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Listening to the disciples' wish to rise to the sky, a disciple with a simple and honest face rubbed his face, and said with a lowered head in embarrassment: "Your dreams are really high, and I can't compare to them. I just want to learn some Spiritualism, and return to my village to take care of it, and prevent the monsters in the mountain from entering the village to be worshipped."

"Hur hur, your dream is more realistic." The other young disciples scoffed at his words, and only the oldest seemingly most steady of them, the Shen Xi, revealed a smile of agreement as she replied.

"But, I am the only person in our village with an Awakened Spirit Root. My village's folks have held a feast for three days and three nights to celebrate this, and my parents are going to be even more proud and crazy. If I still can't learn anything, I really won't have the face to go back and see others." The honest-looking disciple continued, his eyes filled with indescribable unease and sadness.

The atmosphere became serious for a moment, and the other disciples also sunk into deep thought. One had to know, among the disciples who came to practice Spiritualism, there were only a few who did not have family and family to look forward to, but there were only a few who could truly realize this hope.

The disciples present were all solemn. At this time, a nearby Amethyst Disciple caught their attention.

"And why did you come to the Upper Sky? Furthermore, you actually chose a purple spirit! "

A few disciples answered almost simultaneously.

Feng Tian Yue also followed the crowd's questions and looked at the purple spirit female disciple. She also wanted to know why this young girl who was at most ten years old chose to decline day by day to become a declining purple spirit.

"Me?" After being confirmed, she suddenly turned solemn, and changed into a look of respect like a god: "I have come for the Lord Tianyue, the Lord Tianyue is the person I like to see the most, and is also the only reason I came to the world, so my biggest and most wish is to see the Lord Tianyue!"

Towards such an unexpected reply, everyone revealed an expression of disbelief. Feng Tian Yue even more never thought that this little girl would actually come for her to shine. Never did she expect that after the rumors about her going berserk spread, there would actually be someone that adored her so much.

Seeing the disbelief on everyone's faces, the little girl seemed to have been provoked, and said in an angry and ambitious voice: "Why are your eyes so wide, I just like the Lord Tianyue, in my heart, no matter what, the Lord Tianyue is the most supreme existence in this world, and the purple spirit who has the existence of the Lord Tianyue is the strongest sect in this world! Only by training the purple spirit's Spiritualism can one become the strongest Spiritual Artist! "

When the little girl said this, her body seemed to emit a piercing, eye-catching light. Everyone was momentarily stunned by this light.

"Tch, you bunch of idiots, what is there to do in Demon Spiritualist, hang your head on your waist, I don't want someone who can die day in and day out." Just as everyone was immersed in the radiance of the little girl's ambition, a haughty Tung Wah disciple that was surrounded by female attendants scoffed in disdain.

Without waiting for the crowd to react, Feng Tian Yue asked coldly: If you don't want to become the Demon Spiritualist, then what are you doing here in Shang Guang?

In this era of disaster where demons existed, the reason why anyone cultivated the Spiritualism was so that they could become a Demon Spiritualist that could fight against demons.

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