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"Senior Sister, you said that you are a special disciple, and did not pass through the Outer Islands. During your half a year in the Upper Sky, have you seen Lord Tianyue? "

Hearing her mention him again, Feng Tian Yue was a little speechless. Did she really care about and like him this much?

"Senior Sister, have you seen this before?"

"Nope." Feng Tian Yue shook her head vigorously, then sighed worriedly, "Everyone knows that Lord Tianyue has locked himself up after her accident, and has never appeared in front of anyone again. He also doesn't know whether he has been injured severely after her accident, and whether she has been living alone in his room, and even more so, doesn't know when and how I will be able to see Lord Tianyue."

Looking at Xi Yin's worried little face, Feng Tian Yue finally could not help but ask: "You and her have never met, and have never interacted before, so what is so special about her that makes you want to meet her so much?"

Feng Tian Yue's unreasonable expression and tone had obviously agitated Xi Yin. She shouted angrily, feeling wronged: "I already said, the Lord Tianyue is my only goal in coming to Glory, for the sake of the Lord Tianyue, I have worked hard to learn the Spiritualism, I know, maybe I will never have the chance to see the Lord Tianyue, but even so, I still want to know everything about the Lord Tianyue. I do not have any hopes, I only hope that the Lord Tianyue can walk out of the shadows and live a brave and happy life, but like this, I have no regrets."

As Xi Yin spoke, a strong aura of love entered Feng Tian Yue's body.

She was stunned as she looked in Xi Yin's direction. When one person sent a deep and persistent inner force thought to another person, if the other person was a Spiritual Artist with a strong and sensitive mental energy, she would be able to sense the thoughts that the other person was sending into her spirit.

If this kind of deep-seated will were gathered to a certain degree, it would condense into an extremely powerful force.

This kind of extreme obsession could become the spirit of the Spiritual Artist's spirit to aid him in cultivating the Spiritualism, or it could even become a shield to protect him from external attacks.

It was also because of this that Spiritual Artist who had groups of crazy admirers would be even more invincible than ordinary Spiritual Artist.

The obsession of love can bring power and protection, but the obsession of hate will bring harm and destruction.

And judging from the intensity of her perception, this little girl named Xi Yin held a very deep obsession in her heart ?

Xi Yin saw that Feng Tian Yue was always in a daze and did not speak, and her expression was sad: "Is Senior Sister laughing at me in her heart too? But, the Senior Sister is clearly so similar to the Lord Tianyue ? "

Feng Tian Yue: "Like what?"

Xi Yin: "Senior Sister is the same as Lord Tianyue, righteous, strong, even though I have never seen Lord Tianyue before, I grew up listening to Lord Tianyue's story. The Lord Tianyue in the story was also the same age as when I heard the story back then, but he was already famous under the heavens with absolute ancient talent Five Spirit Spirit Genius. Everyone said that Lord Tianyue's ability is extraordinary and was born in a place where no one can live a hundred li away, and his origins are mysterious.

Feng Tian Yue: "..."

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