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"Sigh... This is good too, Master's disciples have been favored by thousands of people since ancient times, receiving all kinds of advice from all sides, the more people there are, the more troubles there are, the more the people look and do it, all of this has been watched by thousands of people, all of this has happened since ancient times, all of this has happened since time immemorial, and even Master is standing alone in that position, it is very lonely, and when Martial Uncle comes back, I really don't know what kind of expression he will have when he comes back, I wonder what kind of expression he will have when he gets jealous, I'm really looking forward to, hahaha ? " Long Heart clutched his stomach, looking as if he was laughing until he was about to explode.

Feng Tian Yue frowned. Long Xin and Zhang Ting, these two Senior Brother s, had a deep impression of her. Since she was young, she had always been especially sarcastic and sarcastic.

In the few fights of Spiritual Martial Assembly when they were young, they had seen the two of them shouting and jeering at the new disciples.

However, this kind of ridicule was not unreasonable, because if one wanted to become Tian Ji's disciple, it was indeed something that would make one yearn for, but not have any hope.

This year, who knows how many newly born calves who did not know the limits of their abilities came here with the ambition to become the disciple of the Master. However, the result must be the same as the past years.

The entire Grand Xia knew that Tian Ji was harsh on accepting disciples and had already reached the stage of being picky. Even if he was one of the one in ten thousand miles, he still might not be qualified.

If one wanted to become Tian Ji's disciple, no matter if it was in terms of character, character or talent, they had to reach an absolute perfection level in all aspects. In this world, the number of people that could enter Tian Ji's eyes could be counted on one hand.

As everyone knew, under such strict criteria for taking in disciples, from start to finish, only that one person among Tian Ji's disciples was known. In the eyes of the entire universe, that person was a peerless miracle that no one could surpass.

As for this unparalleled miracle, it had already spread far and wide, and had even become the idol of the people of the world.

However, there were some people that could not be forgotten. It was as if they had long been separated from her, but were still branded in the depths of her soul, unable to be left out no matter how hard they tried.

He was too dazzling, dazzling to the point that all of Xi Yin's life forms looked up to his radiance. And in this world, other than the Forest Divinity Palace, there was no other place that could avoid his radiance ?

"Senior Sister, please wait!" Just as Feng Tian Yue calmed her emotions and was about to continue walking forward, a young girl's voice sounded out.

Feng Tian Yue turned around and saw a familiar little girl running towards him with excitement written all over her face.

This little girl was the Amethyst Disciple that she saw at the front door of the Sky Martial City and the one that followed behind her was the weak girl that she met in the Yi Garden that morning.

"Senior Sister, I have finally found you. Xiang Lou had already told me everything that happened in the Garden of Change this morning, I never thought that you, Senior Sister, would be so cool, to actually be able to chase away the other three sect's domineering and malicious women with a single gaze.

"Yeah, what happened this morning, thanks to young lady for helping me out, Xiang Lou is here thanking young lady." Even though it was to thank her, and she remembered the look in Feng Tian Yue's eyes when he got angry, she still couldn't suppress the fear in her heart.

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