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Upon hearing what he said, the arrogant youth cast a sidelong glance at Feng Tian Yue. When he saw that charred face with scars all over, he frowned and revealed an undisguised look of contempt as he arrogantly said with his nose towards the sky: "Do you think that I, this young master, am like you ordinary people with narrow eyes and low aspirations that make others laugh at me? This noble one naturally came here for my goddess Ying Zhi. "

Goddess Ying Zhi? Was she the most famous and sought after Spirit Genius in the Szechwan Spiritual Academy, the peerless Spirit Genius Ying Zhi?

Everyone knew that Ying Zhi was a peerless Spiritual Artist from the Szechwan's Spiritual Academy. Her birth was noble, her talent was supreme, and her beauty was extraordinary. She had suppressed the masses and became Xi Yin's most respected and respected supreme female spirit arcanist since she was young, and had even compared to Feng Tian Yue when she was young.

As for Szechwan and Shang Guang, they were both part of Xi Yin's most famous top tier Spiritualism Academy, but they were only provided to the royal family and noble disciples of the empire to practice the Spiritualism. The Spiritual Artist, which was raised by them, directly served the royal family of the empire.

As the top class of Xi Yin's Royal Family Academy, Szechwan had always been an unreachable existence at the top of the tower. Other than those aristocratic families with noble birth and the Spirit Genius with exceptional talent, ordinary talented individuals simply didn't have the chance to enter.

However, in the past three years, after the spirit beasts had brought calamity upon the world, in order to nurture more Demon Spiritualist s who could fight against the spirit beasts, the Szechwan s also began to lower their statuses, lowering the threshold as much as the sky above, and faced the entire world's disciples. As such, as long as they had a certain level of Spiritualism Inherent Skill, even the lowly poor citizens had a chance of entering this noble academy's golden gate.

Furthermore, from his body, Feng Tian Yue could sense that this Spirit Rest was at least at the middle level of the Earth Spirit Realm. Of course, if he removed the high grade spirit accessories on his body, he would probably only be in the last stage of the Profound Spirit, but even with his condition, he had still far surpassed the standard to enter the Szechwan's Spirit Academy, so why was ?

After thinking about it, Feng Tian Yue could not help but continue to ask coldly: "Ying Zhi is a Spiritual Artist of the Szechwan, why are you here on top of things?"

"Do you think I, your highness, am willing to come to this kind of place that is filled with ugly people, with all sorts of ways and with the miasma of low class commoners? This young master has condescended to this place only to defeat my love rival! " Hearing Feng Tian Yue's cold question, the arrogant youth scoffed at him even more disdainfully.

Although he didn't want to bother with the arrogant youth's rude words, Feng Tian Yue was still dissatisfied with his contemptuous attitude towards others.

This kind of tone made her think of the new student from purple spirit that she saw this morning.

If this arrogant youth were to be said to be a popinjay of an aristocratic family with an arrogant attitude, that arrogant person was a sovereign who looked down on everyone in the world. The two seemed to have the same temperament, but in reality, there was a ten thousand miles difference between them.

Looking at the scene, they were originally all quite young and no one wanted to be looked down upon like that. The young man's words of contempt had obviously angered the surrounding disciples, and even the skinniest Profound Spirit Disciple could not help but spew out: "Defeating your love rival? You think you have three heads and six arms? If it is really for Ying Zhi, then you have an inexhaustible love rival! "

"What are the other ants? This young master only needs to defeat one of them." With that, he walked away, leaving Feng Tian Yue and the others behind.

And that person was referring to? Just as Feng Tian Yue was pondering, suddenly, an even noisier shout came into her ears.

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