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"It's just a small matter in the district, so how could they have anything to worry about? Besides, those disciples are truly presumptuous, and they should be taught a lesson. If they dare to come over and stir up trouble again, you can directly report this to the school head. I will ask the school head to thoroughly handle this matter." Feng Tian Yue replied with a dull tone, but full of dignity.

With that, he continued on his way.

"Xiang Lou, do you feel that this Senior Sister is really cool?" Looking at Feng Tian Yue's back, the little girl held her cheeks and sighed in admiration.

Xiang Lou remembered that Yi Yuan had seen it before, and nodded fearfully.

"Sigh... Senior Sister, wait for me. "

Feng Tian Yue had not even taken a few steps before the little girl chased after him again, shouting at the top of her lungs.

"The Senior Sister is wearing the same clothes as us new disciples. However, when I was on the outer island, why haven't I seen the Senior Sister before?" The little girl rushed over to Feng Tian Yue's side, running to keep up with her footsteps, she curiously sized him up.

Hearing that, Feng Tian Yue paused in her steps, looking at the little girl and Xiang Lou with puzzled eyes, she muttered to herself for a moment, and said: "... I didn't pass through the Outer Islands. a kind of special disciple, so of course you guys have never seen me before. "

When he said that, both of them were shocked. The little girl opened her eyes wide and said with a face full of worship: "Special disciple? That Senior Sister must be very powerful, a peerless Spirit Genius with high talent in Spiritualism. Otherwise, how could he become a special disciple? "

"Not really." Feng Tian Yue denied, "It's only because of some special reason."

"What's the special reason?"

"..." The corner of Feng Tian Yue's mouth twitched. Regarding her identity, she had only casually ruffled her lips, not even bothering to think about it. Who would have thought that this little girl would have such an exuberant curiosity?

"Alright, Xi Yin, enough!" Xiang Lou saw that Feng Tian Yue did not want to continue with the topic and was afraid that Xi Yin would anger him if she were to ask again. She hurriedly came out and apologized to Feng Tian Yue, "Sorry, Xi Yin was spoiled by people, so you did not understand and made things difficult for the young lady."

"I'm fine." Feng Tian Yue replied briefly, and did not make any more small talk.

"Humph!" "If you don't ask, then don't ask." Xi Yin pouted, feeling wronged.

Facing Feng Tian Yue's distant and cold attitude along the way, Xiang Lou frowned inwardly. Even the most influential outer sect disciple would have to undergo training on the outer island for half a year, yet she was a special disciple who had not been recruited from the outer island. She had no idea where she came from or what kind of extraordinary aspects she possessed.

Seeing her overbearing and boundless manner of conduct, as well as her cold attitude of not wanting to get too close to others, she had to make Xi Yin rein in her enthusiasm. Otherwise, if he accidentally offended her, the consequences would be unimaginable, so no matter what, she could not let anything happen to Xi Yin.

Xiang Lou was still thinking when she saw that it was already time for the Spiritual Martial Assembly to start, and her footsteps had already doubled in speed.

"Senior Sister, walk slower. Wait for me to accompany you to see the Spiritual Martial Assembly." Xi Yin changed his jog to a sprint and chased after her, unwilling to part ways.

This child actually ? Xiang Lou held her heart tight, and carefully but helplessly followed along.

Hearing this, Feng Tian Yue slightly slowed down her pace. She thought that if she was together with these two new disciples, she would be able to find out about the situation of the other new students from them.

"Since you agreed, Senior Sister, I knew that you must be someone who is cold on the outside but hot on the inside." Seeing Feng Tian Yue slowing down, Xi Yin called out happily.

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