but now, she was born into this different world as well.

In both lives, she had been abandoned by her parents and family. But so what? Under the tutelage of two lifetimes later, didn't she become a vile, bloodthirsty demon?

However, she believed him when he said that her background was extraordinary. Because, if it was an ordinary person, could he control the body of the five spirits, and dispel the overbearing and evil Demonic Soul in his body?

Withdrawing his arrogance, Feng Tian Yue saw that the purple spirit lady was still terrified, and did not make any other moves to approach her, and turned to leave, continuing to walk towards Sky Martial Plaza.

When he arrived at the Sky Martial Square, there was still a moment before the Spiritual Martial Assembly began. Feng Tian Yue then continued to stroll around the plaza.

Not far away, a group of disciples was chatting enthusiastically, attracting Feng Tian Yue's attention.

"Ever since I chose the sect, my childhood friend who entered the island with me has been gone for quite a while. I wonder how their cultivation of the Spiritualism is doing, it sure makes people think about him." A twelve or thirteen year old Tung Wah disciple dressed in yellow with red sleeves sighed.

"That's right, for this time Spiritual Martial Assembly, we have trained diligently for half a year, and finally managed to get to the top, and even more so, gathered together once more using this time's opportunity, it is just that, us who have weaker aptitudes, can only be bystanders, and can only wait for those who have better aptitudes to participate in the competition, to shine, and then we can pay our respects to a master teacher, and then we will be able to soar to the skies. At that time, the difference in status and strength will be great, who can still remember who is the companion." Another Profound Spirit Disciple beside him who was about the same age and was so thin that her voice sounded sour said.

At this time, a tall and sturdy Shen Xi disciple laughed and patted the two disciples who spoke earlier, and comforted them: "Don't talk about such depressing things, who can clearly talk about the things that happened in the future. This is just the beginning, everyone don't forget your original intention of coming to Glory."

"That's right. Do you all still remember what your original goal and goal was?" Another disciple, who was a bit shorter than him, spoke up.

"I, I want to earnestly learn Spiritualism, to become the top class Demon Spiritualist of Xi Yin in the future. I want to be like the A peerless Demon Spiritualist, worshipped and revered by the people of the world." The disciple who said this had a solemn expression, but couldn't conceal the longing in his eyes.

"I want to learn all the secret treasures in the Tung Wah, and become the most powerful Immortal Spirit Grandmaster in all of the lands."

"I want to cultivate to the Immortal Spiritual Realm, then soar to the Immortal Realm. Then, I will be able to stand above the earth and become the supreme ruler of the world."

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