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Chapter II Demonic Spirit Possession

Inside the cabinet of the Shen Xi Sect, in the bedroom, the two snow robed women were listening to the rolling and roaring thunder, and were so frightened that they covered their heads.

"Sister Huoying, do you think that cripple is dead now?" When the thunder stopped, Su Yao stuck his head out and said in shock.

"What do you think? Let's not even talk about death, I m afraid that I will be eaten to the point where there will not even be bones left. Once I live in the Teiqian and train with the high quality spirit energy there, my Spiritualism will definitely advance by leaps and bounds, and at that time, the next supreme Spirit Genius that everyone will worship in the Upper Sky Spiritual Academy will be me, hahaha... "

Thunderclaps were tyrannical while the rain poured down. This kind of heavenly phenomenon usually did not symbolize the birth of a demon, but rather represented the rebirth of a fire phoenix flying out of Purgatory.

Ten years, Feng Tian Yue drooped his eyes as he looked at his palms that were filled with destructive power. Ten years, she had finally refined the most evil demon spirit in her body, and now, she had fused with the supreme power of this demon spirit, adding her own supreme power with the Spiritual Middle Level, aside from the person who, in the past three years, had used her own powers to create the Nine Hell Serpent Spirit Lock to trap her, who else could be her opponent?

Who said that the person being devoured by the Demonic Spirit Possession could only be possessed by the devouring spirit, and could only be refined and executed? Even the strongest Demonic Soul would only be refined and become a supreme soul treasure that could raise one's cultivation in front of the Spiritual Artist with a stronger willpower.

She, Feng Tian Yue, had never been someone who would lower her head to fate.

In her previous life, she was the descendant of an ancient doctor with unparalleled medical skills. She fought against the death god and changed her fate, in this life, she was the unparalleled Spirit Genius who possessed both martial arts and five spirits.

Everyone said that she was cultivating fire, but they did not know that the truth was the Demonic Spirit Possession.

When she was eight years old, she went out of the Thousand Monster Cave for the first time to gain experience, yet her ignorance was subtly accompanied by the strongest Demonic Soul of a demon that had lost its body, turning her into a half demon that couldn't live under everyone's eyes.

Ten years of seclusion, and in just one day of coming out, a vicious bull demon had already come to bite her. If she did not go to the Sen Ya Underground Palace and had her powers crippled like the rumors said, then wouldn't she be done in by these evil people who wanted to kill her?

She, Feng Tian Yue, was not a scheming and malicious person, but a person who hated evil as if it were hatred! Since she had already taken care of the Evil Spirit Demons who were delusional enough to devour their own bodies, now, let her take care of these evil spirits that were plotting to take advantage of others and force them to cripple purple spirit!

The world Feng Tian Yue currently resided in was a continent called Xi Yin. In this continent, the Spiritualism was revered, and those who cultivated the Spiritualism were called Spiritual Artist, which was the continent's most respected and strongest existence.

Seventy years ago, from the depths of the black forest on the continent, a group of ferocious and bloodthirsty monsters that slaughtered humans everywhere surged out. These monsters possessed supreme demon powers that humans could not match, such as swords, blademasters, fist kings, archers, and so on. In front of the strongest monsters of the continent, the most revered by humans, had become the weakest resistance against them.

His soul had turned into an abandoned baby that had been thrown into the mountains, and he had been brought back to the sect by a compassionate Spiritual Artist. This Spiritual Artist was the one she respected the most in this life, and the sect she grew up in, was the purple spirit.

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