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"Senior Sister, you have to believe me, what I said was all true. There is really a kind of unspeakable temperament about Senior Sister, that Hua Chu has eyes but are unable to see, his features are obviously so exquisite and beautiful, even more beautiful than the beauties carved out of the heart of the world's strongest sculptor. If not for his skin color and these scars, Senior Sister would definitely be an extremely inexperienced person ?"

"Xi Yin!" After Xiang Lou heard this, she shouted at her once again to stop him. Although her praise was partially true, this was still a side effect of exposing someone's scars, for any girl, who would not care about their looks? For someone who had already been disfigured, how beautiful would it be if she did not disfigured? She was truly afraid that Xi Yin would anger this great god who was infuriating him, and whose murderous gaze alone could scare a person to death.

"What? You're not letting me finish!" Xi Yin, who didn't know what Xiang Lou was thinking, twitched her mouth once again after hearing her shout, "This is how the truth is!"

Xiang Lou held her forehead with a headache. Just as she was thinking about how to apologize and save them, she heard a sudden question from Feng Tian Yue: "Who is Hua Chu?"

The God's attention was completely different from what she was worried about. Luckily, had cold sweat on his forehead.

However, Xi Yin replied without noticing anything: "The ones at the front door of the Sky Martial City who have an arrogant face and say they want to be the Demon Spiritualist are all a bunch of idiots! Hmph, did he really think that just because he was born in a noble clan, and trained in the Szechwan's Spiritual Academy for eleven years that he became an expert? Forget about everything else, just based on his bearing alone, he can't even compare to one of our Ice God's fingers, how can he have the nerve to act so haughtily! "

"Are you saying that Hua Chu came over from the Szechwan? And it's a Spiritual Artist who has cultivated in the Spiritualism for eleven years? " Feng Tian Yue was a little surprised, no wonder he had the spirit energy of the Earth Spirit Realm on him after combining the spirit ornaments, it seemed that she was really here for Ying Zhi, to beat the love rival in his eyes, just that, who was this Ice God?

Although she was curious, she did not inquire because the Spiritual Martial Assembly had already begun.

Because of the new disciples from the outer island, the Spiritual Martial Assembly divided the participating disciples into two groups. One group was the new disciples who had been in the sect for a long time, and the other group was the new disciples who had not become disciples yet.

The purpose of the Spiritual Martial Assembly was twofold: Firstly, to test the results of the previous disciples who had trained in the Spiritualism for a year, and secondly, to select a group of disciples with superior aptitude and talent in the Spiritualism to focus on cultivating.

On top of that, taking in a disciple, this year was the same as usual. Other than Tian Ji, whose current beloved disciple any other disciple would look down upon, the two Law Protectors, the three sect masters, and Elder Wu Lian were all highly likely to take in a disciple.

The direct disciples of the Master had always been the focus of attention since ancient times, and it was difficult for them to become disciples of the Master s. Only the case of Feng Tian Yue, who had gotten lucky and was still a baby, was an exception to the rule of the previous Master, in taking him in as a disciple.

This time in Spiritual Martial Assembly, even freshmen who had not taken in a master had a chance. Everyone understood in their hearts how important it was to become the direct disciple of a master with a high cultivation level, and not only did it allow them to gain recognition, it also directly determined their future.

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