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"Shut your mouth, you really dare to think about the peerless beauty of the Demon Spiritualist? Can a trash like you even manage to get close to the Goddess Ying Zhi? " A rough male voice roared in anger.

"Why can't I climb higher? I am the richest man in the Eastern Region, with shops all over the place and a sea of gold and silver. With these, who wouldn't be able to deal with me?"

"Shut your stinky mouth, you still dare to use your dirty stinky mouth to desecrate our goddess that is protecting Xi Yin? Everyone attack together and break his dog teeth! "

That's right, fight him, money is amazing, once the Spirit Demon becomes strong, if there is no A peerless Demon Spiritualist as powerful as Master Ying Zhi, no matter how rich she is, she would only be able to buy coffins!

Feng Tian Yue looked towards the source of the voice and saw a short fat disciple running around while being chased by a group of angry disciples. The people who were chasing after him were like enraged bulls, with their red eyes filled with killing intent, rushing forward and knocking the fat disciple down onto the ground, beating him black and blue.

Looking at the situation, could it be that the reason this year's new disciples were recruited, was all for Ying Zhi? From the looks of it, Ying Zhi being pursued and admired by everyone had far exceeded her imagination.

Only, if it really was like this, then the freshmen who the Shining Solar Sect faced the world with extended recruitment would only get worse and worse every year. Originally, when they were in the Forest Divisions Underground Palace, she had already heard from Tian Hen that during these ten years of expansion, there had not been any astonishingly talented disciples appearing. Seeing the demon's calamity get more and more serious, all the Manager s in the various sects were extremely worried.

But looking at the situation that Feng Tian Yue was in, this year was no different from the previous years, it was not much to be surprised about.

Even though this was the case, Feng Tian Yue did not want to rely on the few scenes she had witnessed to determine the situation with her new moves this year, so she hoped to not die and walk towards an even more noisy place. Just as she walked over, she heard waves of laughter, and her scalp tightened.

"Don't look down on people, you guys ? You all just wait and see, if I want to become the disciple of the Master's head, I must become the disciple of the. " In the middle of the crowd, a disciple of Shen Xi who had a face full of pockmarks argued while her face was flushed red

"Hahahaha, big heart, I'm not wrong, right? Every year when we recruit new disciples, there will always be a group of stupid kids that don't know their limits, but in the end, all of these stupid kids just say big words and end up leaving the stage with their tails between their legs. This guy, being ambitious is a good thing, but being too unpractical can only make him a laughing stock."

"That's right." "Everyone wants to be a swan, as long as they don't look at their reflection in the mirror, and see clearly what they are capable of. If they want to be the disciple of the Master, and not ask around, is that even possible?"

"If he isn't a human, could he be an Immortal?" There were also those who did not give up, retorting weakly.

"Haha, Immortal?" Let me tell you, even if you're an Immortal, you might not be able to become one. " Long Heart continued to laugh.

"I don't believe it!"

"That's right, could it be that Master will never take in disciples again?"

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